New Year, New Me

Hello friends, how’s this new year been for you so far?


I presume it must have been life changing and you are well on your way to fulfilling your resolution this new year. Cheers to the new year and everything that it has brought you. It must feel great to be a part of the 8% who actually succeed in this venture.

What? You haven’t done anything you say? Well, worry not! Today, I will share a tale of my friend George who actually succeeded in his ventures and will succeed again in this new year. Here’s how his story goes…

George was a dropout with some particularly bad habits. He loved his sedentary lifestyle and would do anything to  not give it up but it all changed one fateful day. You see, George had many productive friends who were doing quite well on most fronts of their life. He was jealous of them and when he heard the news that one of his buddies was going to be giving a presentation at an esteemed institution he felt quite sick and almost threw up. Seeing as the year was about to end in just a couple of days and vying to escape his destructive lifestyle he made it his resolution to welcome the new year with a ‘new’ him.

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To that end, he made many promises to himself. The list was as follows.

  1. Quit doing drugs.
  2. Get a part time job and earn his own pocket money.
  3. Start taking part in various activities in his house.
  4. And finally, stop procrastinating.

He thought up an elaborate plan, bought a new diary to maintain his expenses and record his day to day life and smashed the pedal to the metal.

In January, he met his aforementioned friend and both of them decided to open a business venture together. George quickly borrowed money from the people around him, leased an office space and got to work. He quickly started learning many things related to his venture and was soon armed with enough knowledge to go public with his business. Since his friend lived in another city, he coordinated with him mainly through calls and text messages. Soon enough, both of them had a catchy name for their business and got that name registered. George, brimming with happiness, quickly told everyone about this good news. January had passed and now it was time for some rigorous market research.

February saw George going out in the field and gathering numerous insights. His friend also helped spread the word where he lived and it wasn’t too long before they were planning on hiring people and nailing down their business strategies. While everything was going great, George wasn’t too particularly satisfied, he felt like something was missing. There was a hole in his being that he needed to fill. Wondering what might help him with this problem of his, he went to his dealer and got some drugs.

Life itself suddenly filled every being of George’s body as he rode his high horse. Soon, George started visiting the field while being high as the clouds but George noticed that he was actually doing better in this condition. Being high helped him combat his nervousness and gave him more confidence. Weeks passed and George started thinking that his drug power has made him so highly efficient that he can now relax and visit the field less. He was right as his productivity didn’t decline even after that decision of his. Instead now he had free time to devote to the chores around his house.

March came, and with it his friend also arrived, he promised George that everything on his side was going great as well and that he was quite positive that they would definitely succeed. George, seeing the optimism of his comrade felt reassured and wanted to devote more of his self to the venture. Soon, their office space was finished and George got a little teary eyed after taking in the beauty of his shop. Everyday, he sat at the counter waiting for customers to arrive but to no avail. George thought to himself, “Man, even after talking to like a 100 people these past months why am I not getting any customers? I mean, I did slack off every now and then and spent most of the afternoon in the cafe but that cafe was a prime place brimming with potential customers. Just what did I do wrong??”

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Frustrations piled up as April rolled in. Soon, a fateful call with his friend who withdrew support due to being too busy made George decide that he’ll only open his shop on weekends and spend the rest of his week in his comfy little home. He also decided that he would help around the house even more now. George woke up early next morning and ran towards the garden. In no time, he was mending the grass and uprooting the weeds. The next task he took up was to make breakfast. He wasted no time and soon presented his parents a decent breakfast. Satisfied with his contributions, he raced towards his bed and fell asleep.

The next few weeks were a mix of George getting up early, making breakfast, doing drugs and going back to bed. The shop started to stay closed more and more. George thought about fixing the situation one fine day. He got all dressed up, got high, and went outside. He opened the shop. Started calling out to people and then after a very long duration of 30 minutes decided to call it quits. Alas! The people whom he owed money at this point didn’t have quitting on their agenda.

The next 4 months were very annoying. George was pestered by his lenders continuously. Fearing that they might get him, he retreated to the sweet confines of his bed. Tension was still running rampant in his mind but surely that is nothing drugs can’t fix.

Little did he know that his exploits had been discovered by his father. He was soon in for a ride towards the dump. George, shaken by this sudden turn of events broke into tears. How could his father kick him for something as simple as drugs?! It was unforgivable. He demanded his share of inheritance and threatened to sue. Hearing that, his father tossed a penny towards him saying that it was the only thing left of his inheritance. George was taken aback and demanded the to know why. His father told him that in the process of paying off his debts nothing was left and that he was free to take his money back from them if he so desired.

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George was at a loss of words. He silently retreated to the pavement and accepted his fate. That night felt endless and was laden with tears and curses. George spent the whole of September begging by the roadside barely managing to survive. He still wasn’t too heartbroken though, he still had his drugs to help him. Plus, he could always leave everything to the George of next day and not care. Seeing his worsening condition, one of his acquaintances offered to help but only on one condition. He was not allowed to slack off during the job. Other than that, he was free to do whatever he wanted. George initially hesitated but soon he was happy as he finally had a job. He worked tirelessly day and night and by the time October ended he didn’t sleep hungry anymore.

Still, he was unhappy as he wasn’t able to save anything as his precious drugs were costly. He thought that if he wanted a stable place to live he must choose. The need for shelter won in the end and George finally stopped doing drugs. He moved in his new home in November. He also received a raise due to his good performance enabling him to afford some luxuries.

George was faced with a new challenge now. He wished to mend his relationship with his parents but was finding it hard. Nonetheless, he visited his parents on Christmas eve with gifts. He apologized to his parents and vowed that he will never go back to that awful life of his. Amidst all this, his father jokingly inquired him about his resolutions for the coming year. Hearing that suddenly sent a bolt of electricity through his whole being. He then calmed himself down and answered that he had nothing special planned for the new year but even if he did have something planned it would be simple and attainable.

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George now knew that any resolution must be met with careful planning and honest efforts and that a person doesn’t change simply because the year has. Seeing the change in his child, his father was very happy and wished him luck in his future ventures. All in all, the year ended on a positive note and George somehow managed to fulfill his resolutions.

So, how did you all find George’s story? Motivational wasn’t it? Do you still believe that the new year came with a new you? Kindly let me know your thoughts below.


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12 Replies to “New Year, New Me”

  1. Good post, definitely something I haven’t seen before :3
    To answer your question, I don’t really make new year resolutions or believe in them. So, no, not really.

  2. This is fairly witnessed,but rare at the same time,most of the dropouts wouldn’t even be able to open up a store like George in this case,yet thanks to people like his friend’s that realize his true potential for greatness and a creation into the greater good gave him the drive to initiate his project,none less it did not stop his old habits as stated in the story for overflowing his consciousness,granting him only power to sloth around every day,not allowing his true potential to be realized,George was back into the world of drugs in a little scale period of 2 months,as it took most of it’s account on February.

    The overconfidence plus the feeling of security that his project was a fully definitive success eluded him with the thought that it was simply a fine decision to take more care of himself,as the success was guaranteed on George’s mindset,yet that only proved to be wicked and was easily scattered by his little sense of victory achievement security,putted him on the misery road slowly but surely in no time spawn,which was to be started by his partner being way too busy for George’s venture,having him fully quit the duty,for the surprise not having George be filled with any other superficial types of emotions,except for the fact that he didn’t gave much relevance towards his shop like he used to,more of a dependent thought of him,having the thinking that it could hold on it’s own,when the shop didn’t even begin to progress.

    Believing to be a flux of pure bad luck,if ever the intention of wanting to truly build a progress from the start,proved only to be weak as he started to prevail himself from opening the shop,and so,delaying it to weekends only with the routine of waking up,weeding out his garden while making the breakfast to his parents only,seemed enough for him,the drugs giving him the feeling of satisfaction,that rewarding is something that can be unfathomable.

    Soon enough,after months of aggravating consequences,George realizes all his efforts that existed and lived no longer within his work,just like his effort,being nothing to begin with,life was going perfect,his routine was what he felt as a necessity,to only be brought down by his father that discovers his mischievous uses,called drugs,to George’s surprise he didn’t expect any grave consequence for it,but in the end,he got kicked out of the house,to be a vagabond.

    George’s life afterwards in the next months revolved around pledging to survive,still not realizing that drugs were one of the problem,if not the most relevant matter to his failure,he gave in not because of the chance that was passed onto him afterwards,by a person who decided to offer him a chance at working,but at a severe scale,at first George thought it wouldn’t be enough,but it was.

    His mindset views started changing,he had to make clear decisions about his future with a reconciliation towards his parents along with it,to the parents expectations it wasn’t much to begin with,but George being on a dreadnought tidal wave of regrets,it had to be done.
    With that said,it really shows how much serious and rewarding a New Year’s resolution can be,without a doubt,it can either go incredibly bad or incredibly good,that decision will always rely on the self being at all times,and not others,others might give you the element of benefit,but only you can gather the element of progress.

    The story was realistic,which is certainly a bright point of view when giving a read,so I liked the story,about the New Year,New Me,it doesn’t have to be a New Year only time to change yourself,yet on the New Year is the beginning of a new year,probably impacting each mind on a greater scale when it comes to making a call for a change.

    Life is beautiful when you have the right elements in it,be sure to gather that for a good life,not the unnecessary elements that will compose a bad and unrewarding road for you.

  3. This is a very inspiring story Vile.
    Kudos to you.
    I was able to see myself in that one scene when George was asking for his inheritance. I won’t elaborate it as to why I can relate to that situation, but despite the downfalls George had he was like me I was able to stand up and face the world again.
    The take aways here are two scenarios, when he didn’t reject the offer his friend gave him, he obviously needed it so why not, but others who are in his situation probably are goin to decline the offer, due to pride and shame. Another one is how he tried to make it up to his parents, and it was so touching that this story happens in a year and ended up on the Christmas day with his family, a little bit of reconciliation was also spotted.

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