Check Out This Hot New Mob Psycho Season 2 Key Visual!


Date: 09/12/2018

A hot new and you could also say a bit funky Mob Psycho season 2 key visual has just been released. And it’s graphics are looking rather intriguing. In the last news, we heard about the release date for Mob Psycho and also had a teasing visual to look at. As compared to the previous visual, the new one only focuses on a few main characters. Such as Reigen (who’s holding some mushrooms),  concerned Mob (good for memes), and Dimple who probably photobombed his way into the poster.

Mob Psycho Season 2 Key Visual

The visuals make me even more excited for Mob Psycho season 2. Which is actually not farm from being released, we only have a month left before we can see the exciting new season. And I am sure that you are as excited as I am about it.

Another great anime that I am looking forward to in the winter season is Kakegurui XX (second season). Speaking of the winter anime, stay tuned for our winter anime guide, we’ll make sure to recommend some really good shows

Christmas is approaching which means holiday season. And for me, that means a lot of blogging and anime on my daily menu.  Really excited for some binge-watch weekends. What about you, what will you be doing for the holidays?

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About Mob Psycho

For those who have not been introduced yet to this series. And have randomly came across this post about Mob Psycho 100 2nd season. Here is some general information about the anime. Description by Funimation.

Kageyama Shigeo (a.k.a. Mob) is an 8th grader with powerful psychic abilities. Working under his not-so-capable master, Reigen, Mob uses his powers to exorcise evil spirits. But his will to be normal causes him to suppress his powers and feelings until he hits 100 percent — a point where his pent-up emotions are unleased and a darker power takes over.

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