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Netflix Anime 2019 And Check Out Why We Are Excited About Them




Updated on: 31/03/2019


Anime is becoming popular day by day and people at Hollywood are finally understanding the sensibilities of people in Japan and are making honest adaptations of beloved Anime like Ghost in the Shell and Alita: Battle Angel. And Netflix is doing its part as well. Apart from buying off the rights to classic anime and remastering them, they also contribute by producing Anime. Some are misses but most are hits. This list talks about all the Netflix Anime 2019 and why we are excited about it.

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Netflix Anime 2019

Netflix Anime 2019

1. Canon Busters

Release Date: Spring 2019

Canon Busters is derived from a comic book of the same name. It was first published in 2005. Only a few issues were published after that. In 2014, LeSean Thomas, the co-creator of the series, started a campaign asking the crowd to fund for the series to be adapted into an animated series. The first episode was made available to those who funded it. In August 2017, Netflix released a statement. They said that it will be adapted into a twelve episode season.

Plot: In the land of Gearbolt, a diverse group of travelers goes on a memorable expedition to reunite two friends. Casey Turnbuckle, an eccentric, thrown away maintenance robot joins S.A.M, a deluxe friendship droid. Casey is an old-fashioned repair bot that likes to get its hand dirty and is looking for an enhancement. Also along the crusade is the audacious, lethal runaway Philly the kid. Philly is looking for a swift score. Together, the improbable threesome begins their journey in a remarkable and lethal world in search of S.A.M.’s best friend, the successor to a kingdom under beleaguerment.

The whole storyline gives it a “Borderlands” feel. This will gain the attention of gamers and action lovers. This is one reason to watch this anime when it comes out.

Netflix Anime 2019

2. Ultraman

Release Date: April 1st, 2019

This anime is based on the manga of the same name. Elichi Shimizu wrote the original. To create this anime, Production I.G and Sola Digital Arts studios have collaborated. The title for this adaptation was released back in 2017. The Ultraman became famous in the mid-60s in Japan. It became the inspiration for many shows like Power Ranger and Big Bad Beetleborgs.

Plot: The story occurs years after the events of the original Ultraman story from the 1960s. The world thinks that Ultraman has forsaken them. They think he has returned to his own universe after serving Earth to defend it from giant monsters. He and his courageous acts are now a faraway memory. But the original Ultraman, Shin Hayata, transferred the genes to become Ultraman to his son Shinjiro. Now owning the same powers as his father, he must brawl to save earth from a new cache of occupying alien monsters.

Some of us grew up with this amazing franchise. Nostalgia alone is enough for long-time fans to check this out. It has the scope to become an instant hit. The nostalgia is also the reason for Netflix o produce such an anime. And it finds a place in our Netflix Anime 2019.

3. Rilakkuma and Kaoru

Release Date: April 19th, 2019

Aki Kondo created these characters in the early 2000s. Company San-X produced it. This had the same cultural impact on Japan as Hello Kitty did.  The creation of his character came about when the company asked the workers to create one cute character every month. Aki Kondo always wanted a pet. But due to her tight schedule, she couldn’t. Rilakkuma is the personification of her wish.

Plot: Rilakkuma is a small bear fond of food. He likes pancakes, rice, omelets, and pudding. He lives with his bear cub friend Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori. Kiiroitori is the pet of Karou, who is the owner of the apartment in which Rilakkuma lives.

Kida will fall in love with this show. Parents can use this as a cheat sheet to make their kids watch it while feeding them. There won’t be any hassle. Jokes apart, this sounds like a cute little idea.

Netflix Anime 2019

4. Baki (Season Two)

Release Date: April 30th, 2019

Fans have been raving about the first season of Baki. This, naturally, made them pry Netflix for season 2.

Plot: Baki Hanma moved across the world to sharpen his skill as a fighter. He does this with the goal of transcending his father as the world’s powerful martial artist. Five of death row’s very vicious and aggressive inmates are coming together in force to fight with Baki. They do so with the desire that Baki will obliterate them. They want to be dead as they are bored with their own robustness and thus with life. To sid their bosom friend, martial artists that Baki has met on his expedition join him. They do so to battle by his side in the world’s most brutal tournament.

Fans of season one will swarm to watch this season. And fans of good action and animation will be eager to check this out. The insane action and gore make this an intriguing anime and takes a place in our Netflix Anime 2019 list.

Netflix Anime 2019

5. Ingress

Release Date: April 30th, 2019

Ingress is finally coming to Netflix after a painstakingly long delay. The series aired Japan even much before it’s Netflix release.

Plot: The story goes with the special police inspector Makoto. He has the ability to read the memories of things he touches. While scrutinizing a laboratory explosion, he comes to know about something very peculiar. He comes to know that they were analyzing a mysterious substance called “XM”. Here, he comes in contact with the ring of a woman who was the sole survivor of the detonation. By doing so, he sees a terrifying vision that entangles him in an enormous shady scheme.

Ingress appears to have a complex premise. It seems to appreciate the viewer’s IQ, which is so rare these days. The rave reviews this anime has been getting earns this anime a place in our Netflix Anime 2019 list.

Netflix Anime 2019

6. Revisions

Release Date: May 14th, 2019

Makoto Fukami and Taichi Hashimoto wrote this upcoming Netflix original. This is an entirely original series in the sense that it doesn’t borrow any storyline from any manga. This show airs in Japan before it comes to Netflix.

Plot: Second-year high school student Daisuke Toujima was kidnapped when he was a young child. Complicated in a remarkable phenomenon called the Shibuya Drift, he and his childhood friends Gai, Ru, Marimari, and Keisaku were transported to the center of Shibuya. They have drifted over three hundred years into the future. The world they once knew has changed. What is in store for them is ravaged buildings, wilderness, and the Revisions. The Revisions are a robot species determined on killing anything. Now they have a responsibility to Shibuya. Can they rescue the city? Will Daisuke be able to return home to his indigenous time? We’ll see.

The plot indicates a certain uncertainty that intrigues us. I mean, who doesn’t like an old fashioned storyline.

7. Kakegurui (Season Two)

Release Date: June 19th, 2019

Fans have been raving about the first season with so much excitement. They are very happy to know that it is returning with a second season. The edgy take on gambling made this series popular.

Plot: In the private educational institution of Hykakkaou, what does it take to get into the academy? It isn’t your athletic capacity or the educational expertise that gets you into the school. It’s your ability to analyze your opponent and to annihilate them in a game of Poker or Black Jack. When new-to-the-game Yumeko Jabami enters the school, she trembles the very understructures of it to its core. This happens as she teaches the students what it means to be a real gambler.

Considering the impact season one had on its viewer’s, fans are longing to watch this sequel. And the concept of creating conflict via gambling is very fresh.

Netflix Anime 2019

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Release Date: June 21st, 2019

This franchise revolutionized anime in the 90s. As of 2015, the franchise has made $6 billion. It had a great cultural significance on the industry.

Plot: In the year 2015, The world is on the brink of ruination. The ‘Second Impact’ conducts a worldwide catastrophe. Shinji Ikari changes everyone’s life forever. His father had called him. Gendou, the father of Shinji, is the head of Nerv. Nerv is a corporation that uses mechas called Evangelions to fight alien scum. Shinji is taken to the depths of the organization. He is allowed to take control of Evangelion Unit-01. With the future of the whole world on their shoulders, Shinji and Nerv must come together to defeat their enemies.

This is a classic. Fans of this masterpiece will want to watch it in its remastered glory. And new viewers will finally get a reason to check this series out and see if it is actually worth the hype.

9. Seven Seeds

Release Date: June 2019

This anime is based on the manga of the same name. Yumi Tamura created it. The manga series began in 2001 and ended in May of 2017. Thirty-five volumes consisting of one hundred and seventy-seven chapters were released. It’ll roughly take two seasons to cover the manga overall.

Plot: A disastrous event erases all life on Earth. This happens in the not so distant future. Since the government envisions this event, they come up with a plan. They choose five groups of people. Each group has seven young men and women. They made to sleep in a cryogenic chamber. After the cataclysmic event, they are separated into teams and are pushed into the disastrous world.

The post-apocalyptic theme is the new trend. And this series capitalizes on that very theme with the promise of some quality twists.

10. Forest of Piano (Season Two)

Release Date: August/September 2019

The fans welcomed the first season with open arms and appreciated it. However, the fans criticized the CGI. The series has already begun in Japan and will end in April.

Plot: The show revolves around two boys. Kai Inchinose is a child genius and Shuhei Amamiya is a piano student. Kai bolts away from his home at night to practice piano. He resides in the red light district. He desires to better himself in the forest at night. The mean kids at school provoke Shuhei to play the piano in the forest. Here he meets Kai and befriends him. Only Kai is able to play the piano in the forest. Shuhei is moved by seeing this and requests Kai to take piano lessons. Kai refuses to take classes as he wants to master his own technique. He does this even after even after getting the respect of Master Pianist Sosuke Ajino. Sosuke is Shuhei’s teacher. Only after listening to Sosuke play a piece from Chopin that he himself cannot play, Kai begins to surrender himself.

A musical involving an arrogant prodigy and a kind teacher is a classic story. We are excited to see how differently they handle this age-old story. And fans of the first season will naturally catch up with the follow-up season. This classic story deserves a place in our Netflix Anime 2019 list.

Netflix Anime 2019

11. Kengen Ashura

Release Date: July/August/September 2019

The manga is based on gladiators. The manga became an instant classic when it was released in 2012. The anime promises to be savage when it comes to combat. It is based on the manga of the same name.

Plot: Tokita Ashura participates in a gladiator fight. It is a very ancient tradition that is in practice since the Edo periods of Japan. Tokita uses his glorious fighting skills to destroy his enemies in do-or-die matches. He is on the radar of huge businessmen and the head of the Nogi group, Nogi Hideki.

Who doesn’t love gladiators? The promise of a bloody and faithful adaptation of a beloved manga is enough to get us excited.

Netflix Anime 2019

12. Carole and Tuesday

Release Date: September 2019

The music of this anime is being produced by Flying Dog, a Japanese record label. Flying Dog has given us some great songs for other anime titles and has signed some good performers as well. Netflix will Stream Carole and Tuesday in Japan first. The show begins on April 10th and hoping it has 13 episodes, it’ll end on July 3rd. so we can expect a worldwide release in September of 2019.

Plot: In the near future, humanity populates Mars. Fifty years after the colonization, humanity is practicing a new age culture designed by Artificial Intelligence. Two girls who yearn to become musicians meet each other due to a pivotal confrontation. Soon they begin to create a change with their music which they themselves did not think of.

Out of all the anime in this list, only this one has a pleasant tone to it. People looking for an anime with high musical production value should definitely check this out. Watch out for the killer songs.

Netflix Anime 2019

13. Knights of the Zodiacs: Saint Seiya

Release Date: Summer 2019

The Saint Seiya franchise is hugely popular in Japan. It is a franchise that has been around for thirty-six years now. Masami Kurumada wrote this. Based on the source material, there are many spin-offs, games, and movies. This is a huge jackpot for Netflix and this shows that they are serious about anime in general.

Plot: This story is about a ragamuffin with the name Seiya. Seiya is compelled to go to a bolthole in Greece. The bronze cloth belonging to the Pegasus constellation is to be retrieved by Seiya. Athena and her eighty-eight warriors wore that cloth as a defensive garment. The eighty-eight warriors were called the Saints. Soon Seiya transforms himself into a Pegasus Saint. He begins the search for his lost sister.

The legacy of this franchise alone is enough to get us excited about this. From what we see in the trailers, the CGI is stunning and we can’t wait to see our favorite characters in our home. Being one of the most beloved franchises of all time, this easily takes a place in our Netflix Anime 2019 list.

Netflix Anime 2019

14. Levius

Release Date: Winter 2019

Plot: Devices driven by steam are common in the near future. Due to the technology that combines human bodies to machines, cyber-boxing is insanely famous. These brawls attract a young man named Levius. After all, this is his fate. But his skills are what will decide on his future.

This “Real Steel” like plot seems to expand on the moralities and concepts tossed in the movie. Since it will most probably be a twelve episode series, we hope to get fleshed out characters. And we also expect them to build on whatever Real Steel couldn’t.

15. Aggretsuko

Release Date:  TBA 2019

Aggretsuko is a Netflix Original. The show is about a lonely, twenty-five-year-old humanlike red Panda called Retsuko. Rarecho wrote and directed this show

Plot: The show is about the everyday life of Retsuko as an accountant. Retsuko works in a Japanese company. She has to deal with her sexist bosses and nasty colleagues. Retsuko does so by letting her emotions out through death metal at a community karaoke bar. She visits the bar often. After five years, she befriends the personal assistant of the CEO and director of the company’s marketing team. Is this the gap she needs to eventually better her work life?

The plot is so over-the-top and funny. The success of the first season will draw in a lot of people. The absurdity of the plot will bring in a lot of viewers out of curiosity. The outlandish plot makes us want to watch it. And for that very reason, this grabs a place in our Netflix Anime 2019 list.

Netflix Anime 2019

16. B: The Beginning

Release Date: TBA 2019

This is a Netflix original suspense drama. Production I.G produces it. The first season was a grand hit. Kazuto Nakazawa is the director of the anime.

Plot: Advanced technology rules the world. Illegal act and action plague Cremona. Cremona is a nation with a group of islands. Koku is our hero and Keith is a fabled investigator of the royal police force RIS. A peculiar criminal corporation is at play here. An array of characters race through the secure city as it is troubled by B, the serial killer, and other crimes.

This is one of the most successful Netflix originals. The plot is so intriguing. Each character in season one gets their time to shine. People expect the same type of finesse with which the first season was made. And we too can’t wait to know the next chapter of this gritty anime.

With this, we have reached the end of the Netflix 2019 anime list. Check out our Best Horror Anime, Best Tragically Sad Anime and Best Sports Anime lists to find out more anime that you can enjoy.

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