Megalo Box season 2

Megalo Box season 2 – Will we ever get a sequel to Megalo Box?


Date: 01/07/2018

Hello there, we’ve had an interesting discussion on Megalo Box ending. Ever since Megalo Box finished, there have been talks of Megalo Box season 2.  There is a lot of possibilities that it might happen, but then again there are none. But before we get to that, you might want to check out this awesome Megalo Box wallpaper collection.  Megalo Box ended quite disappointingly, at least for me. You could call it a decent ending, although, it was not what everyone expected. If you read our Megalo Box ending analysis, you will see why everyone thought that Joe would die. And that would have been the perfect finish to commemorate Ashita no Joe.

Megalo Box season 2
Megalo Box Season 2 – Will it happen?


Since Megalo Box ending was quite disappointing for me, I would really love if Megalo Box season 2 happened. And I think there’s quite a big possibility that it might actually happen. Let’s go back to the origins of Megalo Box, it was made to commemorate Ashita no Joe and many other great anime classics. The main character of Ashita no Joe, Joe Yabuki died at the ending of the anime series. Everyone thought Joe would die too. Another reason for it to happen was the “Not Dead Yet” phrase that they kept throwing at us.

My theory for Megalo Box season 2 is that it might actually happen because of the “Not Dead Yet” phrase. It might have been a hidden meaning that the anime will get season 2. If such a thing where true, when could we expect it? Well, that is hard to say, to be honest, I would love if it happened soon. But there’s also the possibility it might never happen.  If it did happen, what would be the main purpose of the story? In season 2, it was all about getting to Yuri. And in the end, Yuri and Joe became good friends and dancing partners. Even though Yuri can’t dance anymore. Without some good reason for season 2, I don’t really know how they could pull it off. The only thing we can do now, waits, and relax with some Megalo Box official soundtracks.


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