Madmen Manga

Survival Suspense Shounen Manga ‘Madmen’ – Volume One Releases


Date: 11/03/2018

Long-awaited latest work, volume one of Madmen manga with survival, horror and suspense themes has released earlier today. Nagata Ryuuhaku who is the author of the ongoing manga Abyss is also the author of this manga. The Japanese title literally translates to “Murder Hunter – Mad Men.”

BTOOM! is getting a spin-off manga.

Madmen manga – Synopsis

Once known as a paradise, Jinjo Island is far away from any visible landmass. Takashi Otaka, a high school student ends up at this uninhabited island along with his senior Kotone. A man with a huge axe who should not be there attacks Kotone. She ends up as a captive.  Consequently, Takashi starts searching for her on the seemingly deserted island without a map. A tale of shivering survival suspense follows as Takashi faces horror at every turn.

Madmen Manga

Magazine pocket is carrying the manga. You can check out few chapters of the manga here. Tech blog for Free guest posting.

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