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One day I was searching for a perfect hoodie/sweatshirt that will show my love for cats to the world. In addition, I always search for other products with cat symbols. I absolutely love all kinds of shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, pajamas and hats with those cute little cat ears. Site that I find perfect for these kind of stuff is Amazon. But, you can also find it on other sites like e-bay or something of your choice. Anyhow, the thing I would like to talk about here is something amazing that I have stumbled upon. It is called Mewgaroo hoodie! Some sites also call it cat pouch hoodie, cat pouch sweatshirt, cat holder hoodie and cat holder sweatshirt. In other words, it’s a hoodie for both you and your cat! You will absolutely love it! To find out more about it, keep reading.

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Cat holder hoodie

Who made this purrfect cat pouch hoodie?

Anyone who heard about this trend is wondering who made it and also, why hasn’t it been made sooner. We can give our thanks to Japanese company Unihabitat. It is a pet supply company that makes things for pets and their owners. By the way, the original hoodie is called Mewgaroo hoodie and it is selling in Japan for 5900 yen, which is about 50 dollars. Firstly, they were shipping this product only in Japan and nowhere else. But, it is important to mention that other companies are making a variation to this product. These variations are similar or completely the same as the original  and they are shipping them worldwide. That is where the names cat pouch hoodie, cat pouch sweatshirt, cat holder hoodie, cat holder sweatshirt and even cat kangaroo hoodie come from.

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As a matter of fact, mewgaroo hoodie is already an old trend in Japan. They have invented a new, similar product. It is Mewgaroo Jumpsuit. This product is perfect for winter. It comes in two colors, black and white and two sizes. Moreover, it has a pouch, a hoodie with cute little cat ears, cat paw-style sleeves and dangle balls. Its leggings can also unzip, making it easier to go to the bathroom. Japanese company is going even one step further with a suggestion to bring your cat to the bathroom with you. Now, that made me laugh. What do you think?


Cat holder sweatshirt

The Mewgaroo Hoodie features:

Firstly, and most importantly, this Mewgaroo hoodie features a special pouch or in other words kangaroo pocket. This is the feature that makes this hoodie so special. You can put your kitten or cat in it and have a wonderful cuddling time. Furthermore, this cat holder hoodie features a hood with cat ears and sleeves in paw style. Because of that the hoodie turns you into a real cat! It will be obvious that you are a true cat lover/owner. Moreover, just like the newest Mewgaroo jumpsuit, this hoodie also has two dangle balls. With this in mind, your cat wont just have a perfect cuddling time but also a perfect play time with a company of its owner.

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The Mewgaroo Hoodie comes in three colors. Gray, black and white. However, all those variations of a product could have other colors too. It also comes in all sizes. But, costumers are pointing out that these sizes are based on Japanese measurements. Because of that I would suggest picking a larger number when buying it. Mewgaroo Hoodie features 65% of cotton and 35% of polyester. But, again, cat pouch hoodie, cat pouch sweatshirt, cat holder hoodie and cat holder sweatshirt could have a different percentage of included materials. It is also important to mention that the pouch can be removed and washed separately. Pouch size from the inside is usually 380 x 300 mm or 15 x 12”.

Cat pouch sweatshirt

Reasons for buying this hoodie:

First of all this hoodie will help you to build a strong bond with your kitty or cat. Just put them in the pouch and spend plenty of time with them. Your pet will feel extremely warm with you. Also, with this hoodie your cat wont need to stay home alone. You can take her with you everywhere you go. Put your cat in this kangaroo pocket and you can travel with her by bus or train. You can also bring your pet in pet-friendly coffee shops and have fun with both your friends and your cat. Furthermore, this Mewgaroo hoodie is opening the door for multi-tasking. You can sit and watch TV, read a book, work in front of a computer or anything else. And you can do all of that while your cat is relaxing and cuddling inside the pouch.

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It is important to mention that even though this hoodie was made for cats, you can fit a little dog or puppy in it as well.  In other words, you can put in any pet that likes to cuddle and bond with its owner. As long as they don’t mind all those cat-centered symbols on the hoodie. Besides, your pet needs physical touch to be happy, according to scientists.

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Cat pouch sweatshirt

Final words:

To conclude, if you have a cat or any kind of pets and if you like spending some quality bonding time with them, you should buy this perfect hoodie. With the Mewgaroo Hoodie and its variations you wont have to be apart with your cat/pet anymore. If you liked this article please leave a comment. Tell us what you think about the product. If you already have this Mewgaroo Hoodie, tell us something about it. Do you like it and does your cat likes it? What would be the first place you would bring your cat with you? Share and enjoy!








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