Movies are a great form of entertainment. We love to watch them with friends and family or at times alone. Find articles related to film reviews or the gossip about the upcoming ones. Moreover, highly acclaimed films of the past from countries allover the world are very much welcomed.

“Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” ― Audrey Hepburn

“Give them pleasure. The same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.”  ― Alfred Hitchcock

“Certain things leave you in your life and certain things stay with you. And that’s why we’re all interested in movies- those ones that make you feel, you still think about. Because it gave you such an emotional response, it’s actually part of your emotional make-up, in a way.”
Tim Burton, Burton on Burton

“We love films because they makes us feel something. They speak to our desires, which are never small. They allow us to escape and to dream and to gaze into the eyes that are impossibly beautiful and huge. They fill us with longing. But also. they tell us to remember; they remind us of life. Remember, they say, how much it hurts to have your heart broken.”
Nina LaCour, Everything Leads to You

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Is it a Christmas movie? Is it a Halloween movie?  is yet to be answered, but that doesn’t stop me from watching it on Hallow’s Eve and Christmas Eve. A very important date is upon us and a true lover knows what’s it all about. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare

Debate: Did the Minions movie go banana?

Banana! Something often heard in the Minions movie. Could it have been its predicament?  Last week, I have finally seen the Minions movie. It was very exciting to finally get to watch this masterpiece after hundreds of years waiting for the arrival. Been a fan since the 90’s, gotta say, a very original piece of

Goon: Last of the Enforcers


Synopsis Doug “The Thug” Glatt (Seann William Scott) puts on his skates and takes another for the team. He must reclaim his career from the ashes to take back his title of ‘King of the Rink’ as he fights to keep his family life and career from slipping on thin ice whilst battling against arch nemesis