Kingdom Chapter 555

Kingdom Chapter 555 ‘Piecemeal Targeting’ Review


Date: 19/04/2018

In the last chapter, we have seen Yotanwa taking command of her forces to give a decisive blow to her enemies. Kingdom Chapter 555 shifts its attention and updates us on the situation at Gyou and Shukai plains. The Western Zhao Invasion has now reached the 9th day and it has become a war about Qin running out of food. An already difficult opponent – Riboku has gained much strength due to the recent events. Consequently, it very much feels like a war which Qin is going to lose.

Gyou, where Kanki is laying a siege, happens to be a lost cause. It seems that Gyou’s food stores would well outlast theirs. Also, the Zhao forces have completely surrounded them but are not making any move. Probably, they await a desperate move from the Kanki army, a pattern Riboku must have been expecting at all battlefronts.

Kingdom Chapter 554 ‘Offense and Defense of the Heki Army’ Review

Kingdom Chapter 555

The left wing being led by the temporary general Mouten is practically at a stalemate. This certainly is great news for the Qin as they cannot hope better than this. With this being so, we have the right wing under the command of General Akou also at a stalemate. Shin has taken command of his forces and overcame a death blow by Gyou’un. Earlier too we have seen Ouhon successfully overcoming a major attack from Chougaryuu. As a result, either side is yet to gain any decisive advantage.

Kingdom Chapter 555

Bananji, Gyou’un, Chougaryuu and Gaku’ei – four equally capable commanders represent the formidable front of the Zhao’s right wing. Ouhon suggests that a piecemeal targeting where one commander at a time is taken away is a possible way forward. General Akou approves this strategy and it gets decided that Gaku’ei must fall in the next attack.

Kingdom Chapter 555

Although this seems to be a workable plan with Riboku coming into the picture it seems to be a mistake that will prove to be costly for Qin. Riboku seems to be well aware of Akou army’s weakness and plans to take advantage of it. And he summons the right person to implement his strategy i.e. Bananji.

Kingdom Chapter 555 – Review

Kingdom Chapter 555

Shin and Ouhon must certainly work together to quickly bring down Gaku’ei. Now if we are to take it that Riboku is aware of this Qin strategy then Gaku’ei would be asked to only act as a decoy in order to draw Sin and Ouhon deep behind enemy lines. We have previously seen that Akou has barely been able to hold off Bananji. Now for Akou to hold the other three generals seems very improbable. Bananji and Gyou’un are both very good at instinctive warfare and Akou would not be the right person to face both of them head-on.

My guess is that Riboku would use this opportunity to eliminate Akou and bring a decisive conclusion at this battlefront. Eventually, this would also bring a conclusion to the whole invasion war. Riboku is quite aware of the number of days Qin’s food stores would last. He is also aware of what is happening at Yotanwa’s battlefront. With only 4-5 days are remaining for the food to last, it is to be seen how Ousen is going to tilt the battle in his favour.

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Kingdom Chapter 555 Review


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