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Updated on: 02/09/2022

Shipping fictional characters or real people (but of course, in a fictional setting) has always been the tradition in any fandom. If you look up the definition of shipping, Google will provide you with a one-liner which boxes the act of shipping into a boundary- and that is a romantic one. But what if I told you, shipping isn’t always about a romantic connection? This article will explore some of the ships in My Hero Academia and see how this holds true.

Nowadays, you will find at least more than a dozen ships from any anime, and you might wonder- why? Two characters who barely interacted for three scenes are suddenly having fanarts and fanfictions being dedicated to them. To someone new to the shipping culture in general, it might seem absurd, but that’s only if you keep yourself boxed in the general definition of ‘shipping.’ Sometimes what matters isn’t always the romantic connection but the potential there is in between the interesting and fun dynamic of two characters.

That is exactly the same for the 20 ships that we will cover from one of the most popular anime, My Hero Academia. Let’s look at them, shall we?

Top 20 My Hero Academia Ships

All Might X Midoriya Inko

20. All Might X Midoriya Inko

Coming at 20 is one of my favorite non-controversial My Hero Academia ships – All Might X Inko, or Toshinko in short. Fans couldn’t help but notice the potential that lay between Midoriya Izuku’s mentor and hero All Might and his mother, Midoriya Inko. While the story has mentioned in passing that Izuku’s father is quite well and alive and very much married to Inko, it doesn’t stop fans from imagining that the two of them would make a hell of a couple.

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Tokoyami X Tsuyu

19. Tokoyami X Tsuyu

Remember when I said that characters don’t have to interact much for fans to ship them together? Well, Tokoyami and Tsuyu, or TokoTsuyu, is one such pairing. Their quirks are based on animal characteristics- a frog for Tsuyu and a bird for Tokoyami. This ship gained momentum during the test to team up and fight their teacher, Ectoplasm. Showing a stable presence of mind, both of them worked together effectively, pulling out the best of each other’s quirks. Seeing their teamwork, it’s no rocket science to figure out why fans have started shipping them together.

Kirishima X Mina

18. Kirishima X Mina

This ship, also known as KiriMina, has gotten a lot of positive reactions from the series’s fans. One of the few popular heterosexual ships from the anime, KiriMina, started going strong when it was revealed that the two of them went to the same middle school. Their past encounter with a villain left Kirishima unsure about himself. But only Mina is privy to this, and she supports him in her own way. Their familiarity with each other, coupled with the way they silently support each other, maybe one of the reasons why this ship has gained some popularity. They’re also both a part of what is popularly known as the Bakusquad.

Kaminari X Jirou

17. Kaminari X Jirou

Kaminari and Jirou have gained popularity as a potential couple following the recent manga chapters and the anime adaptation. Shortened as KamiJirou, this ship has received a lot of positive interest during the anime’s first season. At the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, they worked really well together as a team to defeat villains. Furthermore, in the recent manga chapters, we can see that Kaminari holds Jirou in high regard. When Midnight asks Kaminari to think about the ones he holds dear to his heart, we see a panel with Jirou. These little moments have solidified the legitimacy of this ship. Moreover, it is always fun to see Jirou teasing Kaminari yet getting flustered when he encourages her in her passion for music. This is one special musical My Hero Academia Ships.

Endeavor X Hawks

16. Endeavor X Hawks

If we talk about a ship that started as a spark and gained popularity in the shortest amount of time, it would have to be EndHawks. This ship is quite new to the My Hero Academia ships list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not gaining momentum every minute.

A few fanarts and fanfictions started popping around the time Hawks was introduced in the manga. The chemistry further strengthened this they exhibited during the Pro Hero arc and the Endeavor Agency arc. Perhaps one of the most iconic quotes that cemented this ship into the hearts of many is from Hawks himself when he says, “Endeavor! You see, I… I’ve always been watching you, so I know. There wasn’t a single person who was seriously trying to surpass him… other than you. You were the only one. I’ll add my speed to your firepower! I’ll give you the push on the back you need, Number One! ”

Iida X Ochako

15. Iida X Ochako

Iida and Ochako don’t enjoy as much popularity as some couples in this list, but they are still a solid pairing, according to some. They are part of the Dekusquad, Izuku Midoriya’s best friends, and their mutual trust and understanding solidify their bond further. When Ochako was shy talking about her personal motives behind trying to become a hero, it was Iida who wholeheartedly supported her and gave her confidence. Their camaraderie is what gives them the potential to be a strong couple.

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Bakugou X Camie by Armored Leo

14. Bakugou X Camie

The pairing of Bakugou Katsuki and Camie Utsushimi enjoys some popularity, despite them interacting for only a few chapters. What surprised fans the most was how Camie didn’t seem to mind Bakugou’s brash attitude during the Provisional Hero License Training Arc. She was the only one who made him burst out laughing with her illusion of Todoroki. Fans look forward to more BakuCamie in the future if the two schools, UA and Shiketsu, work together. This is one hot My Hero Academia Ship, isn’t it?

my hero academia ships
Uraraka X Himiko by hk

13. Uraraka X Himiko

The femslash ship between Uraraka and Himiko has been seen by many as problematic due to Himiko being a villain. However, it still enjoys some popularity, being the second most written ship about Himiko Toga. For some time, one of the popular theories was that Uraraka was the UA traitor. This eventually helped popularize this pairing within a certain niche of the fandom.

Todoroki X Momo

12. Todoroki X Momo

TodoMomo is probably the second most popular of My Hero Academia ships among the fandom. It is just behind IzuOcha (which we will get to soon) in terms of popularity from the majority; however, it isn’t free from hate. In terms of chemistry, there’s no lacking of that in between the two of them. Both come from prestigious Hero families, being admitted to UA High through scholarship. They didn’t interact much throughout Season 1, but they are paired together during the End of Term Test Arc in Season 2. While facing off their teacher, Momo’s inner conflicts and self-confidence issues come to the surface. But with the help of Todoroki’s faith in her, she overcomes her insecurities.

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Uraraka X Tsuyu

11. Uraraka X Tsuyu

The femslash ship between Uraraka and Tsuyu, also known as TsuChako, is the second most popular femslash in the fandom, right after MomoJirou. Both Uraraka and Tsuyu are compassionate, and their close friendship is based on mutual trust and respect. They’re quite strong characters on their own, and as a pairing, they complement each other nicely.

Kirishima X Kaminari

10. Kirishima X Kaminari

The slash pairing between Eijirou Kirishima and Denki Kaminari is a popular ship in the fandom. Fans who ship MomoJirou and BakuDeku are the ones who support this more than anyone. But they have a faithful following of their own. Kirishima and Kaminari are close friends. They enjoy a good amount of screentime, giving fans a chance to see their chemistry. During the Provisional License Exam, they worked together to defeat one of the students from Shiketsu High. KiriKami ranks within the top 10 of the number of fanfics written about them in Archive of Our Own (AO3).

my hero academia ships
Momo X Jirou

09. Momo X Jirou

Dubbed the most popular femslash ship in the entire fandom, MomoJirou has been going strong ever since Season 1. During the USJ Arc, they worked together as a team and have a strong bond between them. They’ve usually been portrayed as opposites in personality- Momo is rich, sophisticated, shy, and graceful, whereas Jirou comes from a more simple background, is loud and assertive. Together, they make up for each other’s shortcomings and are the perfect power couple in fanfics.

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Dabi X Hawks by Elentori

08. Dabi X Hawks

Another ship very new to the fandom, DabiHawks has gained some popularity after it was revealed that Hawks worked as a double agent. Their ship name might catch everyone’s eyes more- from Hot Wings, Bacon Bird, to Friend Chicken, fans have come up with quite a few interesting names. This stems from the possibility of Dabi burning Hawks with his fire quirk, turning him into ‘roast chicken’. Fan artists and writers have depicted Their relationship as a hero/villain trope, where Hawks is Dabi’s ‘savior’.

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Bakugou X Uraraka

07. Bakugou X Uraraka

In Season 2 of My Hero Academia, the fandom started shipping Bakugou and Uraraka as a potential ship, throwing it into the limelight after their battle in the Sports Festival Arc. Many spectators, and even most of their friends, criticized Bakugou for taking his fight with a girl too far. But he was the only one who didn’t see her as some frail heroine. Bakugou gave her his full respect as an opponent, never lowering his guard. In fact, Uraraka came very close to defeating him, but due to his fast reflexes, Bakugou managed to win the round.

While Kacchako enjoys some popularity, it is also the target of hate from many, with fans seeing their dynamic as ‘abusive.’ But that’s a term that has always associated with Bakugou as some can’t seem to get over his past behavior. Whatever reason they may have to hate on the ship, there is no doubt that the Kacchako shippers provide some high-quality fanarts and fanfictions.

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Midoriya X Uraraka

06. Midoriya X Uraraka

Midoriya Izuku and Uraraka Ochako are the main couple of My Hero Academia, probably the only one with the highest probability of becoming canon in the future. They started off as good friends from the very first day of the Entrance Exams at UA. Midoriya risked his life and admission chance, to the school of his dreams because he saved Uraraka from the giant 0 pointer robot. This prompted Uraraka to request the teachers at UA to give Midoriya another chance. Thus their friendship began.

Uraraka has growing feelings for Midoriya but has chosen to keep her feelings until she reaches her goal. Meanwhile, Midoriya can be seen to sometimes blush and stutter in front of Uraraka. So we can presume he has at least some form of budding romantic interest in her.

my hero academia ships
Bakugou X Todoroki

05. Bakugou X Todoroki

Also known as TodoBaku/BakuTodo, this ship dynamic skyrocketed after Bakugou and Todoroki’s one-on-one battle at the UA Sports Festival Arc. This further solidified during the Provisional Hero License Training Arc, where the two had to spend a lot of time together away from their usual group of classmates. Bakugou sees Todoroki as his rival, while the latter most likely sees Bakugou as a hot-headed classmate. But despite their clashing every time they’re together, fans have found they are dynamic interesting enough to ship them together. The most common trope for this ship is the enemies to lovers.

my hero academia ships
Eraserhead X Present Mic by Ferkashi

04. Eraserhead X Present Mic

The slash ship between Eraserhead (Shota Aizawa) and Present Mic (Hizashi Yamada) enjoys a lot of popularity from all fandom sides. Aizawa and Yamada had been classmates at UA. Despite their stark contrast in personalities, they get along very well. After Shirakumo’s death, Yamada stayed beside Aizawa, making sure to try his best to pull him out of the pain. Fans have shipped them together because of the ‘old married couple’ vibe they give out every time they are together.

my hero academia ships
Midoriya X Todoroki

03. Midoriya X Todoroki

On AO3, the Midoriya X Todoroki tag occupies the third most written ship of the fandom. A vast majority of the fandom loves to pair these two together because of their noble personalities. TodoDeku also gained momentum during Season 2 when Todoroki told Midoriya about his past and vowed to defeat him. During Todoroki’s fight with Sero at the Sports Festival, Midoriya could see that Todoroki was sad and wanted to help him. Midoriya might be the first true friend that Todoroki ever had, making the ship even more popular.

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Bakugou X Kirishima

02. Bakugou X Kirishima

KiriBaku is the second most popular ship on AO3, with over 18800 works. This isn’t a surprise, given how popular this ship is within the fandom. Their dynamic is somewhat similar to EraserMic if Aizawa was a hotheaded teenager instead. Bakugou might not be an easy person to be a friend of, but that doesn’t deter Kirishima. He considers Bakugou to be ‘manly,’ and even Bakugou has huge respect for Kirishima, seeing him as his equal. Coming from Bakugou, that is the highest respect anyone can hope for. Their closeness can be seen in the fact that Bakugou tutors Kirishima and even cheers him up (in his own way) whenever Kirishima is sad or doubts his own abilities.

my hero academia ships
Bakugou X Midoriya

01. Bakugou X Midoriya

With more than 20,890 fanfics dedicated to the slash pair of Bakugou and Midoriya, there’s no doubt which ship dominates over this fandom. Surprisingly, this is the opposite of the fandom scenery during early 2016. This ship has seen its ups and downs in the fandom, with the general population seeing it as toxic. With Bakugou’s history of bullying Midoriya during their childhood, BakuDeku wasn’t seen in a positive light for a long time. However, with the animation of Deku vs. Kacchan 2 in Season 3, the ship saw a boost in popularity.

Bakugou and Midoriya have a lot of complicated history. They have known each other since elementary school, middle school, and high school. Their lack of communication only resulted in misunderstandings. This became apparent when they were paired up to fight All Might in their final exam. From Season 2, we get to see them slowly starting to try to understand each other. BakuDeku has its foundation in character growth and forgiveness, thereby making it an instant favorite in both the Eastern and Western halves of the fandom.

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Which My Hero Academia ships did you like? Tell us more in the comments below. Anything we missed?

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