Megalo Box Episode 10 review – The Die Is Cast


Date: 08/06/2018

“The Die Is Cast” is a very fitting title for the latest episode of Megalo Box, truly an unexpected turn off events has occurred in Megalo Box Episode 10. Everything started in Megalo Box episode 9, right at the end of the episode when things seemed well. Joe won his fight against Shirato Mikio.  However, at the end of the episode, we saw Fujimaki talking with Nanbu about something that they promised 3 months ago. And that is when Megalo Box episode 9 finished. The ending left me wanting to see more and I was quite happy when Megalo Box episode 10 came out. Unfortunately, I did not have time to watch it immediately and I had to wait for a bit. But now, finally today I’ve seen it, and I gotta say it felt like it had a hidden hint about how the series will end.


Megalo Box episode 10

Megalo Box Episode 10 Review

Please note that this in not spoiler free.

Megalo Box episode 10 started off with bad news for Team Nowhere. Fujimaki revealed his and Nanbus hidden pack that happened 3 months ago. Before entering Megalonia, Nanbu had to get help from Fujimaki. Fujimaki and Nanbu agreed to set a fixed match in Megalonia for a huge amount of money.  Joe went on with his “Gearless” tactic and that title presented a lot of popularity for him.  The deal was to get Joe into Megalonia and then have him throw a fixed match. When Joe found out about it he got pissed and drove off on his bike. How will this end for Team Nowhere? Well, no one knows. Fujimaki has sworn to kill all three of them if they don’t listen to him.

Sachio’s past revealed

One of the key elements of this episode that I absolutely loved is the part where they explained what happened to Sachio’s parents. Due to Sachio having so much knowledge and skill in regards to Gear. I already had an assumption that his father had to do something with it. And, my hunch was correct. Sachio’s father worked for Shirato group as a freelance engineer. He was the one who had made up the prototype for the integrated gear. It seemed Shirato had killed him and took on his project. Although, they did not say which Shirato. Nanbu brought Sachio in front of Yukiko Shirato and gave him a knife. However, Sachio wavered and put his bet on Joe. Both Nanbu and Sachio believed that Joe will not lose the match. As such, Nanbu got an idea and went to talk to Yukiko. He told her about Sachio’s past and that she has to protect him.

Megalo Box episode 10


We got to see an awesome fight between Yuri and Pepe Iglesias. In the end, Yuri won against him with what seemed to be no effort. Even though Yuri got one hit, it seemed like he was taking it easy until that one hit, and only then got serious. His serious mode reminded me of The Zone from Kuroko no Basket because he had a ray of light coming out of his eyes as he was moving. After the fight, we saw a cool speech between Nanbu and Fujimaki. Fujimaki had talked about the story of Scorpion and how it bit the Frog while moving across the river. It seemed like Fujimaki was referring to Joe as the frog. But it could easily end up the opposite way.

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