Megalo Box episode 4

Megalo Box episode 4 Review, Gearless Joe Overcomes His Fears


Date: 29/04/2018

Megalo Box episode 4 starts off rather unexpectedly. I thought that the gear that Joe lost in the last episode was something bad. However, it turns out they pulled a pretty good turnaround from it. Gearless Joe steps into the ring in the first minutes of the episode. Joe walks in the ring with a crazy opponent as his heart races fast. Joe gets scared by Shark, his feet seem like they are sinking deep. The difference in strength between a gear and gearless is huge. How will Joe overcome this? Now that is something that I will love to see, especially if the series continues this. Going gearless is an excellent but highly risky method by Nanbu. However, if Joe manages to pull it off, they will storm Megalonia rankings and rise up to the tournament in time. 5 matches and 5 wins, can they do it?

Megalo Box episode 4

Shark vs Joe – Megalo Box episode 4

Megalo Box episode 4 Review

In the east corner, the 185th ranking IMA fighter is Joe’s opponent. Shark Samejima is a brutal dude, that loves to play it rough. And is known for a lot of fouls. The crowd loves Samejima due to his brutality. Although, they shun Joe because he’s gearless and considers him a joke. Joe gets beaten up a bit during the first fight. He was overwhelmed by fear and couldn’t control himself.  At that point, we get to see a really interesting character development. It is the development for the whole team fighting along Joe. Nanbu, Sachiko, and Joe get into a fight, in the end, Sachiko is the one who fixed the situation. He screamed at old man Nanbu. And then Nanbu regretted his decisions and gave a really good coach advice to Joe. It would seem to me that Joe will grow to respect Nanbu even more.

After Joe got advice, he went back into the ring and started dancing. He was using footwork and out-boxing to control the pace and lead his opponent to him. When his opponent finally went for the big swing, Joe used a counter. A counter is another of methods common to out-boxing.  Out-boxers which often use counter-punching are called counter punchers. This kind of boxing is not easy though. Unlike the regular infighting which amounts to an overall potential of the person and their physical strength and practice. Counter-punchers require extreme focus, intelligence, and high-speed accuracy shots. Of course, there are techniques to fight against counter-punchers such as mixing in feints and conceiving strong punches.

Nanbu and Joe - Megalo Box episode 4

Nanbu and Joe – Megalo Box episode 4


Joe skimmed through the first 3 fights and won them all. He has now gotten himself a name on the street, and a bit of fame for the Gearless Joe. Everyone is excited to fight him. At the end of the episode, we see Nanbu arranging a new fight for Joe. The 4th match with the 17th ranking fighter. However, in the end, we find out that this fighter is Nanbus old student and is expected to be very long. A boxer trained by Nanbu and using Gear, now this might be a tough one. But we can be sure that Nanbu knows his weakness and there will be some hidden ace up their slave towards the end. But we can definitely expect episode 5 to be quite exciting.  Megalo Box is definitely something worth watching.

Megalo Box episode 4


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