MEGALO BOX Official Soundtrack

‘MEGALO BOX Official Soundtrack’ To Come Out in June, Pre-order Available Now


Date: 18/05/2018

If you’ve been following Megalo Box you already know that the series has an awesome soundtrack. Henceforth fans have a new reason to cheer. The Japanese release of the MEGALO BOX Official Soundtrack is to take place in June.  Megalo Box has been rocking the house lately, if you’re a fan you might be interested to see our Megalo Box ending analysis.  The anime has just ended and everyone was quite shocked, we were also wondering if there will ever be a Megalo Box season 2.

Update: MEGALO BOX Official Soundtrack is available for Pre-Order now on Apple music.

B: The Beginning 2nd season officially announced

MEGALO BOX Official Soundtrack

The MEGALO BOX Official Soundtrack will release on June 27, 2018. Produced by mabanua, the standard audio CD edition of the album includes 47 tracks. It features contributions from musicians such as COMA-CHI, DJ BAKU, Shingo Suzuki, Shingo Sekiguchi, Michael Kaneko, Kazuhiro Bessho (Yasei Collective), Yosuke Inoue (Turntable Films), and others. There’s also a digital ‘Complete Edition’ version of the album. It includes 12 additional tracks as a bonus.

MEGALO BOX Official Soundtrack 1



“Megalo Box” anime is an original anime in a futuristic cyberpunk setting. It is part of the 50th-anniversary celebration of “Ashita no Joe.” Ashita no Joe (author: Ikki Kajiwara and illustrator: Tatsuya Chiba) is the inspiration behind this new original anime Megalo Box. It is a story depicting the fate of the leading character – Junk Dog who sets himself on a dark underground ring as he sets it apart. TMS Entertainment will produce the series and the anime is currently being aired. 

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MEGALO BOX Official Soundtrack 2

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Currently, only one or two tracks are available on YouTube and we have to do with just that. Moreover, the background score has been amazing and it makes for a great viewing experience. I am sure that some of these tracks made it into the training music playlists of many. The music in the trailer itself caught the attention of the views that this might have a great OST. Well, it only tuned out to be damn right.

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Megalo Box OST – Main Theme

This is one such available track on YouTube.

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