Net Neutrality : Its Importance And Why You Should Be Aware Of It

Net neutrality

Net neutrality

2018 is almost upon us in a few months, and Net Neutrality has gained importance the past few months. But why, exactly? Why is it so important? And why should we be aware of it? Nowadays, if you go to any website or social media platforms, you hear the word ‘net neutrality‘. So perhaps, we should give it some notice and try to understand it. I’ll be explaining it the best I can today 😊 A small article on Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality : What Is It?

Net neutrality

It is more of a principle, where people believe that internet service providers must treat all internet data the same. They should not charge differently simply on the basis of different content, users or any other such factors.

In simpler words, when you go online, you expect to connect with others freely, without any restrictions. See, the internet is a supposed to be a free place that connects people and provides them information. The control of what you do lies with you, that is what you expect. You expect net neutrality. You expect that noone is messing up the data.

So if that is taken away, what happens? 😕 Whatever has been happening since before now was net neutrality. It stops Internet Service Providers ( eg. Comcast, Verizon ) from playing around with the content you see. That is, blocking it, slowing it or speeding up the contents, sites or apps you use.

In conclusion, it is the sole right that preserves our freedom to online communication.

A World Without Net Neutrality

Its basically a world in shackles. We cannot live without the internet anymore. Any or all the information we receive is taken from a plethora of sites, social media or our good old wikipedia. Take that away, and you restrict a person his freedom on the internet, his right to know. We become socially aware throught the internet, for crying out loud! If companies like Verizon or Comcast decide which content they should block just because they call they shots, it wouldn’t really be freedom in a sense. Just like you don’t want someone deciding your life, similarly, most of us don’t want someone else to decide what we view.

Well, its not just that, it suppresses a person’s voice, thus, maybe suppressing various online movements too. Its pretty much something you don’t want gone. Furthermore, any online business start ups would have to stand back, for they are entirely dependant on this. A lot of people are dependant on net neutrality, regardless of the gravity of the situation.

So why the sudden outcry?

Ajit Pai : His Intentions

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, proposed in April to remove the 2015 net neutrality rules. He wants to give broadband service providers power concerning content access.

According to him, this would remove any heavy-handed internet regulations. It would let internet service providers give treatment to some sites and allow them to favor their digital content. The voting for this will take place on December 14, 2017. Very close, indeed.

Many people didn’t see his purpose, thus leading to various movements, online as well as in flesh, people have even started an online protest ( check it out here if you wish ).

So what are your thoughts about net neutrality? Do you support the masses, or believe otherwise? Please comment below, and let me know your views 😊


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