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List Of Top 15+ Best Office Relationship and Work-Life Webtoons




Updated on: 11/09/2023

Whether it is movies or dramas, office relationships and work-life themes always thrive. Following it, work-life webtoons are no anomaly. From romance to drama, all genres make proper set-up for any work genre webtoon title, and we are here to talk about precisely that.

Moreover, most of our adult lives drive around work and what better way to enjoy the alone time but with webtoons on a similar theme but a truckload of possibilities. So if you are craving for some office – work-life genre webtoons, you just found THE place for it. As here, we are providing the list of Top 15+ office relationships and work-life genre focusing webtoons to you. (

Top 15+ Best Office Relationship and Work-Life Webtoons

Just Pancakes - Best Work Life Webtoon16. Just Pancakes

Three wizard brothers work in a restaurant, in the town ‘Dirty Cauldron’. Oh! And did I mention they are old? When you want a break from overly relatable work-life webtoons and explore the fantasy and comedy, then go for it.

These are small webtoon stripes with lots of humor that is not always great but sure is peculiar enough to make you laugh. The art style is neat. The story follows the three bothers as they try their best to make the restaurant work.

The Devil is a Handsome Man - Best Drama Webtoons15. The Devil is a Handsome Man

This webtoon revolves around a Hell world set up by the devil around a cooperate mind-set. The workspace works as demons give their soul to the devil to gain something they desire. The story focusses on mysterious tales, yet it is still a great set up as a work-life webtoon too.

The art style of this webtoon is one a kind and also the pattern the story shows. Every other character and every part of this webtoon is peculiar and way different than usual. The story takes a new turn towards the Hell world with it shown as modern, and the devil’s portrayal is on point.

The story follows Xo, a resident at the Hell world in simpler terms. Her demand from the devil and how she is trying to find out more about who she is. The story covers many layers and many relatable characters. The author has also taken time to make proper maps and details of this fantasy world. One of the titles you will enjoy reading for all the intersecting plots, story and drama it has to offer.

Axed14. Axed

You train your whole life in a world full of humans and monsters trying to become a monster slayer. Then the time when you finally complete your training, you meet with the issue of monster friendly world. That’s precisely what happens to our protagonist, Alexia. Now she must do a job to survive in the world ‘with monsters’ that she since forever wishes to kill. She always had one aim, which was to become a monster hunter. Finally, as she graduates from Monster Hunter school, the world declares eternal peace between monsters and humans. So with a notorious and useless demon and a pretty wood nymph, Alexia must find a path to live her adventures. Even if it is a job that pays almost nothing.

The webtoon showcases job life in an utterly comical and fantasy manner. The chapter length is short, and it falls under the comedy genre mainly. Witness the growth of a ‘monster slayer’ trying to get a job in a world she no more understands.

Hear My Voice13. Hear My Voice

Throughout our work-life, we face struggles and competition. This webtoon is an excellent humor portrayal of this very phenomenon. Our protagonist is a man who has nothing to show for himself, and a chance for an interview is given to him by a large company. How will you succeed in such a meeting when you don’t know what to showcase?  So here begins a fierce interview. Are you paying attention?

The art style does proper justice to the story of this webtoon, which includes the work-life and humor genre. Give it a read if you crave some humorous work-life webtoon.

Villains - Work Life Webtoon12. Villains

Since the beginning, we get a weird blueprint as to what is right and what is wrong. The line, though, slowly fades slightly, but what about the perspective of the ‘villain’? Will the villain remain a villain even from the other side?

Ron graduates from a prestigious university, Hero Academy, but he is still unable to activate his superpowers. Consequently leading him to a life of suffering without any job opportunities. One day, someone approaches Ron for a mysterious interview. The task? To be Darren’s assistant, who is the most notorious villain. Though, to Ron’s surprise. Darren turns out to be a great boss. Darren is caring and makes sure all his employees never have a problem dealing with the work-life balance. And he goes as far as to brew coffee for his workers. As Ron is getting more into this environment, more does he reflect on the conventional definition of good and evil.

Cafe Requiem11. Café Requiem

Café Requiem, also known as Café of the Dead, follows one heart-warming story. Hana comes across a pretty unique and special café. The spirits of the dead linger in the restaurant, all of them having stories of their own. And everyone has a wish in link to their story. Hana helps the spirits in fulfilling their final request and in between discovers herself and others.

This webtoon you probably won’t be wanting to miss. Though the theme is not original, that is, helping spirits complete their left business, the plot presentation helps the story. So go ahead, give this heart-warming tale from our list of top work-life webtoons a chance.

Oh, My Intern! - Work Life Webtoon10. Oh, My Intern!

A simple yet fierce and downright unique girl is working as an intern at a huge company. Her boss, whom the workers rarely get to see, and an accidental encounter in an elevator. That’s all you need to start this story. What follows is simply an excellent flavor for all office relationship genre webtoon lovers.  Idris Regas is a brilliant man, CEO of a large company, and carries a great secret. After a chance encounter with Marya, the intern, things are starting to turn in an unexpected manner. And did I mention demons? *wink*

Furthermore, the art style is immaculate and descriptive. Also, this webtoon does a lot to skip the usual clichés of any webtoon present. The female lead is the best example of it, and her appearance is not flawless; she has pimples and eye bags. Such character influences more audience. Also, throughout the story, no character is good or bad. For a reader, it doesn’t take long to grasp that each character is simply unique, and the plot has a lot of grey areas. Following this, OMI is a work-life webtoon that you should read at least once. You can find it on the Canvas (previously Discover) section of Naver Webtoon.

Newman09. Newman

Who said work-life means only desk job and only cliché stuff like that? Newman and Gwen, the main protagonists, bring you a workplace relationship like none other. Newman works as a field agent for the Creature Removal Department and is struggling with coping up with his breakup. Gwen simply doesn’t make it any better. So are you up for spooky tales, horror figures, monsters, and ultimate sarcasm? You sure are! Then board on this webtoon for ‘the’ read. Find out if the girl making Newman’s life miserable is the key to the best adventures?

The art style is legit phenomenal, and one can enjoy every detailing and expression throughout. Overall the universe is a fictional one. Hence, it provides even more possibilities for plotting something new. This work-life webtoon is in the list of must-reads.

a good day to be a dog - best romance webtoons08. A Good Day to Be a Dog

A Good Day to be A Dog focusses on the life of Hana, a school teacher, and her story around. The environment is appropriately set up. In this webtoon, the portrayal of principles and the duty that comes with being a teacher is exceptionally accurate. You witness Hana making many decisions that showcase her office life and its effect on her decision making. The plot also involves workplace romance to make it all the more enjoyable.

The pacing in the starting chapter is slightly slow and might feel boring though it gets extremely better. Hana is a teacher, and things swirl down as one party-night she ends up kissing another teacher in place of her crush. It’s not the end of drama present, Hana’s family has a curse, which leads them to turn into a dog every night after they kiss. The only way to break it is by kissing the same guy again in dog form. A heart-warming and balancing work-life webtoon but able enough to give you cliff hangers and shocks now and then.

Fight on Yeo Manager07. Fight on Yeo Manager

A woman alone working in an office with all men is still a familiar topic. So, what about a woman working in an office with all gay men? Our main protagonist is a manager at a firm that includes all men who thrive on yaoi clichés all the way. On top of that, they are incompetent as most of their focus is on keeping their personal lives a ‘secret’. The only straight man and functional individual is her boss, who looks like a broom with glasses. Additionally, to upset it more, he is always bashing at her for every little mistake. A cliché but not so cliché tale you are bound to enjoy. Carrying a taste of uniqueness apart from the other work-life webtoons.

The Sensual M - Work Life Webtoon06. The Sensual M

Sam Choi, a seemingly clean-cut office worker with decent looks, keeps his BDSM sexual fantasies to himself. However, everything goes down as one of his coworkers, Samantha Cho, gets to know about his fantasies. A potential dominatrix, she starts spending time with him to understand each other. Now begins the story of a unique master-slave relationship.

This webtoon is a humorous account of Sam and Samantha’s relationship. Unlike what the name and title suggest, the webtoon does not contain much sensual content. This is a good story shot toward accepting and understanding your partner.

BL Motel - Work Life Webtoon05. BL Motel

A tremendously humorous webtoon with extreme potential yet to unfold. Jinowon is a fully functional office worker, and now his parents give him inheritance to a restaurant they own. At first, Jinwon is dubious as to how he will manage to work, but the inclination towards money leads him to work in the restaurant. Additionally, to his surprise, he realizes that the restaurant is in dire need of repair. He starts working on it after using his strike upon the salary. Now the problem is the name of the restaurant, which is Ballantine Motel, nice but it is long. Hence coming to an obvious conclusion, he brainstorms for a nickname, and the resulting name of the restaurant is BL Motel.

The motel turns out to be a great success, but something bothers Jinwon. It is the fact that only gay couples keep coming to his restaurant, and he is utterly oblivious to the situation. The story takes even more twist as he hires a coworker, and now his coworker can’t stop thinking about him.

Gourmet Hound04. Gourmet Hound

Gourmet hound focuses on chef culture. Lucy, our main protagonist, an unusual combo of a cinnamon roll and carrier of super-human smell and physical strength. Lucy is in search of a chef whose dish is the only thing left about her connections to her grandmother. The search begins when the news breaks to her that her favorite restaurant, Dimanche, is no longer with the same kitchen staff.

The story gains pace as Lucy accidentally encounters Graham Ramos and Brie Malik, two former Dimanche chefs. This leads to an adventurous chase for ‘the’ perfect dish she wants. The art style is exceptionally great, and half of the times, you’d be asking yourself, Why do all these characters look so good? The author does proper justice to the whole story and focusses timidly on chef culture and the work-life webtoon genre. To conclude, this is a sweet heartwarming story that you cannot afford to miss.

Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim03. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Also adapted into a drama, this webtoon is a ‘must’ amongst all the titles of the work-life webtoon top list. Gaining a big fandom due to its new concept and doing good as a k-drama is something you should give a try.

Secretary Kim AKA Miso is the backbone of a major corporation. Her boss is an arrogant and narcissistic man, and she is the only one who could take up on this job. A perfect secretary, a critical worker, and a legend tag. But she wants to quit after nine years of working. Is there nothing that can stop her? And why is she leaving?

The office blind date - work life webtoon02. The Office Blind date

An office romance story with a thrill throughout each panel. Shin Ha-ri goes to a blind date on behalf of her friend. She is oblivious to the events that are going to follow her further. Now suddenly her boss proposes to her. Will she be able to work safely at her office now?

This work-life webtoon ideally involves many genres, office relationships, drama, romance, and comedy. The art is also good, leaning slightly towards manhua style. This is a new favorite among the people looking for office relationships or work-life webtoon titles.

Age Matters01. Age Matters

One of the biggest problems I encounter with work-life – romance genre webtoon is that after some time, the work part is left behind by it. I get you are a billionaire CEO, but sir, the company, doesn’t work by itself while you chase your love life. This webtoon makes it a point to keep the office work in the centerline while taking on the romance part further.

Rose is a girl reaching her 30s within months, and the starting of her 30s is not going according to the plan as her long-time boyfriend dumps her. Along with the emotional setback, financial insecurities creep down her life, and in a turn of events, she ends up getting employed as the assistant of the CEO of a top chatting service, which is the youngest to have achieved such heights in business. The story progresses with both characters dealing with their issues and subsequently helping each other out as the question is still under the surface, does age matter?

The female lead is not in a love triangle but instead in love pentagon or something. Consequently, you lose count when everyone is swayed with a strong-open personality. The fact I love the most is that the business endeavors are given proper light opposite to how usually it is shown in most of the webtoons with a billionaire and girl falling for each other. The webtoon’s base seems a bit familiar, yet the progress and setting differ with this belief.

Enjoy this list of webtoon and manhwa on the theme, office relationship, and work-life. Also, mention below if we missed any other worthy title.

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