Manga ‘She, I Will Borrow’ Releases A Smart Cover And A Raw Photograph

Reiki Miyajima’s ‘She, I Will Borrow’ manga released new key visuals in the Weekly Shonen Magazine vol 12 (Kodansha) on 21 Feb. The visuals include a beautiful illustration of Chizuru Suwara and a raw photograph. Three volumes of the manga are available for purchase. 200 lucky buyers would receive a set of sexy “raw photographs” of the heroin. The manga is a love comedy between two college students, Kazunari Kinoshita and Chizuru Suwara.

Raw Picture
Cover Illustration

She, I Will Borrow -Visuals


She, I will Borrow – Synopsis

Kazunari Kinoshita is a 20-year-old college student living in Tokyo. His girlfriend breaks up with him leaving him lonely and sad. One day he tries to look for dating sites and registers at a girlfriend rental service. The rental service offers temporary girlfriends in exchange for money. Consequently, he meets a pretty girl,  Chizuru Suwara whose profession is to be an ‘ideal girlfriend.’

What We Can Expect

I have read the reviews of this manga on Amazon (Jp). It is pretty clear that the cute heroin of the manga is the main attraction. Her personality in the manga has also received positive reviews. While this is so, Kazunari has got very bad reviews. Almost everyone seems to dislike this guy. In the manga, he is seen as being greedy, selfish and as a coward. Maybe the author intentionally paired a bad boyfriend opposite an ideal girlfriend.

Although the manga seems to have picked a beautiful theme, it failed to attract readers. Maybe the other supporting characters are weak and fail to complement the main characters. Furthermore, if the plot is not progressing well, readers would surely drop the manga, which most likely seems to be the case. Finally, I can conclude by saying that this manga is only worth reading if you love the heroin.


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