Megalo Box Episode 3 Review, Time To Get Some New Gear

Megalo Box episode 3 finally kicked in a few days ago, but I had not much time to check it. However, I’m gladly here now to bring you up to date with what’s going on. Though I hope that you have already seen it because without that you’d just spoil yourself by reading this. However, I do have some interesting theories how the story will progress based on the current episode. However, I hope that I’m mistaken. If we are to look at episode 3, we could say that it’s finally getting things starting. It’s basically just like Shokugeki no Soumas episode 2. It’s a starting point and pivotal for the future of this anime. And you’ll see soon why.


International Megalo Box association

Megalo Box episode 3 review

At the beginning of the episode, we see old man Nanbu. Whom is I guess now Joe’s coach? He enters a building titled International MegaloBox Association (IMA). There we see him trying to hide, and when he goes up to register a boxer we see people greeting him. There we see some rich looking guys greeting him, and having some nasty expressions of joy on their face. As if they are happy that they can see him so beaten up and poor. Feels bad for Nanbu, but his character has been pretty shady so far so who knows why.  I’d assume that his past with the people at IMA will slowly be revealed as Joe beats all sorts of tough opponents in the 3 months they have.  There is also one more reason why I think Nanbu’s past will get more revelation.

When he was talking to his “old friends” they mentioned that they knew he was running a shady business. So I’d assume they were keeping track of what Nanbu was doing for some reason. One of which could be that Nanbu is actually a very good trainer and will guide Joe well. But that is just an assumption. The second thing is that Nanbu replied with “I want to show him this side of the tracks” or something like that. Which clearly indicates that Nanbu has some secret past in the IMA. I’m pretty curious how this will mix in with the story and if it will even mix in. Because there’s a high chance that this point of the story might get ignored. I hope it does not as I think that supporting characters development is very good to have in a story.

Joe – Megalo Box episode 3

Starting at the very bottom

Joe is the 257th boxer, now, his ranking is the last. Now I wonder how they will do this. It all depends on the studio. As there is no manga and this is a spin-off to commemorate Ashita no Joe. We do not know how much episodes we will be getting for this anime. Not knowing what the studio is planning makes it a bit hard to predict how the pacing of the fights will go. But I’m going to go with the fast pace, for some reason I believe they will choose to go through the ranking faster than they should. And as I was watching the episode they announced that there will be actually 5 fights.

Understanding that there are only 3 months to get into Megalonia and that thery have some rest in between the fights. Joe will be having to go through 5 fights, and Nanbu is planning on forcing some pretty brutal guys on him. His first fight is against a pretty brutal guy, that does a lot of violations and is known for fouling and rough play. No wonder he agreed to box with Joe. So it would seem that my assumption of them clearing the rankings swiftly was true (I’m writing this while watching the episode).  To get into Megalonia Joe has to clear all 5 matches with wins. Sounds pretty hard, but I’m sure he can do it.

Sachiko – Megalo Box episode 3

Wake up Sachiko!

Megalo Box episode 3 introduces us a new character. Sachiko is a small guy, that’s pretty knowledgeable of the gear used for boxing and technology overall. He has three more friends with him, with which he steals things to survive and get candy. The candy that the shopkeeper gave them looked like drugs. I think that explanations given for it was also that it stimulates happiness. So we have a group of drug-addicted thieving kids. What a nice mix up in this. However, besides the all the thieving and drugs, Sachiko really does feel like a promising character and a very supporting figure in the future.  Sachiko and Joe meet up at the shoe for the gear when Joe and Nanbu come to get the gear repaired

It would seem to me that at this point Sachiko got interested in Joe because he reminded him of his father perhaps?We later see a picture of Sachikos family on his hat. I wonder what has happened to them and if his father has perhaps been a boxer, and his mother could have been maybe a technician working on the gear? Well, those are just assumptions but I do hope that we see Sachiko getting development as the time progresses.  I know I saw someone saying that Sachikos parents might have abandoned him. But I don’t think that’s the case, because I doubt he would still be wearing the picture. My assumption is that they are dead.

Joe and Sachiko

Take on the gorilla

Later on, Sachiko helps Joe to get a fancy gear by stealing it from the shopkeeper. But then he gets in trouble and Joe rumbles with Potemkin Higashi (very creative name). Joe beats up Potemkin. However, that would not have been possible without Nanbus tip on how to handle him and Sachikos knowledge of gear. The gear got destroyed in the end. So it would seem they will have to search for some new one before the next fight. The fight itself was nothing special to me. The guy was strong and wrecked the gear, and in the end, Joe beat him up without his gear using a counter. So nothing worth hyping over.


Megalo box episode 3 had a disappointing end for me. Why? Well because for me the episode had a purpose of getting better gear.  It was not totally in vain as they found Sachiko. Which actually might build Joe his own custom gear in the future. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that might happen. He will either do that or help a lot with some other things as a corner man. Potemkin destroyed Joe’s gear with his heavy gloves, which was pretty disappointing for me as the gear did look good, and would have been a great stepping stone for Joe.  My only concern is how episode 4 will go about the gear. But I do think that episode 4 will feature Joes next fight.



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