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Korean Drama Kingdom Season 2 Announced by Netflix, What to Expect?





Netflix has announced the release of its zombie thriller Korean Drama Kingdom’s second season and fans of the show couldn’t be happier right now. The second season of the Kingdom will be released on the 13th of March. And here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s much-awaited release.

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The world’s most popular streaming platform, Netflix announced the launch of the second season on 6th February. Additionally, they’ve used Twitter to make this sensational announcement for its million viewers worldwide.

In an age where online streaming is giving a tough competition to traditional television viewing. The Korean thriller series has managed to take a lead. Without a doubt, thanks to its brilliant cinematography, a gripping plot and amazing visual effects, the show has managed to create enough buzz.

Viewers all over the world have been eager for the second season after a cliff-hanger ending of the first. Since the information of the release is out, the fans are going bonker for march 13th.

There have been a few poster releases and a little trailer video has been going viral as well. Also, both of the creatives features a scene where the main cast is held against over a cliff and surrounded by a ton of, guess who? Zombies. Which indicates the intensity this second season might bring in.

Kingdom season 2 - key visual - release dateKorean Drama Kingdom Series: Plot Summary

The series is inspired by the webcomic ‘The Land of the Gods, by eminent writer Kim-Eun-Hee and illustrator Yang Kyun-il, with Kim Seong-Hun as the director. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most iconic personalities in the K-drama world. Also, she had bagged many awards for her previous works such as Baeksang Arts Award for Best TV Script.

Coming back to the Kingdom’s plot, the story is set back in the medieval Joseon period of Korea and depicts corruption and famine-stricken kingdom. Everything is good, calm and composed as it should be until one incident which brings in chaos. 

The kingdom gets hit by a mysterious plague and the problem aggravates when it starts turning infected individuals into zombies. And the Crown Prince Lee Chang, framed for treason and forced to flee the capital, is determined to uncover the mystery behind the epidemic. Following the trails and mysteries in his way, the crown prince uncovers dark secrets and fight against many odds. Finally reaching u

Also, the series covers a lot of Zombie Aploclyptic action, sad backstories and can take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Similar to any good K-Drama, Kingdom can also string a wave of emotions and in the end, you’ll feel personally connected with the character due to strong storylines and narrative.



After a highly successful first season, several of the cast members are making a return. Also, Characters like Seo-Bi played by Bae Doo-Na and Cho played by Ryoo Seung-Ryong are to watch out for. According to news, popular actress Jun Ji Hyun has also been cast for the season!

The sassy girl’s star Jun Ji Hyun’s appearance in Korean Drama Kingdom’s second season is considered a big thing she is quite popular in the K-Drama world. Her movie The sassy Girls became the most popular comedy movie of all time with the highest-grossing record in at the Korean box office.

Apart from her, here is a list of characters and the actors, for each role.

Character Actor
Crown Prince Lee Chang Ju Ji-Hoon
Seo-Bi Bae Doo-Na
Cho Ryoo Seung-Ryong
Queen Cho Kim Hye-Jun
Moo-Young Kim Sang-Ho
Young-Shin Kim Sung-Kyu
An Hyun Heo Jun-Ho
Jo Beom-Pal Jun Suk-Ho


Official Announcement and Hype

Netflix has officially confirmed the premiere date of the series, which is March 13th, 2020. Along with the announcement, Netflix has released the latest poster and teaser for the season. The main poster speaks of the thrilling enterprise and gives us a gist of what could go down in this season of the Kingdom. The caption, “Who will be the ones to make it out alive?”, already sends chills down the spine.

The main characters seemed to be cornered on a roof in an attempt to flee from an exponentially growing swarm of zombies. The strong correlation with the previous season’s finale cannot be ignored. 

An enormous crowd of zombies approaching the main characters menacingly, without falling back asleep even with the rising sun. Besides, the announcement has also brought along with it a teaser video. The motion art depicts the leading characters of the upcoming season. 

Looking much more determined is the Crown Prince, as he continues his desperate struggle to rid his kingdom of the rampant plague. The story proceeds with more terror and suspicion looming over the characters than ever before.  


Korean Drama Kingdom Season 2: Expectations

The upcoming season is sure to unravel many deep mysteries, beginning with the climax of the previous season finale. That the zombies did not fall asleep even at the rise of the dawn was a twist in the plot. We can expect to find Seo-Bi coming up with a cure to the plague.

We will also get to see how the story unfolds as the Crown Prince inches closer to the mystery behind the epidemic. With the capital of Hanyang trapped in its shackles of political conspiracy, this season shall highlight how the Crown Prince manages to defeat both the undead and the man running his country.


Fan Theories

One of the most thrilling mysteries, that of the undead not being led to inactivity with the rise of the sun, has given rise to many theories. One such interesting theory is related to the advent of winter in the series. which could signify how the zombies are affected by warmth and not light. In such a case, winters will pose an even deadlier situation for the characters, with the day getting shorter and shorter.

The power struggle at the capital also seems to have a lot of thrill in store. With the faked pregnancy of the Queen having been revealed, fan theories expect some extreme steps are in store. 

Besides, the story of the Five Armies seems to be ready for a stunning lead. Many presume a fight between the Five Armies and the Horde of the Undead is going to be an interesting climax to the second season.


Interesting Facts to know

Netflix has given a late Christmas gift to the fans of the K-thriller, with five teasers surrounding the main cast. Each teaser has a special name, “Danger”, “Monster King”, “Greed”, “Bloody Joseon” and “Lifespan”. Thanks to the tremendous fandom that the series has managed to build for itself, the teasers for Kingdom were greeted with a lot of hype and appreciation.

Strong screenwriting and commendable direction have led the show to a rating of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a whopping 8.2/10 on IMDb. Korean Drama Kingdom’s second season is said to have a total of six episodes, with a running time of sixty minutes for each episode.

The series, which started filming in February last year, had to suffer a delay in production because of the untimely demise of a staff member in a tragic car accident. The delay, however, has managed to garner more attention and anticipation from fans. 

The release of Korean Drama Kingdom’s second season o is to take place across 190 countries on March 13, 2020. As a matter of fact, the online reactions to the teasers have been highly positive so far. Only the premiere will tell what the series is finally leading the viewer up to. Till then all you can do is wait and come up with another set of fan theories.


So, will you watch the Korean Drama Kingdom Season 2 on 13th March? Tell us in comments and mention if you have any fan theory, for we would love that. Also, don’t forget to check out our most popular list of 40+ Top Mangas of all times and vote for your favorite.

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