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Yuri Animation, Love To Lie Angle Releases Key Visuals And Cast Details


Date: 19/02/2018

Upcoming TV Anime Love To Lie Angle has released key visuals and cast details earlier today. Merryhachi is the author of the original manga series. The manga falls under the category of Comedy and Yuri/Shoujo Ai. Shoujo Ai depicts non-explicit lesbian relationships. The anime will start broadcasting from April 2018.

The original Japanese yuri manga comes out in Comic Yuri Hime and 5 volumes are out till date.

Love To Lie Angle (Tachibanakan Triangle) – Key Visuals

Natsuno Hanabi gets back to her hometown to study in a high school. All she wanted was a new wonderful life. She joins Tachibanakan, the girl’s dormitory as a live-in. What happens next is something she has never imagined.



The visual has six characters drawn. The girl’s of the Tachibanakan dormitory are seen engaged in playful behavior. 

Love To Lie Angle

Natsuno Hanabi, the main character is seen attempting to flee. 

Cast And Staff

Firstly, we have Minami Tsuda playing Hanabi Natsuno. Then we have Amisa Sakuragi playing Konomi Fujiwara, Arisa Nakada playing Iori Takamura and Rei Matsuzaki playing Yoriko Fujiwara. Finally, we have Mikako Komatsu playing Yuu Tsukishiro and Eri Kitamura playing Sonoa Mitsui.

The main staff has Hisasa Hirasawa as Director. Character design is by Yuuko Hanai. Creators in Pack and Studio Lings is producing the animation. 

What We Can Expect

Seems like Shoujo Ai fans may have a reason to cheer. Comedy and yuri theme can be very appealing to women. In addition, the light and the non-explicit nature of the drama maybe serve as a huge attraction. Although the manga is not popular maybe the anime would make an interesting watch. I would definitely watch it for the comedy. The lead is an innocent female. Hence it is going to be cute when she feels out of placed or shy. Well, get ready for a lot of girl on girl action this April. Do share your opinions on what you would like to see in this anime.

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