Brand New Goblin Slayer Manga Adaptation Announced


Date: 01/05/2018

The latest issue of  Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan magazine announced a new Goblin Slayer Manga adaptation of the Goblin Slayer Novel that will launch on May 25. Also, this new Goblin Slayer Manga adaptation will be adapting the series Novel from Volume 4 onwards. Furthermore, Goblin Slayer: Brand New will be the title for this new series.  Additionally, it was announced that a new artist will be drawing the Goblin Slayer Manga.  Masahiro Ikeno will be doing the art for this new Goblin Slayer Manga adaptation.

New Goblin Slayer Manga Announcement Poster

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This will be the Novels 3rd manga adaptation. The series currently has two ongoing manga, one adapting the main series novel and a second manga called Goblin Slayer Gaiden: Year One, Which is a prequel manga to the main series.

Is this goodbye to the current ongoing main series manga?

As stated above, The series currently has a manga which is adapting the main series from the novel. But from my understanding, this new adaptation will probably replace the manga that is currently ongoing. Since the current manga is currently covering Volume 3 of the novel, once the current manga is done adapting Volume 3, it’s likely that the manga will end and this new series will take over as this new adaptation will be covering the novel’s story from Volume 4 onwards. Which is kind of sad since I have grown to love the current ongoing manga so to see it might be coming to an end so that a new series can take its place with a different artist? I don’t know if it will feel the same reading this new manga.

Will the New Artist Be able to capture the great art from the current ongoing Manga?

That is my only worry with this new manga adaptation. The art for the current ongoing manga is honestly so great. If we see a drastic change in art due to this new artist, it will honestly be a let down. It will be hard to accept the new art style. Especially since we’ve grown to like the great art Kurose Kousuke who has been delivering with the current manga adaptation.

Goblin Slayer Rage

Goblin Slayer Rage After being taken out by a Goblin Champion

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I want to feel the same hype and excitement I feel reading the current manga in this new adaptation but I don’t know if this new artist will be able to capture this kind of epic moments.

Goblin Slayer Manga

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But hey maybe I’m worrying too much. Maybe this new artist might actually be great, heck maybe even better than the main current artist (probably not). I guess we will just have to wait and see. Though it’s safe to say if this new artist does replace the current artist and even if the new artist ends up being better, I will miss the old artist. As I said above, I’ve grown to love his art style. So the new art style will have to meet up to my expectations.

On another note. An anime for the series was also recently announced you can find out more information about that in this article: Goblin Slayer anime adaptation announced 

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