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‘Maid Sama!’ Manga Renewed for a Special Chapter on April 24th, Special Edition ‘Maid Sama! Mariage’ will be released on August 3

The official twitter account of the author has earlier announced that ‘Maid Sama!’ manga will be renewed for a special chapter on April 24.  Hiro Fujiwara, the author of the original manga will be in charge of the publication of this latest chapter. Hakusensha’s LaLa shōjo manga magazine’s upcoming April issue will carry the latest chapter. Join

Survival Suspense Shounen Manga ‘Madmen’ – Volume One Releases

Long-awaited latest work, volume one of Madmen manga with survival, horror and suspense themes has released earlier today. Nagata Ryuuhaku who is the author of the ongoing manga Abyss is also the author of this manga. The Japanese title literally translates to “Murder Hunter – Mad Men.” BTOOM! is getting a spin-off manga. Madmen manga – Synopsis Once known

Azuma Kiyohiko’s Manga ‘Yotsuba to!’ 14th Volume To Release on April 28

Azuma Kiyohiko’s Official Twitter account earlier today announced some exciting news. The 14th volume of the manga Yotsuba to!  is set to release on April 28. The new volume is releasing after more than two years and five months since the last release in November 2015. Yotsuba to! is a slice of life, comedy manga based on Yoshiba Koiwai, a

Suu Minazuki Manga “Plunderer” Receives Anime Adaption

Suu Minazuki author of Heaven’s Lost Property current ongoing manga Plunderer serialized in Shonen Ace magazine, recently announced Plunderer will be receiving an anime adaptation. There was no official release date  yet. But if it’s announced now I wouldn’t be surprised if the series air near the end of the year or the first quarter

Manga ‘She, I Will Borrow’ Releases A Smart Cover And A Raw Photograph

Reiki Miyajima’s ‘She, I Will Borrow’ manga released new key visuals in the Weekly Shonen Magazine vol 12 (Kodansha) on 21 Feb. The visuals include a beautiful illustration of Chizuru Suwara and a raw photograph. Three volumes of the manga are available for purchase. 200 lucky buyers would receive a set of sexy “raw photographs” of the heroin. The