New Anime Series For Tiger And Bunny Has Been Announced


Date: 12/02/2018

A new squeal of the anime Tiger and Bunny is already in the works. The official Twitter page earlier this year, made an announcement about it although not much was revealed in that announcement. We will be on the watch out for any additional information and surely share it with you guys promptly.

New Tiger and Bunny series

The new series will also feature individuals with special abilities known as “NEXT” (Noted Entities with eXtraordinary Talents). As previously seen, these heroes will fight crime bearing the logos of companies sponsoring them. Their aim is to protect the city and ensure peace. In return, they earn hero points and air-time on live television ‘Hero TV’. The central characters of this series will continue to be the veteran hero Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, aka Wild Tiger, and rookie Barnaby Brooks Jr., aka Bunny.

Furthermore, a live-action film based on the series is also in the works. It is part of a collaboration effort between Imagine Entertainment, All Nippon Entertainment Works, and Bandai Namco Pictures.

Previously Aired

The original Tiger and Bunny TV series premiered in 2011 as a 25 episode series from April to September.


Tiger and Bunny : The Rising film

Tiger and Bunny: The Rising film (c) SUNRISE

Tiger & Bunny: The Movie–The Beginning, a feature film adaptation of the series was released in September 2012. It was later on followed by the second film, Tiger & Bunny: The Movie–The Rising in February 2014. In addition, a manga adaption ran from September 2011 to December 2014.

Shonen fans would be happy to see this new Tiger and Bunny series making a comeback. The series got popular because of the interesting superhero stylings and good quality graphics. We can therefore expect a lot more improvements in these aspects.

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Enduring Popularity

The series has topped NHK’s online popularity poll of best 100 anime in May 2017. Also, its main characters have made it to the top 10 list of the broadcaster’s favorite character ranking undertaken to commemorate 100 years of Japanese anime history.

Most noteworthy anime, like My Hero Academia, which are hero based, are going strong in popularity. This can probably be a reason for this new Tiger and Bunny series revival. I hope this anime lives up to the expectations of the shonen fans especially due to the fact that people would be having great expectations from a successful series like this one. The series aims to showcase ‘Heroes’ as celebrities with human-like ‘shortcomings.’ I believe this aspect will be much more deeply explored in the upcoming Tiger and Bunny sequel.

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  1. I’ve tried the 1st one and it seemed to focus on the characters quite heavily which I often find to slow. (Character studies I mean)

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  3. Looks like it may turn out to be a lit anime. Especially due being a hero based game and on top of that Heroes have shortcomings too means their character isn’t focused on being too OP. I would like to see this one o,o

    • Be prepared to do a review lol

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  6. All thanks to one punch man for popularizing the hero genre