Major 2nd Episode 3 – The Two Juniors (Anime) Review

Resuming from the last episode, the game continues. Satou in the last episode had shown us his true abilities. Those being, none except for his brutal arm strength. He holds mostly no ability so far with reason. That being that he never played baseball in his life until this game. As this Major 2nd Episode 3 begins after the opening. A brief moment between Daigo and Satou is witnessed. Daigo the one who lacks the arm strength and overall talent in his strength kit. While Satou the one who never played baseball. Has this excelling talent for baseball as it is seen in this Major 2nd Episode 3.

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Major 2nd Episode 3 Review

To start off this Major 2nd episode 3, Daigo cannot ignore his own emotions. Hence the angry expressions he proposes to every single episode of Major 2nd.  There is an explanation as to why Satou never did baseball in the first place. Despite being  Toshiya’s son. He says he has done all kinds of sports, soccer, basket, tennis, etc. But when it came to baseball he never once gave it a try. Which makes the most utter sense as to why he is bad at baseball in the first place.

Opening preview

The game progresses. The turn of Satou to bant is up, and not for the surprise.  He fails to hit the ball at the first two times. The coach wonders why that is the case. Until he sees that he is holding the bat in a left way and not the right way. He then tells Satou how to properly grip the bat. Satou has a fast reasoning process, so he eventually catches on quickly.

I think it’s more due to his natural talent more than anything honestly. The fact that he grasped the concepts without even playing baseball once in his whole life just proves it. The third throw is then launched towards Satou but through his precise concentration. He makes his mind to be so keen towards hitting the ball.

Not the mindset of “Not missing the ball” but the mindset “Hit the ball no matter the cost”. Still. You could clearly see from his expressions that he desires something different.

If I had to take a wild guess. Satou is the type of character that wants a thrill only. Yet as he hits the throw that was thrown by the opposing team he shows happiness. Although that happiness does cost his team a point. Which honestly, might have been the game lost right here, trust me, I’ll explain this as I advance with this. So the point is missed due to Satou’s error. But it’s clear that Satou is superior to Daigo.

Daigo with Goro, his mother & his sister

The realization is quick by Daigo as always. Daigo and Satou then have a discussion while in the seats.The reserves in this case. Daigo begins to argue about Satou being so talented. Mainly due to his blessing on baseball to be so unique. It makes him angry about it. But then Satou refers to him a question of interest.

Why did he quit baseball? Satou then says that Daigo just wanted Baseball to make him famous due to being Goro’s son. For my surprise, Daigo doesn’t exactly deny it at the moment. Which brings him a more realistic and relatable persona I believe.

Daigo is quickly called to bant. But he keeps on looking into the ground. Normally when a person looks into the ground it is due to lack of confidence. And in this case, it is perfectly understandable as to why it is that. Daigo barely has any motivation, he quit baseball 1 year ago.

Everyone keeps on bashing him for not having talent. Satou has an overwhelming talent compared to himself. No reason to be confident, it would be all the same. He would go and bant and fail. For a change, Satou’s emotions erupt when the rest of the teammates keep on bashing Daigo.

Satou making a strong throw

Satou gives quite the majestic speech to Daigo and his whole teammates. He says to Daigo that he must hit the ball if he wants to silence everyone. Including Satou himself. That somewhat created a low epic atmosphere around Daigo. Even the graphics got way more vibrant. Which was spectacular.

The banting was about to go down and it does so. Daigo misses the 2 throws on purpose because he was in deep thought. During that deep thought session. Daigo thinks on the talking that he and Satou had. When Satou said that he only did baseball for the purpose of baseball making Daigo famous.

Daigo disagrees on his own. Making the concrete thought that he wanted to play baseball to be cool like his dad. To be an exemplary figure to the one he always looked up to. After many thoughts, on the last throw, the ball is thrown. And Daigo by the brick of the miracle. Manages to hit the peak of the bat.

It was a bad first hit. But what counted was the effort made in the attempt which became a hit. Damn. Even Daigo himself was aware that the hit was completely horrible. Hence the facial expression of him. Which was sorta hilarious, to be honest. With that, Daigo makes the first hit in the history of this anime, congrats. The game moves forward. And, it was time for Satou to bant once again up to the front.

Daigo after hitting the ball for the first time

Now. This was a more strategical moment built with the correct momentum. As Satou was preparing his position to hit the ball. You can see a communication through the striker and the banter. It showed us a more sophisticated way to play baseball. It feels like a different zone. And that’s exactly the good point of it. The opposing thrower throws the ball towards Satou. But Satou fails, due to one reason. He doesn’t know what the zones are for. The zones are essentially the zone where you want to hit always. Regarding the ball angle and impact at the throw. Satou shows intelligence by being able to comprehend that quickly. While grasping the main concept of the zone.

He misses the two next balls because they weren’t in the zone. To begin with, but as soon as the third ball is served and it enters the zone. Satou does not hesitate whatsoever. He almost home runs with that hit. It didn’t leave many surprises. An impression rather.

He obviously is overflown with talent. But as Satou himself stated earlier, he doesn’t find baseball fun. So it is only normal that he doesn’t have more joy in it. The game-breaking point was that move. But it was seen as Daigo decided the game by tripping on the field. The scene immediately takes him into his mom’s car. As he begins to show desperate reactions due to him making the game a tie.

I don’t think it would have mattered either way. For one reason. As I mentioned before. The moment Satou gave the point to the opposing team earlier only made the tie possible. So I wouldn’t fully blame it on Daigo. Daigo made the tie possible. Same with Satou. They are both on this together.

The following day is met with school. As Daigo gets warped around a corner where he meets Sakura and Satou having a chat. Until he hears about the event on the game. The face that felt on the field. Daigo interprets as it was meant to him and he runs away cursing both of them.

Daigo’s reaction to Sakura and Satou’s talk

He doesn’t get any motivation in school. Because Baseball was always his main source of motivation. Daigo then has a daydreaming moment that quickly gets interrupted by the homeroom teacher. As the class ends, Daigo heads back home while ignoring Sakura’s call.

That is until she says that she and Satou were talking about talking about a moment of Satou’s childhood. And that he misinterpreted them. The more important issue is that Sakura says that Satou isn’t joining the Dolphins. That being the local baseball team.

That worries and waves of anger towards Daigo. Because he believes that people with overwhelming talent should not waste their talents just because they find it boring. And so. He goes to Satou’s classroom to have a talk. Daigo looks down and asks why he is not joining. The answer was obvious. He didn’t find baseball entertaining. But he did say if Daigo joined as well. Then he would reconsider.

Daigo himself doesn’t have that much option left. His mother will only buy him a new console if he plays again. He might as well just accept and go along with the flow. That being Satou. And so. That concludes this Major 2nd Episode 3.


This Major 2nd Episode 3 gave us a more well-rounded perspective on Satou. Showing off at what he can do, not limiting his evolution potential. While Daigo finally got his first hit, no sarcasm of course. I know for a fact that sports anime such as this are slow when it comes to making characters appealing at first. The waiting game is a must here.

So in the comment section, tell me your thoughts on this Major 2nd Episode 3.

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