Major 2nd episode 1

Major 2nd Episode 1- A Dawn Of A Beginning


Date: 13/04/2018

Just a quick heads up, before reviewing this Major 2nd episode 1.When starting this anime, you might wonder the necessity to watch the Major prequel first before this new anime. That being Major 2nd.And, no you do not need to watch the prequel.It’s a completely new series. Set for viewers to be able to experience the Major saga after year once again.Although. I fully recommend you to watch the “Major” saga if you haven’t.

Especially if you have free time on hands. Not only is it an incredible sports anime to watch but a vast underrated hidden Gem.So without further ado. Let’s get into this Major 2nd episode 1.

Also in case. If you need to know more general information on this anime: here


Major 2nd Episode 1 Review

Major is one of my personal favourite sports anime.

It certainly has its place on the top. Mostly due to its execution and overwhelming realization of its moments. Through the immense passion of the main character.That being, Gorou.And now that it has ended this comes in.

Normally, if you watched the Major Saga you would know it probably won’t let you down.Regardless if you are a baseball fan or not. And now, we are introduced to Daigo. That being the son of Gorou.Coming into this Major 2nd episode 1, Daigo is introduced as the son of Gorou.Hence why many people around him have high expectations for his future as a baseball player.

Of course. That will enforce a mindset on to Daigo that he has to meet everyone’s expectations since he is the son of the grand Baseball legend, Gorou.It’s fair to say this episode would have been cliche. If Daigo automatically excelled at every area in baseball just because he has Gorou’s genes.

That would be simply not fun to watch.Normally you want to watch the main character always struggle. And get strong through conviction, dedication, effort and hard work.Not just because he is the main character. Where he has to auto excel at everything to win.

But you get my point. It would be disappointing if such course of events would happen. Yet for my luck, and mostly for all viewers. It did not.He is met with the reality that not everyone can be incredibly gifted just because they so wish or just because they are in the same bloodline of a legendary athlete.He realizes it the hard way, he starts falling and falling, the rumours spread as he scatters in both his mind and will notice how Daigo has to face the harsh truth, but he takes the most, if not one of the most realistic courses of advents, that being, quitting.

Daigo starts to doubt himself after rumors - Major 2nd episode 1

Daigo facing his reality for the first time

Daigo wanted to be a pitcher, although he lacked the shoulder strength, it is alright to have control of your full swing.Yet if you do not possess the strength, your throw will be light, doing barely anything from the start.After throwing the game for his team, he decides to throw the towel.

Two years later, we see an older version of Daigo, only a bit older, with him being shut-in his own house playing video games.He starts developing the edgy type of attitude, and I can’t blame him.Just like he said to his sister, there isn’t mutual understanding.His sister always excelled at everything, yet Daigo failed to meet up his own expectations, which was to be like his father.

Not so long after, he is met with a new transfer student, the son of the man that went up against Gorou in the Major Saga.This encounter is perhaps a bit ironic.Because their fathers being rivals, but now having these two meet up, it makes me wonder.I assume they are gonna be pitcher and catcher type of duo, by the preview looking, I would assume.But not sure who has the pitcher and catcher role here.

Major 2nd episode 1

Daigo catches a ball in the heat of the practice – An intense break out



Anyways, this was a pretty neat start, I enjoyed it.

Major 2nd episode 1 and Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 1. They were both great starters. A good weekly sports dose for me honestly.

Also, the opening was alright, nothing special to be honest.I liked the ending way more, it puts me singing along.I love it when a soundtrack can do that, it is, for me, the sign of a good one.A good first episode, truly.Overall, this Major 2nd episode 1 was a decent introduction to this upcoming sports saga.Let me know in the comments down below your thoughts on this first episode too.

I would be glad to read them!

If you are into sports anime make sure to check this one out!


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