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Release Date, Trailer for The King’s Avatar OVA Revealed


Date: 27/03/2018

Somewhat late with this news about The King’s Avatar OVA to be completely honest. But even though it’s somewhat late it’s surprising how many people don’t know about it. So it’s worth making an article about it.

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The official website for King’s Avatar recently revealed a new trailer for the new upcoming sequel OVA (Original video animation). On the note of this new trailers for the OVA it was also revealed a brand new studio will be taking over production. So the animation and character design might seem different for many fans of the original series. Hopefully old time fans can get used to this change.

King's Avatar OVA

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Trailer/Preview For The New OVA Adaption of King’s Avatar

The King’s Avatar OVA

The site also previously revealed the OVA will be 3 episodes long and it will cover “All-Star tournament” Arc from the Novel. For now, this adaption though very short is considered the second season for this series. Though there are rumours floating around that this 3 episode OVA adaption is merely set up for a real season 2 that will air in 2019.  Which is why a new studio is adapting this new OVA while the main studio of season 1. Works on the real season 2, Basically the rumours are making this OVA look like a Season 1.5. Though this is just a rumour and would take it with a grain of salt. Don’t get excited until an official announcement appears. But on another note regarding the new studio and animation for this OVA.

Is the new animation from a new studio better than Season 1 Animation?

I know there are many viewers that might complain about these new changes when it comes to new a new studio taking over. But as far as animation goes from everything I’ve seen this new art style trying to stay faithful to season 1 Art. Is already MUCH better than the first season. Yeah, character designs are a bit different but it’s not that bad. Animation and character flow in the actions scenes look so good facial expressions have improved showing more emotion. Everything design-wise in this new trailer looks so good. I honestly would be okay if this new studio takes over adapting the series from now onwards. But it should be noted I’m only saying this now from seeing this new trailer. It looks really exciting. All these changes to the series look very good

All Kings Avatar OVA episodes are set to release April 27, 2018. As I my self who was a big fan of the series it’s safe to say I am really excited about this adaption. I only hope 3 episodes is enough to cover this “All-Star tournament” Arc. That’s my only worry about this adaption. Other than that I’m still excited.

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King's Avatar OVA

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