Megalo Box episode 2 review, Yuri and Junk Dog duke it out

Megalo Box episode 2 was really awesome. It took me some time to watch it as I was busy for a few days, but I have been thinking about it all the time. The first episode cliffhanger left us all in awe for more. There was a lot of speculations as to what would happen in episode 2. A lot of commentators said that Junk Dog would definitely get beaten up. And we all agreed that was the best course of action for the story. As without that, there would really be no reason for Junk Dog to continue fighting anymore. And we know that everything that was set up before the cliffhanger moment was going towards this. The Megalonia tournament and main characters excitement for the thrill of real boxing.


Megalo Box episode 2 review

The episode starts off with the first round, Junk Dogs partner tries to stop the match but he fails. Yuri is a pretty famous champion so it would seem. Many people are excited to see him kill of Junk Dog. The fight starts fast and Junk Dog starts swinging at him like an amateur even tho he displayed some nice technique in the first episode. Was it just a fluke? Yuri dominates Junk Dog, and so he gives him a handicap. He states that he will only use his left hand. I think this made Junk Dog a bit angry, as he went more serious in on the fight after this. Junk Dog breaks his defense with an uppercut. However, at that moment Yuri brought down his arm swiftly from above. Now, I would like to mention the fact that a lot of viewers and myself have actually questioned what the robotic gear and arms have to do with the show anyway.  I have actually been skeptic about them myself.

But after closely observing the first fight. I would definitely say that Yuri’s body gave him a huge advantage over Junk Dog. After he broke his defense, it would not have been impossible, but it would have been hard to bring in the arm. He had to stop the moment, and also be very fast.  Usually, the arm would also take some damage, so the brain wouldn’t respond due to shock and pain even if the person wanted to move it immediately. I would say that the gear played a huge role in this one, as it seems that his punch did not even affect his arm. Now just imagine, if someone like Ippo punched him in his arm assuming it was not robotic.  Eventually, as the fight progressed Junk Dog got beaten up in the first round. He tried to fight back but the count was already done and Yuri left with the words “come to my ring”. This made him excited to join Megalonia

Junk Dog Rekt


After the fight, Junk Dog talks to his partner about going to Megalonia but he declines him.. It would seem his partner is in depth, and he would have lost another eye due to his debt. But then, he found a way to bring in more money. He remembered that Junk Dog wanted to go to Megalonia. So he managed to save his ass by persuading the guy he borrowed money from into letting them go to Megalonia. They arrange a fake citizenship ID for Junk Dog, at which point he chooses a name. He picked the name Joe, which is actually very nice as you can see that this anime is clearly a resemblance to Ashita no Joe.  Megalo Box Episode 2 has wormed us up nicely for the upcoming episodes.

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