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Made in Abyss – First theatrical compilation film will premiere in January 2019!


Date: 28/07/2018

Made in Abyss is the anime that plenty of people like. Because of that, this anime climbed high on the anime list. If you are the fan of Made in Abyss than we have a great news for you! Because “Made in Abyss” series is getting first theatrical compilation film! There will be two films. “Made in Abyss: Tabidachi no Yoake” (Journey’s Dawn) is the name of the first film. Title of the second film is “Made in Abyss: Hōrō Suru Tasogare” (Wandering Twilight). They will both premiere in Japan.  A premiere of the first film will be on January 4. 2019. and the second film will premiere on January 18. 2019.  Made in Abyss new visual is also revealed.

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About “Made in Abyss” anime 

The author of Made in Abyss manga is Akihito Tsukuski. Made in Abyss is an anime series that has 13 episodes. The anime was going out in summer 2017, from July 7th to September 29th.  This anime belongs to more than one genre. Sci-fi, adventure, mystery, drama, and fantasy.

In the anime “Made in Abyss”, there is this place that people call Abyss. Basically, Abyss is a place from depths of the Earth. In there you can find all kinds of creatures from the past and different kinds of ancient relics. And, their purpose and existence are still unknown. One of the main characters, 12-year-old girl Riko, enters the Abyss and stumble upon a robot that looks like a boy. This boy robot lost his all memories, even the memory of his name. That’s why Riko decided to give him a name, Reg. They also decided that they should go deep into the Abyss to find out the source of his creation and to try and recover his memories. Also, they have another goal and that is to find Rikos mother.

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