Megalo Box episode 7 review, the road to death


Date: 22/05/2018

Megalo Box episode 6 was pretty intense, the battle between Aragaki and Joe left us wanting more. And now, we finally got more from it. Episode7 was exciting and shocking at the same time. If you’re reading this, I hope you already have seen the episode. Otherwise, you will just get spoiled. What happened in Megalo Box episode 7? Joe is one step closer to entering Megalonia, he only has 1 or 2 fights left. I can’t remember exactly how much. The tension is real because the opponents are as intimidating as ever. How will Joe face this great obstacle and enter Megalonia? Now that is a question I would like to get an answer to. The opponent Joe is about to face in Megalo Box episode 7 might be one of the most brilliant characters we have ever faced in the anime industry.

Megalo Box Episode 7

Mikio versus Sugar

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Megalo Box Episode 7 review

At the start of Megalo Box episode 7, we see Shirato Miki fighting a match with Suger R. Hill. Will the will of R let him win, or will Miki somehow prevail? Sachio and Nanbu commentator about the upcoming matchup. And state how they are totally ignoring Joe for the Megalonia picks. This match between Miki and Sugar will probably be the one to determine the last participant in Megalonia.  The ones who decide who enters Megalonia are mostly promoters. Meaning you could be ranked higher than someone else, and they might take the spot. I assume the promoters are mostly people that financially support this project.

Megalonia is open to anyone, with the exception of those who don’t use gear

They clearly stated that Joe won’t be able to participate without gear. But then, I wonder how will he enter. I mean the whole story is about him going into Megalonia. And then facing Yuri in the final fight, and probably winning. However, I wonder how will they get Joe into it, without using gear. And then, there comes the possibility that they will somehow manage to get their own gear. But then, it would go against the concept of “gearless” Joe. Nanbu said that Joe is in top shape. But when we look at his condition, we can clearly see that he is in no shape to fight anyone.

Megalo Box Episode 7

Injured Joe

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Joe versus Mikio

After winning his fight, Mikio throws a declaration of war to Joe. Even though he did not have to. Mikio had won against Sugar, and that gave him enough credit to be chosen by the promoters. Even the mass media was already calling him the definite last contestant. However, he then challenged Joe. Without winning against him, Mikio would have felt bad and couldn’t go into Megalonia. Has Joe’s luck finally turned better? All seems well, although Joe is injured. His injury might be a bit of a problem. Joe needs his rest to be able to fight against Mikio and his AI Gear. Mikios gear is pretty amazing, it reads the opponents moves and determines the best course of action. The gear is basically boxing on its own, now that’s some advanced technology.

It seems like there is some background story going on for the president of Shirato company and her brother Mikio. Their relationship seems to be on an edge. It would seem Mikio used to be the owner, but then his sister decided to take away the company from him by manipulating their grandfather or father. I ain’t sure about that. Anyhow, Mikio picked Joe because he knew that his sister would set him up that match anyway. What does Mikio have in store for Joe? It seems like Joe has a good way to enter Megalonia if he beats Mikio. But is that possible for him? The AI gear is quite advanced and has no time lag as contrary to other fighters Joe has been facing.

Megalo Box Episode 7

Joe throwing a straight

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Joe develops a stronger punch with Sachios help. The do it behind Nanbus back, but he does not get angry at it. He just reminds them to tell him next time. To be honest, the contrast between the relationship of Nanbu and Joe has changed quite a lot since the start. They are truly a team now.  And we also have Sachio. It’s finally time for the start of the match, Sachio’s friends sneak into through ventilation to get a sneak preview of the battle. The view from up there is amazing I have to say.  Before entering the ring Mikio faces Joe, and I gotta say, this ending was one of the best ones for me. It was perfect and I am excited for episode 8. If you liked

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