King's Avatar 2nd Season New Year's Preview

King’s Avatar 2nd Season New Year’s Preview Reveals Major Spoiler


Date: 01/03/2019


With the release of the new year’s preview, it does feel like the King’s Avatar 2nd season release date is just around the corner. Fans of the series must be eager to check out Team Happy as it works hard to turn into a full-fledged pro-team. The King’s Avatar Specials have got us all excited with the All-Stars event. Now, we do want to know what’s next.

If you are new to King’s Avatar, here is a little summary. The series centers around Ye Xiu who is a pro-player is Glory, an online game. Although he is still the top master in the game, for various reasons, he is expelled from the club. He manages to get a job at an internet cafe and on the very same day he re-enters the game as a new player by signing up for the newly opened 10th district server.

On the eve of the Chinese New Year, the series has released a 41-second preview. Check it out below:

King’s Avatar 2nd Season New Year’s Preview

The King’s Avatar New Year’s preview from Donghua

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For people who have been following only the donghua, this preview might be a little surprising. It features Ye Xiu’s twin brother Ye Qiu. This was a big surprise in the novel and now for the donghua viewers. Wow, so this is indeed interesting and one can only expect what happens here on.

In case this has suddenly thrown you into confusion, it is completely fine. In season one, we learn that Ye Qiu is the name of the main character who uses the One Autumn Leaf account. He is also the former captain of Excellent Era who is now working as a manager at Happy Internet Cafe. But he introduces his self as Ye Xiu to his boss at the cafe. But why?

King's Avatar 2nd Season New Year's Preview

The King’s Avatar – Ye Xiu (the main character)

It seems that Ye Xiu has taken his twin brother’s name Ye Qiu while registering for the game. His real name is indeed Ye Xiu but he has chosen to use his twin brother’s name all throughout his professional career. But is there any strong reason for him to do this? Maybe there is, but as of now, we can only hope for it.

King's Avatar 2nd Season New Year's Preview

The King’s Avatar – Ye Qiu (the twin brother)

It will be interesting to see what kind of role the twin brother has in this story. He seems well groomed and looks like a professional from the corporate world. Does he even play this game? Lots of questions and with this the second season as already got interesting.

King's Avatar 2nd Season New Year's Preview

Chen Guo (right) and Su Mucheng (left)

The King’s Avatar season one aired from April 7, 2017 to June 16, 2017. It was followed by an OVA series that aired from April 27, 2018 to May 11, 2018. Do let us know if you look forward to season two in the comments.

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