10+ Kdrama Similar To Playful Kiss You Were Searching For

For finding the Kdrama similar to Playful Kiss, let’s do a recap about the original drama first. Playful Kiss has been a classic drama in the Korean drama world. It is a decade old, but still famous among the audience of Rom-Com. Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy high school student who falls for the

Top 25 Best Contract Relationships In Korean Dramas

Love and attraction have always been the foundation for any romantic relationship, but what happens when two people form a relationship purely based on their benefits and profits? How long will their relationship last? Will the relation even turn romantic at some point? Let us consider these contract relationships in Korean dramas and see how

20+ Best Websites To Watch Korean Drama With English Subtitles

Be it a new-bie or a senior, finding the good in the treasure trove of k-drama, is a never-ending task. Even if we did find a good drama, finding a good website with good subtitles, is a borderline headache. Numerous websites pop-up all over the internet. However, the ones that have good user flow and