Dog Vs Cat

Dog and Cat

Yahallo! What’s this? What topic have you clicked on? A Dog or a Cat?!?! Oh my, believe it or not, people literally fight over this topic. Yes, breaking friendships over this childish topic is common.

So anyways, unlike my usual threads, I’ll go for this topic, as a simple bumper thread. I have had both animals as pets, so I have a small idea of how they are.

Its Raining Cats And Dogs!

Dog and Cat

A playful shot taken of a cat and a dog

Cats and Dogs, two of the most domesticated animals in the world, statistics show that dogs are more domesticated than cats worldwide ( hope this is a reliable source ).

USA being the country having most domestications of cats and dogs. Hungary being the least for dogs, and Czech being the least for cats.


Common Catastrophe

Green eyed Cat

Long haired cat

Pros And Cons Of Cats


Low Maintenance – Unlike Dogs, cats can be taken care of easily. Yes, they are also the cleanest animals ever, doing their business in litter boxes and stuff, they are fastodious. So affordable to keep.

Pest Control – Mice? Small pests? Cats were originally domesticated for the above reasons. They make good pest controllers, without the annoying smoke machines >.<

Entertaining – Cats, especially kittens, are pretty silly and enjoyable to look at as they go about their antics.

Portable – All cats are small and are easy to keep as pets in small apartments, problem with dogs, only few species are that small 🙁


Shedding – Cats tend to shed a lot of hair,
and I am sure cat owners can agree with me on this one x(

Sharp Claws – Cats have extremely sharp claws which can be very harmful physically and economically ( Wooden Furniture e.e )

Medical Problems – Cats carry a certain type of allergen that can cause blindness, and something similar which is found in their excreta which can cause deformities in child when born ( If females handle the litter box ). Of course, vaccines are available.

Lords Of The Underworld – Cats believe they are the lords of the underworld, I.e. They don’t listen to any shit you say. Basically you are their pets.

Dog Days

German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd dog

Pros And Cons Of Dogs


Empathy – You know? Dogs can sense your mood and really help you improve it. They get how you feel, and they will try to make you happy. A good point.

Loyalty – A major plus point. Dogs are Man’s best friends, and I dare you to deny it. They stick with you 🙂

Entertaining – Just like the Cat Pro, it applies to Dogs. Puppies are cute and very hilarious >.< Like a baby ;D

Useful – Yes, to some people, mostly people who are alone, dogs are of great help. Dogs are used as seeing eye dogs and specially trained in K-9 units too!


Walks – Unlike Cats, you have to walk your dog everyday, in order to keep them fit. Or to take them out to do their business.

Hyperactive – Cats are lazy, yes. Dogs on the other hand will keep you active with them, whether you like it or not.

High Maintenance – When you get a dog, its not just the dog, but also its toys, vaccines, food, leashes and other stuff. Of course, depends from type of dog.

Attention – Yes, dogs require a lot of attention, and they will give it back as well. Unlike cats who don’t care unless food is concerned. Loyalty may be a pro, but its also a con.

So there you go! The pros and con’s of Dogs And Cats. You can skim through this topic, most points are what we know.


1. What do you prefer? Cats Or Dogs?
2. Of course, Why? Is there a specific reason?
3. Any points you would love to add?
4. Do you own one?

Other Pets

1. Which pet is your favorite?
2. Why? Why do you think they are better than cats or dogs?
3. Do you own them?

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