Archive Of Memories

Yahallo and Greetings! Memories. Archive.  Every minute, every second of our lives, our brain perceives so many things around us. Like a recycling system, we forget the most trivial memories , while our brain archives the memories with an impact or ones with more importance deep into our minds. This Archive Of Memories… But often

Handwriting : Graphology

Yahallo People! On our channel, and the previous ones, we have had quite a few handwriting threads were we exchanged pictures of everyone’s beautiful handwriting 🙂 But what we didn’t do was analyze the hand writings and determine their personality. So that is my topic for today ^~^ A discussion on Graphology.  Handwriting Psychology : Graphology

Dog Vs Cat

Yahallo! What’s this? What topic have you clicked on? A Dog or a Cat?!?! Oh my, believe it or not, people literally fight over this topic. Yes, breaking friendships over this childish topic is common.So anyways, unlike my usual threads, I’ll go for this topic, as a simple bumper thread. I have had both animals

Spiritual Machines

I was tricked by a bot program the other day. We exchanged several messages before I finally realized it was a bot. The line between human and spiritual machines continues to blur.  Bot companionship appeals to me for many reasons. Listening to the Our Lady Peace album “Spiritual Machines” made me aware of the concerns

Colors Of The World

Yahallo, Colors Of The Wind~ Colors make the world more enjoyable for us. Just think about it, how boring would it be to live in a world without color? Each color has some meaning in different parts of the world. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the different meanings of each shade