Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy is set to launch for Nintendo Switch


Date: 26/02/2018

On this Monday the 13th issue of the Weekly Shounen Magazine announced the release of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy. Bandai Namco will be releasing the game for Nintendo Switch.  The game will feature Storm 1,2, and 3 with some updates and upgrades.  Although there will not be any new combat moves or anything like that. The game will be enhanced graphically and will include most of the DLCs from the games included in the bundle.  I have played 1 and 2 but I think I will get the bundle and replay the first two.

I like Naruto and watched it twice. It’s not the best anime out there for sure. However, it was enjoyable to watch. It does have its ups and downs. But it is popular for a reason. Playing the game lets you get more into it. I mean, watching something is good. But when you get yourself into the game and play you feel a different perspective. You are the one who has to fight. Even though it is not real, it is still exciting to get into the shoes of one of the characters. That is also why I’m looking forward to One Piece World Seeker.

About Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy

Last July in Japan, the game has been released for PS4. Since then many reviews and gameplays have been posted on youtube. You can easily find them and see for yourself if you want to get this bundle for Nintendo. However, I do know I will be getting one. One thing I noticed a lot of people are saying that the bundled game is slower a bit than the originals.  The game will be running at 30 FPS for all the three games.  There are a few modes in which the game will be running, TV Mode, Handheld Mode and Table Mode. The Table and Handheld Mode will run at 960×450 resolution, while the TV mode will run at 1600×900.  The game is set to release on April 26th. But if you can’t wait you can buy Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy for PS4 Reviews by LTR Magazine.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy - Naruto Rasengan

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy – Naruto Rasengan

Naruto Interesting Fact:

Naruto’s favorite ramen shop “Ichiraku” exists in real life

To be honest I’d love to visit the ramen shop and eat some ramen there. I bet the shop got a lot more popular when Naruto got released. I wonder how they are doing now. If I ever go to Japan, I will try to locate it and go grab some ramen, hopefully.

Neji’s forehead marks are different in the anime and manga

It would seem Neji’s forehead mark was changed in the anime. Apparently, the manga featured a swastika on his forehead. And of course, the mass media considered it to be too Nazi.  With the association with Nazis, the symbol was changed to X. Pretty lame in my opinion. The swastika looks much more badass.

Question for the fans:

So if you are a fan of Naruto. I got a question for you.  Now if you have not finished the series I would suggest you avoid this question. Even though Naruto and Sasuke’s fight ends up as a tie. Who do you think would honestly win. Because we could clearly see that Naruto did not want to kill Sasuke. But we don’t know if Sasuke wanted to kill him either. I’ll be looking forward to the answer.  If you enjoyed reading this you might enjoy reading about YS VIII: Lacrimose which is coming soon to Nintendo Switch. Games



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