Kingdom Chapter 554 review

Kingdom Chapter 554 ‘Offense and Defense of the Heki Army’ Review


Date: 13/04/2018

In the last chapter, we find General Heki taking responsibility and ending up leading one of the three wings of the ninth day battle with assistance from the Mera tribe. Kingdom Chapter 554 focuses on the performance of Heki on the battlefield.

Heki learns that his enemy forces are double than what he has expected them to be. Soon he learns that it is also the same with the other two wings. Hence he is convinced that the enemy is clearly aware of their intentions to slay the enemy commander at all costs.

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Kingdom Chapter 554 review

Losing no time, Heki orders his troops to take to fundamental tactics. He points out that even though his army is not one that can cause decisive upsets, but due to their strong use of fundamental tactics they can certainly be a superior force to reckon with.

The enemy sends out a cavalry charge which Heki overcomes with the smart use of infantry and archers. Repair and defend – a strategy where the gaps formed are quickly closed by the reinforcements thereby denying the enemy of an opportunity to gain an upper hand seems to be the overarching tactic.

Kingdom Chapter 554 review

The enemy now orders its infantry to lead the charge. Heki orders his army to assume a new formation that would be suitable for the infantry attack. Eventually, the infantry clash.

Kingdom Chapter 554 review

The other two wings also start their engagement with their enemy armies and the high stakes battle of the ninth day begins.

Kingdom Chapter 554 – Review

Heki as a general has so far not lived up the expectations of his title. He gives off a nervous, confused and sloppy impression. Kingdom Chapter 554 has done a good job of showing him in good light signifying his character development. Although the tactics used by him were quite fundamental and hence not very impressive, it nevertheless is a welcome move by the author. Now we have to see how he is going to perform further in the battle when the enemy commander will be much more serious about his tactics.

A major aspect which needs to be noted is that Heki is a person who can get along with anyone and bring results. His sincerity and loyalty are very apparent and this makes it easy for him to establish trust with the Mera tribe. Consequently, the two armies act as one in a very coordinated way. This is definitely something of huge importance as they are facing an enemy twice their numbers.

The high stakes battle of the ninth day has started and the outcome of this battle is obviously going to impact the overall outcome of this invasion war. The next few chapters are probably going to stick to this battle. It has been a decent start for the Qin but the odds are not in their favour, yet. The enemy numbers are overwhelming and winning against them definitely seems like an impossible task. How are they going to win? – I eagerly look forward to the next chapter.

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Kingdom Chapter 554 Review


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