Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate coming to Nintendo Switch in August

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate comes to the west

Capcom just announced the release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. Known in Japan as “Monster Hunter XX,” the 3DS-exclusive title was released only in Japan. The title was re-released for Nintendo Switch, in Japan, late last year. Today, however, Capcom announced that the title will be coming to the west this summer. Earlier in 2018, Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto hinted at the possibility of localizing more Capcom games in the west. Despite the heavy demand for Monster Hunter: World to come to Nintendo Switch, it seems unlikely. “However, taking into account various conditions, bringing Monster Hunter: World now for release is difficult,” Tsujimoto said. “The reason is that the Switch has different functions from other stationary consoles as well as different players.” Check out the trailer for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate here.

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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate # Trailer

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From its January 2018 release, Monster Hunter World became Capcom’s all-time best-selling title. Coming from the company who, in over 30 years, developed hits like Mega Man and Resident Evil, this achievement was nothing short of monumental. In its own right Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Generations received an 86 and an 85 on Metacritic, respectively. The series already has a large following on Nintendo systems. 3DS fans will surely find themselves at home on Nintendo’s latest console. Perhaps Capcom will look into the localization of more titles in the future. For now, check out Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate when it releases August 28, 2018 for Nintendo Switch!

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