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Updated on: 30/01/2024

Nickelodeon was always there for the best cartoon shows from the 90s. It was first tested on December 1, 1977, in Columbus, Ohio. As a channel, Nickelodeon not only produces cartoons but also live-action shows like Power Rangers. But, today, at the reader’s request, we are discussing some of the top Nickelodeon cartoons to date.

Fact: Although it was tested in 1977. But, it expanded into a national network on 1 April 1979 named Nickelodeon.

Top Nickelodeon Cartoons most popular worldwide

20. Doug

It is a story of an 11-12 year boy who wants to become the next big face. But due to great imagination and strong dedication stands out of the box. Doug was first aired in august 1991 on Nickelodeon. At the same time, the show was created by Jim Jinkins. On the other hand, produced by Jumbo pictures. The story revolves around the main character. To illustrate more, the story shares the life experiences that happen with Doug while attending school. Apart from this, the cartoon addresses numerous topics like love, relation, friendship, bully, etc. Moreover, it’s an American animated series.

In addition to the above data, it consists of 7 Seasons divided into 117 episodes. Added as one of the notaries Nickelodeon Cartoons. Currently, the animation rights belong to the Walt Disney studio.

19. Rocket Power

The title itself tells the story of passionate friends and their adventures. It is an American animated series that revolves around four friends. Namely Otto, Regie, Squid, and Twister. The region show in Cartoon California. The story motivates me to learn skateboarding, surfing, biking, etc. In most of the episodes, values like winning, losing, friendship, etc. taught. The show consists of 4 Seasons split into 71 episodes. The show aired on Nickelodeon Cartoons from 1999 to 2004.

18. Rugrats

The show revolves around a group of toddlers and their day to day activities. Arlene Klasky and Rick Gitelson created it. Also, the team behind making Rocket Power. Being an American cartoon series, it gets a brilliant success. It is the Nickelodeon Cartoons Second longest-running series. Rugrats gained over 20 awards in its total run-time. The show was started in August 1991. The series in total consists of 9 Seasons.

Fact: It was Nickelodeon’s second Nicktoon after Doug under animation studio.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

17. Catdog

One of the human-animal base Nickelodeon Cartoons. The story has an innovative plot. As the name suggests, the show must be about a cat and dog, but the fact is that it’s somewhat true. The main character is a conjoined brother of two different species. One being Cat, and the other one is Dog. The idea of the show won an award even before being telecasted on the network. The first episode aired on April 4, 1998. Nickelodeon got successful in catching people’s glances. Due to which the producer and writer also created a movie on the show. The series consists of 4 Seasons and ended in June 2005.

16. All Grown Up

The concept of the story is based on Rugrat’s last episode, “All Growed Up.” The show was created by the same team, Arlene and Paul. (Xanax) It is the continuation of the Rugrats story in middle school life. Some might say it’s similar to the Recess cartoon. Firstly, the series got telecasted from 2003 to 2008. In total 5 Seasons, you will get a lot of adventures and Comedy.

15. Rocko’s Modern life

The show must be added to the must-watch list who need a good laugh. Because the series completely focuses on it. It consists of so many sarcastic, satirical jokes and day to day life observations. Rock is the main character in the story, while sometimes some stories revolve around his friends. The humor in the show is power-packed. Firstly aired in October 1992 till late 1996. The create of the show goes to Joe Murray. It ended with 52 episodes on the controversy.

14. The Fairly Odd Parents

The fairly odd parents is an American series consisting of 10 Marvellous Seasons filled with Magic and tragedies. This cartoon comes under one of the good tales of Nickelodeon cartoons. The story revolves around a boy named Tommy Turner, who is being bullied by his babysitter. To protect himself from the day to day problems, he has two fairy godparents. It’s a neutral but popular show from 2001 to 2016. Each episode increases your curiosity to see the next. It’s one of the best work by Butch Hartman.

Fact: Butch is the creator behind Danny Phantom too.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

13. The Angry Beavers

The show showcases human day to day life in the form of Beavers. One with a fantastic timing of understanding logic and jokes can love the Angry Beavers. The show premiered on April 19, 1997. While it has a Canadian version too. On the other hand, the story revolves around two beaver brothers. Mitch, the creator behind beavers, tried so hard on the show by mixing the reality with the animation in a comic style.

It aired from 1997 till 2001 on Nickelodeon Cartoons in 4 Seasons. While the shows ending will make you feel sad for the (Spoiler alert) Writer.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

12. Danny Phantom

The story revolves around a high school kid who accidentally explodes his parent’s lab. Due to which he gets the power of becoming a ghost. But, with great power comes greater responsibility. So, now he manages to hide the identity while fighting the evil ghosts. To save the town. It has action as well as adventure. It was not a long series that ended in just 53 episodes, but it marks the point—a superhero story of Nickelodeon Cartoons.

It got so well popular that video games and stickers were made for the audiences. One can still get the series online. While a comic book to made for the regional audience. Danny Phantom aired from the period 2004 to 2007.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

11. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

The story of the series based on the movie Jimmy Neutron released in 2001. Then, the first episode was aired in 2002, following the storyline from the movie. The main character Jimmy Neutron who is just 11 years old, is a boy genius. The series revolves around the new inventions and the causes due to gadgets. The show comes under Comedy and Science fiction adventures. It consists of 3 Seasons run from 2002 to 2006.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

10. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The story of four brothers who have mystic powers and are based on the Mutant Ninja Turtles. Also, they save New York City from various evil monsters. Also, 2D animated American series. It contains Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, and Science fantasy. Anime lovers will love teenage ninja turtles. It aired in 2018 on Nickelodeon Cartoons while consist of 2 Seasons. One can view the Show online too.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

09. Alvinnn And The Chipmunks

The show follows the original Alvin and Chipmunks from the 90s, while the series contains 4 Seasons. An American-French music animated show. It belongs to Los Angeles, California but firstly telecasted in France. There was a movie too on the same concept. I love Chipmunk, and you will too. The new version telecasted in 2015. Also, there’s a song in every episode.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

08. The Loud House

The story revolves around a boy who is the only boy in a family of 11 children. Each episode has chaotic and comedy scripts. The loud house largely follows the comedy strips from the newspaper. Due to which it becomes easy and fun to understand. The creator made every episode so realistic that the series get continued for 5 Seasons. The first episode aired in 2016 while still presently running on Nickelodeon Cartoons.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

07. The Penguins Of Madagascar

You must have seen the 3 Madagascar movies! If not, then missing on so much. The show entirely focuses on the movie characters while some new characters like the zookeeper added. It is a power pack Comedy, Action, and Adventure series. Firstly, the series developed by Bob Schooley. Secondly, he is one of the Pixar Creator who worked on projects like Kim Possible.

The show consists of 3 Seasons. The series premiere drew 6+ million viewers setting a new record. While the show telecast from 2008 to 2015 regularly. Also, the show ranked in the Second position for the viewers of age 2-15.

Fact: It was the first collaboration of Nickelodeon Cartoons with Dreamworks.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

06. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Some might say it’s not that good as other cartoons due to the slow plot. But, once you start viewing, you can’t leave it. It is one of the best Cartoons I watched yet. The story revolves around the Aang who can control four-element powers. Best show recommended by Anime lovers too. Some consider it as anime due to the high level of animation. The genre of the show is action but with proper comedy to engage the audience.

Avatar won numerous awards for the best animation as well as for the scripts. The Series consists of 3 Seasons. The story teaches values like friendship, Winning, anger, etc. The quotes by the Iroh still feels fresh. The show aired from 2005 to 2008. While one can watch it online now. It has a great fan following. The extended Avatar consists of novels, comics, and sequel anime.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

05. Lego City Adventures

A basic story cartoon created on the go computer. Also, one can see the new parody shows by Lego. It’s a game for kids while the series run for a total of 2 Seasons—the original show telecasted in the US, UK, and France. The show first started in 2019 and still running successfully—one of the easy to go Nickelodeon Cartoons.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

04. Dennis The Menace

It is popular among readers too. If you have a little bit of knowledge about the news sketches, you might know Dennis the Menace. The story revolves around a naughty boy from America, and it’s a day to day adventures. Also, how he irritates or make the neighbor angry.

Note: Shown in very few country regions. Else, you can find it online easily.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

03. Kung Fu Panda

Everybody is well familiar with Kung Fu Panda. The Movies collected a great box office hit. In the same storyline, the Kung Fu Panda cartoon was started. In each episode, the writer tried to portray different life values. It’s a bonus series for Kung Fu Panda movie fans. Else, who doesn’t like Pandas?

Kung Fu Panda is titled into two animated series, both of 3 Seasons each. The show aired in the US in 2011 while in Germany from 2014-2015. Finally, the US version ended in 2016. It’s a perfect mixup cartoon for everyone. The Series is available on Amazon Prime. One of the best Nickelodeon Cartoons.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

02. Shaun The Sheep

Best relaxing cartoon ever. Shaun, the sheep, is a stop motion animation cartoon. It was completely created with clay and some photographic perfection. The show consists of 6 Seasons, and you must watch the special episode. It teaches a lot of good life skills and values for living. It’s still running successfully since 2007—also available online on Netflix.

Nickelodeon Cartoons

01. SpongeBob SquarePants

It’s the story of the title character Sponge Bob with his marine friends in Bikini Bottom. Beyond fame, it has an awesome story. While anyone can easily connect with their life. Also, so many Humorous and Comic catchy lines. Else, the character works as a Burger boy.

It’s a worldwide famous American Nickelodeon Cartoon. It broke so many records and won numerous awards. Due to the great response to the show, the show is still running in some Countries. While the show was first aired on 1 May 1999. The creator behind Sponge Bob is no other than Hillenburg. Many stories in the series from his book, which he didn’t publish.

Firstly, it broke the record of the longest-running show on Nickelodeon. Secondly, it is the fifth longest-running show of American animated series. Sponge Bob is now a media franchise due to its popularity.

Top Nickelodeon Cartoons Available Outside US

Yeah! As Nickelodeon expanded throughout the Nations. So, there are some more regional content creators. If you look into France or Spanish you will get a few additional Nickelodeon Cartoons. While mostly a range of variety in Cartoons can be seen in India. Also, Nickelodeon has substitute channels like Nick, Nick HD+, Nick Junior, etc.

Shortly speaking, Nick also acquiring rights of shows which are telecasted in Spanish, Japanese, etc. Day by day, the list of Shows telecasted on Nick going rapidly. Cartoons like Oggy and the Cockroaches, Zig and Sharko, Daltons, Breadwinners, etc., are all acquired or dubbed into English version later on.

Top Nickelodeon Cartoons India

Nickelodeon started in India in October 1999. At first, the US shows were shown on the Indian Network. But, due to the wide variety of languages. Nick started telecasting cartoons in Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, and Tamil. Hence, a lot of Cartoons can be seen in India on the Broadcasting networks. Especially, the outside audience can view the English subtitle Indian Cartoons on various platforms.

Nickelodeon Cartoons Shown in specific Countries

07. Zig & Sharko

It is a France origin slapstick comedy show. Now available in English and Hindi too. It consists of 3 Seasons, each of 52 episodes. The story revolves around Zig, who is a hyena, and Sharko, who is Shark. And other characters are the necessary plot creators. Olivier Jean-Marie created the show. It originally aired in 2010—one of the best explosion of humor comedy. Now premiered to Africa too.

06. The Dalton’s

Such a big comedy show. It is also featured in comics and movies too. Originally, the inspiration to the writer Morris came from the Dalton gang of the US. The show features four brothers who are prisoners and tries to run from jail. But, the prison dog fails its plan every time. The comic was published in the 1990s while the show telecasted in 2010. It consists of 2 Seasons.

05. Oggy and the Cockroaches

It is a French animated show popular overall world. The story revolves around Oggy, who is a cat, and three Cockroaches. The show focuses on comedy as well as creative imagination. The original show aired in 1998, due to success spread over the broadcasting network worldwide. Currently, it has 7 Seasons and running with great success.

Fact: A news came of rebooting the cartoon into expanding series in 2020.

04. Jungle Book

It’s a great story that revolves around a forest boy Mowgli. He was a baby when Baloo (a bear) and Akela (Wolf) find him. Then, they raised him even though he is from different species. (Clonazepam) While he got trapped in too many adventures. A nearly good simple story. It got telecasted in 2010. The show is available in English, German, Hindi, and France language. It consists of 3 Seasons.

Below 3 Nickelodeon Cartoons are Mostly Famous in the Asian region

03. Shaktiman

It is the story of a man who has powers and saves the earth from the different evil (villain) people. Shaktiman is an Indian Superhero as the superheroes like Iron man, Spiderman, etc. The concept of animation is taken from the live-action series. Like every superhero story, Hero wins over the Villain. It also teaches some basic concepts of truthfulness, hatred, helping nature, etc. It’s a single season show.

02. Keymon ache

It is an Indian animated comedy show aired in 2011. It revolves around a lazy boy who needs fun in life. While surprisingly, his dad brings a bag. Sorry, I mean to say Magic bag. The bag is no other than the Keymon. He helps Rohan to solve the problems of life. It’s a perfect happy show. Also, a lot of stuff revolves around the middle school age. It has 2 Seasons.

01. Motu Patlu

The story revolves around two friends, as per the name. Fat one (motu) and other one Slim (patlu). They both got involved in so many troubles due to the thief called John. The whole plot spins around the Furfuri Nagar village only. There are numerous funny characters too—also, so many iconic dialogues. Do check if you love Indian Comedy. Currently, it is also available in the English version too.

The Motu Patlu is a brand for marketing things into the age of 1-8. It contains 2000+ episodes divided into 4 Seasons. Also, few relatable movies feature till yet. Indian audience was the first preference for the show. But, due to popularity being outreaching other countries too. The show first aired in 2012.

Top Nickelodeon Cartoons adapted from Manga

Generally, Anime is adapted from Manga. But, few Cartoons are too adapted from Manga. So, here’s the list of top adapted cartoons aired on Nickelodeon Cartoons.

03. Atashin chi

It is an Anime adapted Cartoon of simply 330 Episodes. The story revolves around a family of four and their day to day life. So simple and brilliantly written. One can get major teaching from the show. It aired in mid-2005 nearly. While directed by Tetsuo Yasumi.

Note: I will recommend the Anime version of the show. Even it is written in Japanese but with English subtitles, you will get it soon.

02. Perman

Being a Japanese Manga, Perman was illustrated in 1968. While written by the famous manga writer Fujiko Fujio. In the later 2000s, the Perman adapted as a Cartoon. Even though the cartoon series is smaller than the original anime series, but you will get the same comedy and script in both forms. The story revolves around a boy who meets an alien. And then become a superhero to protect the world. In comparison, most of the episode was drawn on the plot of Tokyo.

01. Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori is originally known as Ninja Hattori-Kun in the Japanese version. While Fujiko Fujio is the writer behind it. The Anime version didn’t look better as compared to the Cartoon version. Since anime version focuses mostly on the fight between Hattori and Kagechiyo (Amara, in the Indian version). The cartoon version focuses on friendship, problems, creativity, etc. So, it’s my personal opinion to go with the Cartoon version.

The show consists of 100+ episodes approximately. While the first episode telecast on 13th May 2013. It’s still successfully running over the broadcasting network.

The above mentioned 30 Nickelodeon Cartoons are just the top-rated cartoons over the Nick network. At the same time, Nickelodeon has many more cartoons for kids and teenage students. Also, Nick Junior, the subchannel under Nickelodeon, specially design cartoons for kids. So, all we find that Nickelodeon has it for every generation.

Else, please don’t compare one with another as each one is unique on its level. I hope you like the post. Do read some other related articles on Thebiem. Thanks for reading.

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