Korean Pop Culture Words We Should Know About

50 Korean Pop Culture Words We Should Know About




Updated on: 13/09/2021

Korean pop culture words are of immense importance for a person who wants to dive into the ocean of K-pop.

Why Learn Korean pop culture words?

Music sees no barrier. It is an art that reaches out to those who appreciate it. With the world accepting more cross-cultural entities, we now have access to some great music in the world. As much as the establishment of contact with new cultures empowers us to understand a new language, it has its own complexities.

Learning a whole new language is a big process. It may involve days, weeks, months, or even years. Here we are to help you with famous Korean pop culture words that you should know while embracing this new world.

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01. Aegyo

Behaving and acting overly cute and innocent.

02. All-Kill

This Korean pop culture word is used when a song takes the top/first spot of all the significant charts at the same time.

03. Anti/Anti fan

Those fans who are against a specific group or idol. They mock, criticize, and sometimes virtually bullies too.

04. Bias

Bias is a member who is the favorite member among the members of the group. Your heart inclined towards them more.

05. Bias Wrecker

Is the one who makes you question yourself that is your bias is really your bias? Their action grabs your attention, leaving you to rethink about your most favorite. 

06. Body rolls

A sexy dance move in which our idols move their body in a way that we may choke on water.

07. Comeback

When a group, solo artist returns with a new project it is their comeback.

08. Concept

It is the literal meaning of the word. The planned theme of the new album is the concept.

09. Crack video

The fan-made videos of their idols. Often made for humor.

10. Daebak

This Korean pop culture word is an expression to express something big or amazing in a positive way. This word is a must in Korean pop culture words.

11. Dongseng

One can call this to anyone who is younger to them irrespective of their gender.

12. Desang

It means the Grand Prize. It is the highest award given to any K-pop artists of in a major award ceremony. 

13. Era

Here it means period or time span for an album. It starts with the release of a teaser and ends with its final concert. 

14. Fandom

All the fans of an artist or group are regarded collectively as a community and this community is ‘fandom’. Commonly every big fandom has its name.

15. Fanboy/girl

Someone who celebrates the artist. Love them, support them and is passionate about their work.

16. Fan chant

To show support to their idol, fans shout words or phrases in a specific manner.

17. Fanfiction

Fictional stories written by fans that include their idols, on various websites.

18. Fansite

Websites run by fans which are dedicated to their idols.

19. Fan service

Things idol do to please their fans. It’s like giving a bonus to the fans.

20. Fighting!

A phrase to cheer up, giving encouragement that “you can do it” or “keep going”

21. Hoobae

Use to call a person who is less experienced or junior to you in the field.

22. Hwating

Same as Fighting!. This is another Korean pop culture word that is very often used.

23. Hyung

Older brother called by males in Korea.

24. Idol

A K-pop star, an artist who has officially debuted in the industry. 

25. Jjeoreo


26. kekekeke

The laughing expression ‘hehehehe’ used with lots of cuteness it becomes ‘kekekeke’.

27. Light Stick

A flashlight that audience wave during the concerts. Different groups have different light stick for their fans. 

28. Maknae

The youngest member of the group.

29. MC

In Korean culture, an MC is a host or a person who controls the mic and ceremony. 

30. Mini Album

Artist often releases short albums from time to time under the name of the main album. The main album is the compilation of all the mini albums including few more songs.

31. Multi-Fandom

Someone who is a fan of multiple groups.

32. Netizen

A slang used for the people who remain on the internet. A major number of K- entertainment netizens are famous for making a small matter as an issue of public concern. 

33. Noona

Korean males called noona to their elder sister or other women who are older than them.

34. Noona Killer

A young guy who can flutters the heart of all the noonas out there. 

35. Omo

It is an exclamation. It is like OMG in Korean.

36. Oppa

Korean females called Oppa to their elder brother or other guys who are older than them. Women also use this to flirt or show affection to a guy who is not related to that woman. This Korean pop culture word is very sweet and popular in Korea.

37. PD

PD is Program Director or Production Director. A person who has the major hand in the production of the act, song, drama etc.

38. Photocard

A card with any member’s face on it. It is generally given with physical albums.

39. Rookie

This Korean pop culture word, rookie is used when one has to indicate that the artist has debuted recently.

40. Saseng

It means stalker fans. They are obsessive fans who can cross any limit to get into their idol’s life. Even by harming their idols too.

41. Selca

Korean translation of selfie.

42. Sunbae

This Korean pop culture word is used when one has to call a person who is more experienced or senior to you in the field.

43. Shipping

Taken from the word relation’ship’. It is used to support any pair. 

44. Sorijilleo

To scream or to ‘make some noise’.

45. Stan

Korean pop culture word is used to signify support and to be a huge fan of someone.

46. Trainee

In Korean culture, if anyone wants to debut as an idol then they have to go through a training process where they learn numerous things. People going through this process are a trainee and their training period is never fixed.

47. Ulzzang

Literally translated as ‘Best Face’ in Korean. Refers to people who are much good looking than average.

48. Ultimate Bias

People may have a different bias in different groups but the ‘Ultimate Bias’ is the one who tops the list among all.

49. Unnie

Older sister’ in Korean, called by younger females. Both the female may or may not be related to each other.

50. Visual

Refers to the best-looking member of a K-pop group. It is actually one of the positions in the group.

Although these Korean pop culture words are not enough to conclude all the emotions we experience, but for a non-Korean fan they are sufficient to survive with.

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