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The King’s Avatar OVA Episode 1 Review


Date: 12/05/2018

Have you watched the King’s Avatar OVA Episode 1 yet? If you are still undecided about it do check this review.

The Famous Chinese Anime Adaption to Butterfly Blue’s Light Novel Series, won our hearts with it’s first season’s flawless and extraordinary animation, we did not get to know much about the OVA’s animation and plot, until now that is. MAL Link right here.

Release Date, Trailer for The King’s Avatar OVA Revealed

Also, here’s the PV in case you haven’t seen this yet:

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What’s different in this OVA ? Can I watch it if I didn’t read the LN ?

Well, the most notable change is the animation and character designs. But other than that, the time skip was fairly short and so you won’t be missing out on anything and this All Stars arc will be pretty easy to follow for anyone who never read the Light Novel.

The King’s Avatar OVA Episode 1 Review

The first episode of this anime in my honest opinion did a pretty neat job at introducing us the All Star Tournament arc of the light novel and in all fairness, it was arguably better than a majority of the first season’s filler-ish episodes that were mostly focused  on showing the viewers how the game works and how OP Ye Qiu is.

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The New Animation

I’ll cut this short, its lack luster compared to the first season that had breath taking moments. Remember the scene where Mu Cheng’s tissue flies off to the sky? Remember when we got a beautiful view of the cityscape and night transitioning to day in the very first 5 minutes of the first episode? I remember.

King’s Avatar OVA Episode 1 animation quality was definitely a downgrade BUT it is still superior to most Japanese anime, that is for sure. So even though you’ll note the downgrade from s1’s 11/10 animation it’s still an easy 8.5ish/10 for conventional Japanese anime fans.

The Gist

The Café owner Chen Guo manages to get her hands on 3 tickets to the All Star tournament and decides to go spectate the tournament with the Ye Xiu and Tang Rou.

King's Avatar OVA Episode 1

Tickets to the All Stars.

And so they visit, the ambiance of the venue is great, and really gets close to real life esports. Tang Rou, Chen Guo, and Ye Xiu spectate an opening event.

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The Master and the Novice duel

The Rookies from each team are allowed to challenge any member they want from their own squad and the first Rookie we see is Yingjie of Team Tiny Herb, challenging the captain Wang Jiexi. As expected of Jiexi, he accepts the challenge and the fight begins.

King's Avatar OVA Episode 1

Challenge Accepted !

Ye Xiu and Wenzhou’s Insight

And it is here that we get reminded how the King’s Avatar is different from most other gaming/action anime we know, the fight is great, the frames are well done, the animation, though subpar to season 1 is still amazing. But there is more going on here than just a friendly brawl. Ye Xiu and Blue Rain’s captain, Wenzhou deduce that the captain, Wang Jiexi intentionally throws the game to lose to the future leader of Tiny Herb to boost his confidence in his own leadership. And the most interesting part here is the way in which he does it, In order to not appear suspicious, he doesn’t use his skill points to level up his skills so even if he executes the skills and combos in a pitch perfect manner, the damage is low. (You know what I mean if you are into RPG/RTS /Moba at all)


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King's Avatar OVA Episode 1

You’re damn right it is !

We get a few flashbacks of their training and one great scene leads to the other and the fight concludes in Jiexi’s expected loss. The audience, however, is awestruck and refuse to cheer for a rookie who beat a god. The only audience clapping for him are Ye Xiu and Blue Rain’s captain Wenzhou who like our mc has top-notch observation skills. The whole experience is made better by all the strategies and analysis that Ye Xiu and Wenzhou present to the viewers that an ordinary person would never notice.

King's Avatar OVA Episode 1

Master and Novice training.

And the latter half of the episode is Yifan challenging an undefeatable foe 9who was never mentioned in the anime before) and losing. Ye Xiu, however, cheers him up at the end of the episode.

Overall I definitely enjoyed the King’s Avatar OVA Episode 1 and I hope so did(/will) you. 😀

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One word : Efficient.

Despite the animation, I can definitely conclude after watching it that the production budget for this episode was rather high. There are no filler moments, the pacing through a  few LN readers might argue is fast, In my opinion, its pretty neat for an anime. And they waste no time with filler-y conversations, all canon.

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So in short, the episode opens with our MC and his squad slaying a dungeon boss. And it is here that you see the animation style and MC’s face are somewhat different.  However, the animation they use in Gao Yingjie vs Wang Jiexi fight is pretty cool and syncs all too well with the sounds. Great fight choreography, framing, and extremely detailed animation and has a great plot to complement it.

Plotwise, the All-Star Tournament is a vital (and fun) story element. Finally, we get to see Ye Xiu and his team interact with the pro-league in a professional setting (and not just low-level dungeon crawl or brawl). Just what we fans have been waiting for! 

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Round-Up – Overall Score

Quan Zhi Gao Shou / King’s Avatar OVA episode 1

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Have you watched the King’s Avatar OVA Episode 1 yet? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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