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Updated on: 30/12/2023

Hello there dear readers, if you came across this, then I assume you have already heard about Megalo Box. It is currently a very popular anime, and there is only one more episode left until it is finished. Personally, I am a huge fan of Megalo Box and as such, I already changed my wallpaper to feature Gearless Joe and commemorate Megalo Box. But then, it hit me, that there are more fans out there that might be searching for the same thing I had a trouble finding. There are not many Megalo Box wallpapers out there despite its popularity. Luckily for you, I have already spent hours searching to find some good wallpapers. And to ease up your pain of searching I will compile this list of wallpapers that I could find. Some of them are taken directly from the anime, while some are fan made.

Top 10 Megalo Box wallpapers

Megalo Box wallpapers

10.  Megalo Box Sunrise

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The source of this picture is from Megalo Box itself, as I said previously it was pretty hard to find good fan-made wallpapers as there wasn’t many of them. However, I do think that this is a great cut from the anime, and I have personally used it as a wallpaper myself. Although it’s great it is a bit low resolution and does not really fit big screens so it might be better to skip ahead.


Megalo Box wallpapers

09. Joe with Gear

Another one sourced directly from the anime, and I gotta say I did use this one for quite some time when Megalo Box first started airing. You can read my Megalo Box review if you’re interested.


Megalo Box wallpapers

08. Megalo Box Official Wallpaper

This is just a plain official Megalo Box wallpaper, however, I do think it can look great if you know a bit of editing, you can make your own wallpaper with this. Or if you like having a white background, then this wallpaper is a definite hit for you. (


Megalo Box wallpapers

07. Joe Billboard

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I could not find the source of this wallpaper, although, if the author finds this post, he can simply contact us and we will give the credits.


Megalo Box wallpaper

06. Mad Junk Dog

I found this wallpaper on a great website called ArtStation, you should definitely check it out, it has some great wallpapers and other unique art.  The credits for the image go to the author ArkerXX


Megalo Box wallpapers

05. Purple Dog

This is a great wallpaper to use if you are a fan of purple backgrounds, unfortunately, I was unable to find who the author of this wallpaper is. If anyone knows, please contact us, we want to give credits to amazing artists that give us such wonderful wallpapers.


Megalo Box wallpapers

04. Mad Dog

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Thanks to Penator from DeviantArt, we got this amazing artwork that looks really good for a wallpaper. What do you think, does Joe look a bit mad to you?


Megalo Box wallpapers

03. Not Dead Yet

Entering the top 3, in our Megalo Box wallpapers list is a fanart from DougMD that i randomly picked up on Deviantart. The wallpaper is very good, and I like clean wallpapers that are good for having a clear look at your desktop icons.


Megalo Box wallpapers

02. Digital Dog

This one definitely goes into one of my favorites, the background is good for displaying your icons and having good visibility while keeping that mysterious touch and badass vibes.  Credits for this wallpaper go to Aling from Pixiv.


01. Top Dog

I know I said I liked clean backgrounds for wallpapers, but for some reason I loved this wallpaper the most. Even though it completely messed up my desktop order. This great artwork was made by Morgy from DeviantArt. Now that we have finally compiled the list. Tell me, which wallpaper was your favorite?




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