Hours GH Launches New Manga Series – The Nue of the Tower of London

The Nue of the Tower of London is a Gothic fantasy action manga set in the middle ages. The story takes off the post-centennial war. The new series appeared on Hours GH, 4th-month edition (Shonen Ginja) on February 16th. Akira Sagami is the author of this manga.

The Nue of the Tower of London

Akira Sagami introduces the story of a powerful girl longing for love form an ordinary girl. Winged girl Nue, who has overwhelming powers, is the main character. The prison guards at the Liberty tower capture unruly elements and keep them imprisoned. Consequently, Alfred, a prison guard, imprisons Nue.

Art Style


The Art style looks pretty decent. The characters look pretty medieval as one would expect. The long wings are drawn well are expressive.

What We Can Expect

I have looked up this author for his previous works. Manga Trigun: Multiple Bullets mentions this author’s involvement. Probably we have an author who is ready to present his talent to the word. As a medieval Gothic fantasy manga, we can expect it to pick up some fans quite early on. In addition to magic and winged beings, we can hope to see some interesting fights. I kind of feel that this manga will have enough fanservice too.

I especially love how Nue is drawn. Her green is very mesmerizing. Furthermore, the Gothic elements are prominently presented. The pendant with the green stone looks attractive on her. Also, her red dress and her long boots clearly point towards her magical powers. Either she is a witch or a magical being altogether. Since this is a fantasy manga, maybe there will be a lot of winged characters.

Finally, I can conclude by saying that if the author can manage a good plot and develop interesting characters we can surely expect an anime version of this manga.

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