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Kingdom Chapter 556 ‘Ousen’s Defence’ Review


Date: 25/04/2018

In the last chapter, Ouhon comes up with a strategy and everyone approves it. Now on the 9th day according to the plan, Shin and Ouhon units are responsible to take down Gaku’ei. The Qin aims to win this battle by successively eliminating the four commanders of the Riboku’s left wing. In this Kingdom chapter 556, the battle begins.

Kingdom Chapter 555 ‘Piecemeal Targeting’ Review

Kingdom Chapter 556 – Review

Now we see Shin trying to focus on the task at hand. So far he has been doing a great job in this war. But we can hope to see a much better performance by him in the coming chapters. He is still seen acting non-serious but I guess that is how he deals with serious situations. Not very bad considering that this can keep his army men relaxed.

Shin does his best to lead from the front and loves a head-on fight. His strong attitude of ‘I alone need to get the task done’ is something that can keep people working along with him feel uncomfortable.

Kingdom Chapter 556

Ouhon is currently facing this situation. Although both of them need to coordinate to take down Gaku’ei it has now turned into a game of who is going to take him down first.

Ouhon reflects on Mouten’s words about the view a Great General sees and conclusively feels that Shin does not have it in him i.e the qualities of a great general. This aspect of Shin will become much clear based on his performance in talking down Gaku’ei.

Now we also learn that Gaku’ei has all this time been waiting for a chance to take down Shin to avenge the death of his master Kei Sha. He is already seen rushing to meet Shin. I would expect for him to successfully face Shin and even when Ouhon joins with Shin, he may end up holding his ground.

This, of course, would put Qin is a very bad position.

Kingdom Chapter 556

Battle Plans

Kingdom Chapter 556

With Shin and Ouhon aiming to take down Gaki’ei, Akou is left with the task of facing the blown from the remaining three Zhao’s commanders.  To our pleasant surprise, we find Akou implementing a defence line on par with the level of Ousen. Although Akou is an army built for making direct onslaughts this defence line up shows the maturity of Akou in warfare.

Although this is a good thing, I believe that Akou army is weak at defending and hence with the break of the first line of defence things would soon turn unfavourable for them.

Also, Chougaryuu has completely deciphered Qin’s intentions. So must have the other Zhao’s commanders and Riboku. We can now expect Chougaryuu to act as reinforcement for Gaku’ei should he fall into any unnecessary complication.

Kingdom Chapter 556

Bananji is now all set to make his move which is going to based on the plan given to him by Riboku. Gyou’un probably will aim to take down Akou along with Bananji. Taking down Akou would mean a decisive win for Zhao at this battleground.  Additionally, this would also mean that Qin will end up losing this war.


Kingdom Chapter 556

This arc has been very interesting so far and it is only getting better. Overall we have seen Ouhon doing very well and Mouten doing a tremendous job on the left wing. Everyone is getting some character development. Ten is yet to show some amazing performance and Shin has to keep living up to his hype. The chapter was very enjoyable but it felt short. I guess everyone is excited about the next chapter and it would be very interesting to see what events would take place.

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Kingdom Chapter 556 Review


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