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Kimi no Na wa Director’s New Movie ‘Weather With You’ To Release In 2019


Date: 19/12/2018

Three years since the release of the successful anime movie ‘Your Name’ directed by Makoto Shinkai, we have a new one to look forward to. Weather Girl: Weathering With You (or Tenki no Ko in Japanese) will be the next big film form the highly acclaimed director Makoto Shinkai. I am sure this is very exciting news for the millions of anime fans out there.

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It has been a long wait and the new movie would have to meet a lot of the expectations placed on it. Good news is that the movie is working for an international release. This means it will release as and when it releases in Japan. The movie will release in Japan on July 19, 2019. Check out the key visual below.

Weather With You – Key Visual

New Movie Weather With You


In the press conference Makoto Shinkai spoke on the upcoming project. He said that he was working to ensure that the new movie is ‘as emotionally engaging and as complex as ‘Your Name.’ So that certainly means that he has no intention to let his fans down.

Anime News Network describes the plot as follows: The movie follows the story of a high schooler named Hodaka (Daigo Kotaro) who runs away from home and moves to Tokyo. Lonely and desperate to support himself he agrees to work for a “shady occult magazine.” Hodaka slowly starts to come to terms with the big city life. Amidst this, he notices that it has been raining in the city, day after day. On one busy and a crowded day, he meets a young woman, Hina (Nana Mori). And eventually learns about her ability. She has the power to stop the rain and clear the sky.

Do let us know in the comments if you look forward to this movie. If you have not, do check out other movies from this director.

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