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Original Anime Megalo Box Inspired by ‘Ashita no Joe’ – Character PV


Date: 15/02/2018

The official website of the upcoming original animation “Megalo box” released a series of Character PV earlier today. Ashita no Joe (author: Ikki Kajiwara and illustrator: Tatsuya Chiba) is the inspiration behind this new original anime Megalo Box.

“Megalo Box” anime is being produced as a part of the 50th-anniversary celebration of “Ashita no Joe.” It is a story depicting the fate of the leading character – Junk Dog who sets himself on a dark underground ring as he sets it apart. TMS Entertainment will produce the series and the anime will be broadcast from April, 2018.

Megalo Box – Key Visual

The music is really good. It is something that can go very well with fights. Although the art is not great it is good enough to make it an enjoyable watch.

Megalo Box – Character PV




The characterization and the video teaser points towards a predictable plot. Probably we will be seeing the story of a struggling boxing rookie. Junk Dog is driven by a passion to excel and make a name for himself in the boxing ring. Although he is armed with next to nothing, his will to succeed would in time attract people who would support him achieve his goals.

The challenges and the uncertainties in the underground boxing ring would be the main attraction. The silvered air man would most likely be the main villain. The woman seems to be the announcer over seeing the boxing game. Since this is an underground ring we can expect ruthless bloody fights. The man in the dark green suite can easily be taken for as the over-all boss handling the underground boxing ring. The rests seem to be various supporting characters.

Due to the fateful encounters/matches and for the intricate plot, Megalo Box should definitely be on the watch lists of many anime fans. The sports anime fans out there would be much delighted to see this anime succeed.

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  5. This anime looks promising. The moves used in the video reminded me of Hajime no Ippo. The art reminds me of cowbey bebop. Overall i’m pretty hyped for this now. Hope the story ends up well made.