Netflix Anime 2020 And Why We Are Excited About It!

Anime’s impact on pop culture is unprecedented. Every action movie Hollywood produces, at some point, tried to mimic legendary Anime like DragonBallZ and Ghost in the Shell. In fact, they even tried to put out their own versions of these beloved franchises. So it makes sense that Netflix would choose this path as they are the best when it comes to OTT platforms. And they have been producing some quality content with Anime like Baki and Kakegurui. And they plan on producing such content for years to come. This list will talk about Netflix Anime 2020 and why you should be excited about it.

Netflix Anime 2020

1. Gods and Heroes

Release Date: To be announced 2020

An anime based on Greek mythology from the creators of Immortal(2011) and Death Note(2017). Isn’t that exciting? Powerhouse animation brings this anime to life. This is said to be a new spin on Greek mythology.


The plot revolves around the illicit son of the god of lighting, Zeus. He is to protect heaven and the earth from a vindictive goddess and her frightening army.

Just imagining Greek mythology come to life in the form of an Anime gives me goosebumps. And we can’t wait to see these titans battle it out and bring destruction. So this finds a spot in our Netflix Anime 2020 list.

2. Pacific Rim

Release Date: To be announced 2020

This will be an anime that builds on the world created by the visionary director Guillermo del Toro. This will expand the Pacific Rim universe and is a successor to the first two Hollywood films of the franchise. Isn’t that good enough to sell this anime to us?


The story is about two siblings who are in search of their parents. However, they end up piloting a giant mecha called the Jaeger. In their journey, they come across the disgusting Kaiju and kick some ass. And they face some unforgiving obstacles on their path. They pilot the Jaeger to cross their antagonistic world.

Guillermo del Toro might get involved with this anime and that makes us even more excited. If you are a big fan of monster slashers, then you are in the right place. This will attract a huge fan following this franchise already has. And this is a list for Netflix Anime 2020. We don’t have to wait for a long time. Legendary Entertainment, the people behind the movies, are the ones producing this as well. Put on your Jaeger suits and get ready to kick some Kaiju ass.

3. Altered Carbon

Release Date: To be announced 2020

We have seen countless sci-fi noir world’s in movies and TV shows. Ghost in the Shell and Balfe Runner 2049 are some of the greatest of that genre. Altered Carbon, a Netflix original, was another attempt in that genre. And they succeeded. The world of Altered Carbon was very much appreciated. Seeing this world in anime form will be an extravaganza. Anima is the studio behind this project.


The summary of the plot has not yet released. But the creators have promised that the events in this anime will take place in the same universe as the show. They also said that it will widen the mythos of that universe.

If you enjoyed Altered Carbon, you will definitely check this out. After all, it is an expansion of that world. A sci-fi noir fan will also love this and that’s why it snatches a place in our Netflix Anime 2020 list.

4. Cagaster of an Insect Cage

Release Date: To be announced

This series is based on the manga of the same name. Kacho Hashimoto is the author. Gonzo will be the studio behind the animation of this series. The makers have hinted that it’ll resemble Hellsing and Afro Samurai. 


The world faces apocalypse in the future. An illness converts humans into the ugliest insects. These monstrosities ravage the Earth. This story is about a young couple that tries to survive in this godforsaken world.

The makers have taken inspiration from Hellsing and Afro Samurai. So this anime is going to stun you and you must be prepared for it. Making that statement mean that this will be a gorgeous anime to feast our eyes on. And that earns this anime a place in our Netflix Anime 2020 list.

5. Dragon’s Dogma

Release Date: 2020

This game is based on the successful game from Capcom of the same name. Netflix has joined hands with Sublimation to animate this series. It is still unknown about how they’ll animate it. It’ll mostly be CGI considering the studio’s previous endeavors.


A valiant knight begins the journey to get his heart back, in the continent of Gransys. The dragon stole the heart of the brave knight. The coming of the dragon indicates the end of civilization, leading the doomsday. Arisen (the valiant knight) is bound to face the dragon. He must get his heart back by defeating the beast which will also end the Armageddon.

Dragon’s Dogma is possibly one of the most underrated games of all time. It is gaining a fan base now and this is the right time for the anime to come out. It’ll bring in a lot of people on the hype train for Dragon’s Dogma 2. Since the game was so well made, we are excited to know how it’ll translate into an anime. Plus it’ll be interesting to know how a simple premise like this will fit into episodes. And that is enough for this anime to get a place in Netflix Anime 2020 list.

6. Yasuke

Release Date: To be announced 2020

Yasuke was the first ever non-Japanese Samurai in the history of Japan. He served under Oda Nobunaga (The Warlord). Flying Lotus, the study which was nominated for an Emmy, is said to take the reins to compose the music for this anime. MAPPA is the studio behind the animation.


This is a journey of a retired wandering samurai with no master set in feudal Japan. A very young child is to be escorted to safety. The Ronin return back to complete the task at hand. The dark forces are after this child to murder him for reasons that are unexplained. They intend to murder the child and this causes the ronin to return back from retirement.

We are more than excited about this anime. This is a season that celebrates Samurai tales. People are making games about Samurais. So it makes sense when people decide to make an anime with this premise. The setting of feudal Japan means that we are going to get a beautiful looking anime during all that destruction and violence. And for this collection of reasons, we are very much excited for this anime. And thus, it earns a place in our Netflix Anime 2020 list.

7. Trese

Release Date: To be announced 2020

This series is based on the graphic novel of the same name. Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldissimo created the graphic novel. Jay Olivia, the executive producer, has worked on Wonder Woman and The Legend of Korra. BASE Entertainment is the studio behind this project. Singapore and Jakarta studios will split the production of the series.


The story follows the Philippine folklore. It deals with the fabled creatures of the folklore. They have blended with humans. Alexandra Trese is our protagonist. She fights against the criminal mastermind of Manila. The crime bosses consist of occult creatures.

Folklore from any culture is always a good source material for anime. And this is no exception. We are excited to see the studio bring this world to life. And the plot is similar to the fan favorite “Fables”. So it will draw a lot of fans of “Fables”.

8. Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045

Release Date: 2020

This will be a re-imagining of one of the most beloved anime of all time. Details on this series are very vague and very little. But the release is expected to be in 2020.

Weare dying to watch to this anime. This is one of the beloved anime of all time. Ghost in the Shell (Original) redefined sci-fi noir genre. It is no surprise that we are excited about it and it deserves a place in Netflix Anime 2020 list.

9. Super Crooks

Release Date: 2020

Millarworld is a phenomenal franchise. And people will be talking about it in the days to come as many announcements are being made. Netflix is bringing some of these to life in the coming years. The first to receive an adaptation is Super Crooks. It is the story of a super-villain. The comic has four volumes and was started back in 2012. Bones.INC is the studio behind the animation of this series. They are also the producers of the truly brilliant My Hero Academia.


The authorities are trying harder to subjugate the super-villains due to their increase in number over the years. Due to the drip in the market and constant nagging by the officials, a batch of super-villains is on their way to Spain. They are going to Spain to carry out their most daring, and outstanding heist for one last time.

Millarworld is one of the new age franchises that have great and eccentric stories to tell. The franchise has some splendid stories and Netflix has made the brilliant decision to bring them to the small screen. It’ll be an understatement if we say we can’t wait to watch them all. So naturally, this has a place in our Netflix Anime 2020 list.

10. Spriggan

Release Date: 2020

This franchise has a total of 11 volumes and only two adaptations have been made in the past. Spriggan ran from 1988 to 1996. A video based on the manga was released for PlayStation in 1999 and prior to this, a movie was released in Japan.  It has been almost two decades since that movie came out and finally the franchise is getting the adaptation it truly deserves. David Production will be doing the animation for this beloved adaptation.


A bygone civilization used to rule the world many years ago. But they ended up destroying themselves. Through messages, they try to inform the future generations on how to use the technology they had created. Numerous groups of people are in search of these artifacts to use them against their enemies to obliterate them. Interrupting them is the ARCAM corporation and their best squad of soldiers called Spriggans.

This is one franchise that has never received the grand treatment it has always deserved. This seems like the only time that this franchise will be celebrated the way it was intended to. With Netflix taking the reins, they don’t have to fear about the budget. All the creators have to do is to create an immersive world with characters to root for. If that happens, we will be looking at the most mature and influential anime of this generation. For such an ambition alone this deserves a spot in our Netflix Anime 2020 list.


11. Vampire in the Garden

Release Date: 2020

We don’t much info on Vampire in the Garden as it is a purely original anime from Netflix. They are not adapting it from any manga, comic, graphic novel or game. WIT Studio will be producing Vampire in the Garden. Some people might recognize this studio as they are behind the hugely popular and outstanding Shingeki no Kyojin.


The story of an improbable camaraderie between the human race and the vampire race. It is said to be told with some brilliant music and power.

12. Castlevania (Season Three)

Release Date: 2020

We don’t know much about season three of Castlevania. Moreover, we do know that it will be a continuation of season 2. The first two seasons were phenomenal and people loved it. Even critics loved it. Powerhouse animation will return to do the animation for the third season.


Dracula is no more. Alucard and Trevor Belmont have succeeded in their crusade to stop Vlad from ending humanity. However, is the war over? Isacc is assaulted by a group of vagrants in the desert. He kills them without blinking an eye. He turned the dead into night creatures and is planning on creating his own army. In Braila, Carmilla plans to fill the void left by Dracula. She has vowed to return to Styria with Hector to create her own army. Sypha and Trevor bid farewell to Alucard and plan on going on new adventures. They set off to find the rest of the Speakers.

They leave Alucard in his father’s castle where he is alone and filled with grief. Isaac and Carmilla are trying to claim Dracula’s throne for power. Will the awesome threesome (Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha) be able to come together for one last time and stop the evil forces?

We are so excited for this anime to hit the small screens. This anime has set the standards for Video Game adaptation very high. Great characters, great storyline and gritty world makes this one of the finest Netflix originals.

With this, we have reached the end of the Netflix Anime 2020 list. Check out our Netflix Anime 2019 list and Best Sad Anime list to find more anime that you can enjoy watching. Sayonara!

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