Now HOT, A Manga About Ice Hockey From ‘Hitman Reborn!’ Creator

Are sports anime and manga increasing their presence? Megalo Box did succeed in making an impact in the world of anime. And now ‘Hitman Reborn!’ Creator Akira Amano is working on a one-shot sports manga. ‘HOT’ the tile of the series will feature Ice Hockey. It will debut on August 6 in the Weekly Shonen Jump. The English version of Weekly Shonen Jump will also carry the manga as Viz Media is simul-publishing the series. As of date, we do not have more info other than this. So, we will update this post when we get hold of additional information.

Sports fans have a great reason to be happy about as we have an established author working on it. Although it is just a one-shot, authors invest a lot of their effort to develop the story, design the characters and more. Original anime Megalo Box could do a good job of impressing the viewers in just 13 episodes. Other sports anime that stand out the current season include Hanebado, featuring badminton and Harukana Receive, featuring beach volleyball.

Some of the sports anime that continue to be very popular is Slam Dunk, which features basketball and Haikyuu!!, which features boys’ volleyball. So, if you have never tried a sports anime or if you have not watched them yet, you can surely check them out.

Ice Hockey is one such sport that the majority of the readers around the world can really relate to but definitely, Japanese readers can. For ‘HOT’ manga to be successful the author’s exceptional storytelling skill be of great significance. We can hope for this series to gain in popularity and receive a full on manga and later an anime adaptation. We do not really mind more manga or anime e.e

So, feel free to share your views on this upcoming series, and do share your predictions on this manga with regards to how the author will steer the plot.

Source: Comic Natalie

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3 Replies to “Now HOT, A Manga About Ice Hockey From ‘Hitman Reborn!’ Creator”

  1. I just wish the author will somehow continue with KHR. That was a brilliant series with immense potential that deserved a better ending, a more fulfilling one at least. Eldive was such a disappointment. Hopefully, this does better.

  2. So, is there any word as to whether or not this manga will officially release? I’ve never been in on a two year one shot hype craze train before!

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