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No Doubt In Us, Donghua Announced by Bilibili Production





BilIbili production recently announced the Donguha for No doubt in us, to add, it is based on the famous manhua, Lian Bu Yi by Young Dream. In the event Made by Bilibili, this Chinese anime’s promotional video was released. It is included in the 2020 upcoming donghua line up of Bilibili.

Seems like No doubt is us donghua is going to be a treat for all manhua and donghua fans. Indeed it will be interesting to note as to how an emperor and empress with switched bodies will play out. All while they have to adjust in each other’s lives. As for, dealing with a similar plot focus as Psychic Princess, the donghua No Doubt in Us will provide us with many more themes. In majority, this donghua will discuss themes like history, politics, gender-bender, and love. all this while comedy plays out throughout.

“No Doubt In Us” Chinese Anime PV

Manhua Overview

Lian Bu Yi by the artist Young Dream is one of the most famous manhua. The manhua is a gender bender focusing story about an emperor and empress. Flustered with the handsomeness of the emperor ends up pushing him. Which consequently leads to a fall in the pool. When they come out they realize that their bodies are swapped. In conclusion, this manhua is a historical-comedy story.

The manhwa Lian Bu Yi was published in 2016 by ManmanAPP. Consecutively for three years, this manhua won various annual awards. Moreover, it was included in the Top 30 of Shangai International Film and Television Festival’s “2018 Top 100 IPs” list. With more than 1.6 million readers, 47 million likes and over 3 million subscriptions this manhua is easily one of the most famous Chinese manga to date.

No Doubt in Us; Synopsis

The Emperor who originally hate the empress and did not trust her discovers that he and the empress now have swapped bodies after waking up from the drowning accident. The Emperor who became the Empress starts a tiring journey fighting against the miasma of the harem. All while dealing with her mother-in-law and exposing the deception targeting at her. His Majesty says… There was no way to live this life anymore!


The speculations as to who’s going to various characters are given answers by the list of probable artists. However, the name of Zhang Jie stands out. According to the news, He is going to voice for the character of general in No doubt in us donghua. He is popular for his work in various Chinese anime. Most notable works by him are for donghua characters like Ye Qiu from The King’s Avatar and Wei Wuxian from The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.

Speculated Date for donghua No Doubt in Us-

The certainty is there that the donghua will release in 2020. Though, there is currently no information regarding the exact time as to when No Doubt in Us will premiere. The donghua is approved for an audience above 10 years of age. Also, it will be in the ONA format. As per the Bilibili conference held on 17 November 2019, the date might be somewhere in October 2019.

The animations for the donghua will be done by Paper Plane Animation Studio. While the broadcast will be handled by Bilibili. The production is under Bilibili and Manmanmanhua. According to donghua reviewer @cuchallain, No Doubt in Us donghua adaptation will run for about twenty-four episodes.

Also, the details are yet to be refurbished and many more are awaited. Consequently, No Doubt in Us is surely going to be one of the most awaited shoujo donghua of 2020.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post as it contains a lot of information.

  2. I am seriously excited for No Doubt In Us. It really reminds me of Psychic Princess and the Demonic King Chases His Wife, our typical shoujo anime from China. I want to see how its story will unfold and how will the viewers will receive it. 🙂