Megalo Box Episode 9 Review – The Dead Flower Does Not Blossom


Date: 05/06/2018

It was quite the wait to get on and see Megalo Box Episode 9, however, it was finally released and I gotta say it thrilled me a lot. Megalo Box episode 8 and 7 built up greatly towards Megalo Box Episode 9.

So, what has happened in the previous episodes? After beating Araragi, Joe went on to what would probably be one of his last fights before entering Megalonia.  His fight against Shirato Mikio was about to determine his fate. However, Megalo Box Episode 7 ended up with a great cliffhanger. The music in the episode was amazing at the end. If you asked me, without the music and the way everything was animated it would not be the same excitement. You could see how well the scenes were cut, and the episode left you with a chill in the spine.

On the contrast to Megalo Box episode 7, Megalo Box episode 8 had shined a ray of hope upon the viewers once again. I wrote quite a big review of that episode actually. It went over 2k words, and it is probably one of the biggest episodic reviews I have ever written.  That’s how good the episode was if I was to explain it without using any spoilers. Although, these episodes were great, and the latest episode gave Joe a chance to fight back in the ring. Will Joe actually be able to enter Megalonia? Now that is a question that I have been asking myself.

Megalo Box has proven to be an unpredictable anime. Right when you think you have it figured out, it twists a bit and surprises you. It’s constantly giving me chills and excitement.

Megalo Box episode 9

Abuhachi watching Joe fighting Shirato

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The Dead Flower Does Not Blossom – Megalo Box Episode 9

Megalo Box Episode 9 kicks in right with Joe getting a beating from Mikio, it seems the fight has already started. And I actually love the fact they jumped straight into the fight without creating any breaks in between the scenes. The story pacing seems to be going at quite a speed, but yet, it’s still enjoyable enough and not too fast. We can see most of the support characters either cheering on Joe, watching TV broadcast of the match or listening to the live radio.

It seems everyone is excited to see how well will Gearless do against Shirato. Now that is also something that excites me quite a lot. And it seems that in the beginning, Joe is getting a lot of punches. He isn’t landing any, and he’s having quite a hard time. Somehow, don’t you think that Joe always ends up getting beaten up?

Just like Abuhachi shown in Megalo Box episode 9, I am also quite excited to see how this matchup will go.

Joe keeps getting beaten up pretty badly. However, regardless of it, he is not stopping. You can see the determination in his eyes to stand up. Just like Yuri said earlier, when an animal bites his teeth into you it won’t let go.

Joe’s representation of a stray-dog incorporates well into his style, and character. We actually saw Yuri with his dog as well, when Mikio asked him “which are you?”. It seems that Yuri is just like Joe, a real genuine boxer. Without a doubt, we can conclude that Joe will get into Megalonia somehow and that he will fight Yuri. The plot armor shall prevail. Although I have to say, the plot goal might have ended up predictable. However, the course leading towards it was quite unpredictable.

Megalo Box Episode 9

Joe beat up

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Who is the genuine article?

Now, this is a question that has been raised quite a lot of times, and it probably refers to real boxers. Not those who rely on their gears only. If we look at Mikio, we could say that he is not a genuine boxer. He is using the AI-gear that helps him fight. The gear was supposed to be flawed, however, Mikio perfected it to fight with Yuri.  The past model worked in a way of reading the electric signals of the opponent’s gear. Although that is good, it would not work against Joe, and probably not against Yuri since he has no time-lag. It is noted by Nanbu in the episode, how Mikio probably improved his gear. And now it has no flaws. Mikio’s gear can now read all of Joe’s attacks and easily counter them.

Is there a flaw in Shirato Mikios gear? I mean, it sounds too good to be real, and if it was this good. Why would have they chosen the other gear? That’s because Mikios gear has problems. You see, it has a lot of burden on his mental and physical state. To keep up with his AI gear, Mikio needs to synchronize his movements with the gear. And in the past, he had a lot of trouble, every time he went over 90 percent synchronization he felt into some shock. And then he had to take some drug, even though it was not really explained what it was that he was taking. Now that we know that Mikios gear has a flow, is there a chance for Joe to win? Who will actually get into Megalonia at the final one? Joe or Mikio?

Megalo Box episode 9

Mikio striking Joe

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Ace is me!

Megalo Box episode 9 so far has proven to be quite exciting, the match was good. And not too long, and now we see Mikio’s past revealed a bit more. I have to admit, he is scum. But, I still understand him as a character. He went through a lot, and he was even rejected by Yuri.

It seems Yuri was supposed to wear Mikio’s gear. When he asked him why he did not choose Ace as his gear. Yuri only noted how real boxers need to be able to control their fists. And I totally agree with him, however, it seems that there is something more to it than just gear. In Mikios case, he is presented as to having doubts about who he is. He has been following the moves of the gear for so long, he does not even know anymore if it’s his own moves or the AI.

During his fight with Joe, Mikio went to complete and full synchronization. Mikio really rampaged on Joe, and Joe took a beating. In the end, it finished with Joe being forced out of the ring with an uppercut. Something that was similar to one of Takamura’s fight in Hajime no Ippo. Oh yeah, and while we’re talking about Hajime no Ippo. I will compare Megalo Box and Hajime no Ippo once Megalo Box is finished.  Although Joe again took a beating, he still got back into the ring and was persistent to continue. He is not giving up this fight even if it means to end up at a hospital. Something that resembles Ippo.

Megalo Box episode 9

Joe Dropping his guard

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Drop your guard

Usually, the last thing you would do in a fight, is ironically what actually saved Joe from complete obliteration. Right when Mikio was getting into it with his gear, and pulverizing Joe. Joe decided to put his guard down, not doing any attacks, Mikios gear was unable to detect anything. And it brought forth a moment of confusion. With that, the round ended and Joe continues to deploy this tactic afterward. While he was in the corner talking to Nanbu, they agreed to go for one last counterpunch to kill off Mikio once and for all. It would be one punch that would decide the game. Who would have thought that such a weird tactic would actually work? But it did. Joe fought back by dropping his guard and dodging Mikios attacks waiting for that right moment to cross.

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Although Joe put his bet on Nanbus decision, in the end, Nanbu was wrong. Nanbu thought the final killing punch from Mikio would be coming from the left. However, it did not. And yet, Joe still managed to dodge it. His body acted on his own and he landed the perfect finishing blow to Mikio. This concluded the fight with Joe’s win. I’m really glad Joe won, he got beaten pretty badly and endured a lot. Plus, the anime could not continue if he did not win. After the fight, we could see Joe and everyone celebrating back in their boathouse. There was a lot of people drinking and celebrating the fact that Joe got into Megalonia. Everyone was quite happy, even though Nanbu was a bit uptight about the situation.

Megalo Box episode 9 fujimaki


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You are not the only ones .. scorpions who wanna close their eyes to their true nature, poisoned by the venom of dreams

– Ms. Fujimaki (in Megalo Box episode 9)

Sorry Mr. Nanbu, but the ride ends here. Those are the words that Fujimaki send right before the episode finished. Before that, we saw Nanbu telling him how he did not reveal anything to Joe or Sachiko yet. I wonder what could it be, we finally thought that Joe could get into Megalonia and fight against Yuri in the end. But now, we have another problem on our hand. As I said earlier, this anime always keeps on surprising me with more and more things. Overall, the episode was pretty great, the fight had decent animation, and the result was satisfying. Especially the ending, it gave me the chills and excitement to wait for Megalo Box episode 10.








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