Kingdom Chapter 553

Kingdom Chapter 553 ‘Luudin’ Review


Date: 10/04/2018

In the last chapter, we find Yo Tan Wa working on a new strategy in the face of their decreasing food resources. She suggests a plan which is to definitively take out all the three wing commanders of the Quanrong army. Although this strategy means that there would be heavy loses, the tribe members are at ease when they understand that they will end up with fewer mouths to feed.  As this situation is a direct result of his mess up, Kingdom Chapter 553 is about Heki taking responsibility for it.

Ya Tan Wa agrees to Heki’s demand. She lets him lead one of the three wings taking part in the upcoming battle. General Heki along with the Mera tribe will have to take down an enemy commander at all cost. Failure means death.


Kingdom Chapter 553 Review

King Ro Zo and Shun Sui Ju


Shum Sui Ju, the strategist is overtly delighted to have clearly seen through their plan. He now aims to end it once and for all in this battle. Hence, he strengthens his wing commanders with everything he has got.


Kingdom Chapter 553

Tork (Left), Bunen (Right) and Goba (Below)


Heki with a force of 10,000 ends up facing Bunen, the middle brother whose army keeps swelling up.  Feego king is facing the youngest brother of the three commanders, Tork who fields a force of 20,000 soldiers. Bajio is facing Goba, the eldest and also the toughest. Goba as well has 20,0000 soldiers, twice the number then we have seen so far.

Kingdom Chapter 553

Yo Tan Wa and Old Enpo

Amidst all this, we find Yo Tan Wa asking the chieftain of the Enshu tribe for a favour.

Kingdom Chapter 553 – Review

‘Luudin’ means ‘to move out’ and we see the armies getting ready for the battle. The strategy is not really impressive only because the true depth of it is not yet revealed to us. The greatest clue and the biggest surprise is to be expected from the Enshu Tribe. The literal translation of ‘Enshu’ is Monkey paw/hand. We can assume that this tribe is super skilled at scaling walls. With Yo Tan Wa creating an impression that she is going all-out with her forces, the reserves from the enemy’s fort have also joined the battle. We can hope that the Enshu tribe will create a decisive upset that would favour the Qin and pave way for their victory here.

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