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Megalo Box Ending – Was it satisfactory or disappointing?


Date: 29/06/2018

Megalo Box has just finished airing, episode 13 was released yesterday and there was a lot of hype around it. Everyone was excited to watch the episode. If you’re unfamiliar with Megalo Box, let me explain it quickly, if not, you can jump ahead to read about Megalo Box ending. Megalo Box is a sports anime with elements of drama, action, slice of life and sci-fi. Our protagonist Joe, faces hard tasks and undergoes difficult challenges all so that he could rise to the top and go against Yuri.  To get there, he has help from Nanbu and Sachio, the supporting main characters, and part of Team Nowhere.

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Megalo Box ending analysis

The episode started off right with the fight between Joe and Yuri. And I gotta say it was such an exciting fight. They did rush the fight a lot, they put thirteen rounds in barely 10 minutes. Both Yuri and Joe were taking quite a beating. Even though it was noted by Shirato Mikio that Yuri lost a lot of stamina and strength due to his gear removal.  Joe barely kept up with him in that form, so  I do wonder, what would have happened if Yuri did not take his gear off. We would probably be experiencing the ending everyone was anticipating. And that ending is Joe’s death.

Megalo Box ending
Why did everyone think Joe would die?

There are two reasons why everyone thought that Joe would die at the end of Megalo Box. First of all, Megalo Box is a commemoration to Ashita no Joes 50th anniversary.  If you have not seen Ashita no Joe then skip onto the next paragraph due to a spoiler alert. And if you’ve seen Ashita no Joe, then you know that Yabuki Joe died at the ending of the story. Mainly, why most fans believed that Megalo Box ending would be the same.

The second reason for Joe being dead is that the anime has been hinting us all the time with “Not Dead, Yet” phrase. Although, it would have been obvious. I do believe most of the fans that have not seen Ashita no Joe still believe Joe would die. And this is one of the main reasons why they thought that. However, despite their beliefs, the anime ended surprisingly with Joe not dead.

Megalo Box ending
Was Megalo Box Ending good or bad?

I had no expectations of the ending, honestly, I was really open-minded to what could happen. Although, this ending really surprised me, because it was so mediocre. It was nothing special really. If Joe died, I would have been happy, but then again a bit sad because it was obvious. Non the less, I still do believe that Joe dying would have been a better ending than this one. Why do I think that Megalo Box ending was bad? Well, you see, the whole episode to a certain point was so god damn hype. It was so awesome and exciting. Megalo Box original soundtracks were playing, and the vibe was great.

That’s when they decided to end the fight without even showing who won. The scene suddenly jumps one year ahead. Nothing is explained about who won, and both Yuri and Joe are alive. They are helping Nanbu and Sachio with their boxing Gym. Basically, at first, I was a bit surprised and shocked.  I was expecting some explanation, I was thinking that Joe is dead or something. But there was not really any explanation, and the anime ending was really mediocre. I think I would have preferred if the episode ended in the ring, where we saw the fight until the end. But that’s my personal opinion, tell me, what do you think about Megalo Box Ending?



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  1. Dude you missed the real ending. Watch the end of the day episode again and pay attention. There are two parts which tell you what happened after that fight as well who the winner was.

    Enjoy 🙂