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Updated on: 01/09/2022

Kim Je Ha’s Journey inspired you and left you wanting for more? But, sadly, like any other great show, it too has an ending and well! It’s natural to look out for other similar shows. And that’s why we prepared a list of KDrama similar to K2, just for someone like you.

Read on and list down which one is your favorite and well! Without wasting much time, start another binge-watch cycle. Also, if you know someone else who would like Kdrama recommendations, then you know where to lead them to, right? So now, let us get started with the list already.

15+ KDrama similar to K2

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Bad Guys

15. Bad Guys

Due to the increasing number of violent crimes, Detective Oh Goo-Tak is asked to form a criminals’ task force. As the detective is currently suspended from the police force, Police Inspector Yoo Mi-Young joins the team. These two detectives aim to catch other serious criminals with the help of 3 murderers. However, this begs the question: Can a gangster, a contract killer, and a serial killer finally do something good for a change?

Just like The K2, it is action-packed and has an amazing set of actors. Once you start watching, you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat with every episode. The plot is well thought, and the chemistry between the actors is off the charts, if I may say so myself. The drama is dark, slick, and fierce. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this short series that packs a big punch. With beautiful filming and complex yet interesting writing, Bad Guys is a winner in almost every checkbox in a list of Kdrama similar to K2.

Lawless Attorney - kdrama similar to K2

14. Lawless Attorney

Bong Sang-Pil and Ha Jae-Yi are two lawyers who founded the Lawless Law Firm. The catch? They never had a lawsuit background. Sang-Pil is a former gangster who now has the highest number of case winnings in the country. Known for his robustness and fighting ability, he can get the truth out the hard way. On the other hand, Jae-Yi is a lawyer famous for her rules and integrity. She is gracious, smart, and calm by nature. But if necessary, she can create more havoc than you can imagine.

Both have been beaten by strong evil powers while growing up. Owing to this, Sang-Pil and Jae-Yi can’t stand by idly and set a goal to bring down a corrupt Judge. Lawless Attorney and The K2 center in revenge stories. The villains in both dramas are similar as well. While The K2 is darker, Lawless Attorney throws in humor to lighten the mood. A slick drama with a solid story, this drama will guarantee an intense ride with action, humor, thrill, and romance. It is a strong combination that ensures an exciting and enjoyable experience. 

Witness Insecurity

13. Witness Insecurity

Kiu Chi-Lam, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, is put under the Witness Protection Programme. This occurs when she becomes the target of villains who want to silence her. Silence for her, for what? You might be asking. Chi-Lam saw the assassin who attempted to murder her uncle. Now, officer Hui Wai-Sam is tasked with protecting her. As she fell into depression after the traumatic incident, Chi-Lam found comfort in music. In fact, the only things keeping her sane are her bodyguard and music.

As the connection between the two characters deepens, they fail to realize that their biggest enemy might be even closer than they imagined. The story of a male bodyguard being the lead along with a rich girl with mild PTSD might just have reminded you of The K2. The romance in the show is interesting and quite different from the usual love triangles. The cast put up amazing performances and left deep impressions – be it from the main leads or supporting characters, which is why it deserves a spot on the list of Kdrama similar to K2.

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Money Flower - kdrama similar to k2

12. Money Flower

Kang Pil-Joo is a managing director at the Chungah Group. Known for his intelligence and exemplary job efficiency, Pil-Joo has made some enemies inside the cooperation, jealous of his work. He is a sweet, kind, caring, and blissful soul. Despite this, he has an ulterior motive of avenging his mother’s death. To do so, he hides his identity and orchestrates a plan to make the company’s scion Na Mo-Hyun, a science teacher, to fall in love with him. He wanted to make the group suffer the pain he went through before. Despite this, he finds himself falling for Na Mo-Hyun’s fresh and earnest personality. 

A thrilling and revengeful series that showcases and revolves around the greed and double identities of people. With some of the best plot twists, the drama shows money controlling their lives in a web of greed, hatred, and romance. Money Flower is a refreshing take on the genre, with a plot that is not driven by the hero’s tragic past’s irrational emotions.

11. The Crown Princess

After her coronation, Crown Princess Alice became the superpower of her country, Hrysos. This news of celebration became sensational to all the ears, including the family’s greatest enemies. As tensions rise, Princess Alice is transported to a safe house in Thailand, where she meets her new bodyguard, Darwin Samuthyakorn. Darwin is strong, soft-hearted, but aggressive with his client’s enemies. With Darwin’s experience in the Navy SEAL and her family’s ruthless enemies, they both have to cope with challenges coming across their path.

This drama has great acting and great action scenes as well. Each actor truly brings their character to life. It goes without saying that the chemistry between the main characters is touching as a result. The plot twist, costumes, music – all make for a great experience while watching! Which is why you should add it to your watch list under Kdrama similar to K2.

10. Whisper

Whisper brings you the story of Shin Young-Joo. She’s a self-made police officer who wanted to lift her family from poor conditions, and she did so with her hard work. Contrary to her life and somewhere in the judicial system, there is Lee Dong-Joon. Dong-Joon is a judge, passionate about his career, kind, sharp, handsome, and willing to do the right thing when necessary.

 Life went on smoothly for both of them until Young-Joo takes up the case of Taebaek, the nation’s biggest law firm. Young-Joo wants to expose the corrupt practices which the company has been hiding for a long time. The Chairman of the firm manipulates Dong-Joon into colluding with him. However, now Dong-Joon and Young-Joo came together to find the hidden secrets in the nation’s biggest scandal ever.

The K2 and Whisper both have strong female leads with men who have changing sides. The K2 definitely has more action to offer, but the suspense, mystery, and plotting amongst characters is similar. Just like a strategic game of chess, Whisper is full of twists and turns that will keep any viewer engaged throughout. 

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Cruel City - Kdrama similar to K2

09. Cruel City (Heartless City)

This drama revolves around the struggles and romance of undercover cops and members of an infamous drug ring. Shi-Hyun is a drug dealer whom everyone is afraid of. His raw, arrogant nature and the famous tag name “Doctor’s Son” is enough for him to scare people off, including the police. However, when Yoon Soo-Min’s older sister Lee Kyung-mi was murdered while undercover in the criminal underworld, she is driven to pick up where Kyung-mi left off. 

She goes undercover but unknowingly falls in love with the organization’s drug kingpin. However, he just so happens to be the prime suspect in her sister’s murder. There is an antihero male lead just like in The K2, and the chemistry between the leads is sizzling, to say the least. The drama has great plot twists and a quick pace to keep things moving. With slick production and moody cinematography, Cruel City exceeded at delivering what it needed to. Details are everything in this drama, so make sure not to miss them! 

Mask - Kdrama similar to K2

08. Mask

Ji-Sook is going through a difficult period due to the immense private loan her father took. She begins living as Eun-Ha, a girl from a wealthy family who looks just like Ji-Sook. When Min-Woo was just 7 years old, he had to become the successor of his family business. His family arranges his marriage with Eun-Ha. However, as he marries “Eun-Ha,” he notices how different she is from the original assumption he had about her. Min-Woo starts to develop feelings for her.

Rich characters have to hide from the public, just like in The K2. The drama’s action is superb, and the male lead, along with the rest of the cast, exhibits brilliant acting. This drama definitely deserves the hype it received. And thus, earns its 8th spot on the list of Kdrama similar to K2.

Descendants of the Sun

07. Descendants of the Sun

Yoo Shi-Jin is the captain of the special forces. He’s earned respect through his dedication and dignity. While catching a petty thief, he arrives at a nearby city hospital where he finds Dr. Mo-Yeon. Dr. Mo is a renowned doctor, smart, intelligent, beautiful, and the best at her hospital. Shi-Jin falls in love with her and finds excuses to meet her. Soon after, these short meetings convert into dating as she also finds him intriguing.

But their ‘honeymoon phase’ soon transforms into dismay when their careers come in the way and the couple part ways. However, they meet again after 8 months in an army camp. Keeping past aside, both protagonists will now have to face several ferocious enemies, be it nature or human.

Unlike most KDramas, this one can be enjoyed by both males and females. It’s got great elements to attract both sexes: romance, military scenes, action shots, crime, international politics, and, most important of all, humor. This is an absolute must-watch for Kdrama fans who, in general, and as well for someone looking for a title similar to K2.

City Hunter

06. City Hunter

City Hunter is a drama jam-packed with action. A young man called Lee Yoon Sung has the secret identity of “City Hunter.” His mission is to avenge his father’s death on the politicians who caused it. Originally, he didn’t want to develop feelings for anyone. His plans changed as he grows closer to Kim Na Na, a woman he works with.

The relationship between the two leads contains a lot of heart-fluttering moments. This is an all-rounder drama with action, plot, romance, and more! There’s a reason this drama was the most talked-about in 2011, after all.

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05. Man to Man

Yeo Woon-Gwang is one of the most popular movie stars with a huge fanbase and wide connections. As the question of his safety comes up, he hires Kim Seol-woo, a man trained in special investigations. He’s also a mysterious man of many talents. Things are not how they seem on the surface, however. Seol-woo is, in fact, an undercover NIS black ops agent who has his own agenda.

The drama covers the budding bromance between the star and his bodyguard. However, Seol-woo finds himself falling for Woon-Gwang’s manager. This spy-parody/action/rom-com drama is delightful. Especially when the three main characters come together on screen for a scene together. In fact, Netflix has purchased the exclusive broadcasting rights for the drama’s international audience.

Only side by side with you - Kdrama similar to K2

04. Only Side By Side With You

The drama portrays the story of Nan Qiao, a career-driven woman who catches her fiance cheating on her. Although she breaks up with him, she also loses a business partner as a result. Willing to do anything to find another solution, she meets potential investors at a bar. However, she ends up butting heads with the bar owner Shi Yue. As she seems to be someone related to his part, Shi Yue gets close to her on purpose to find out more. He ultimately falls in love with her in the process, though.

Both The K2 and Online Side by Side With You has a similar feel initially. Of course, the storylines are completely different, but the fighting, gangs, romance plots are similar. The drama focuses on human intertwined relationships and will not bore you even for a second. As you watch the journey unfold, you start to feel connected to the characters and the drama.

Vagabond - Kdrama similar to K2

03. Vagabond

With dreams of becoming a world-famous action actor, Cha Dal Geon is a stunt man whose career is floundering. He’s also the guardian for his nephew, who gets involved in a plane crash. Cha Dal-Geon becomes convinced that someone sabotaged the flight. Meanwhile, Go Hae Ri is a NIS agent in Morocco who is currently working undercover at the Korean embassy. Her task by the embassy is to help the families from the fatal crash. Once the two characters meet, Cha Dal-Geon and Go Hae-Ri uncover the truth behind the crash, which turns out to be a darker conspiracy than they expected.

The tone, along with the mystery, gives off a vibe that is similar to The K2’s. This drama is much more than an action-filled drama. It’s got thrilled, betrayal, a hint of romance, and mind games as well. It gives a glimpse into the dirty world of politics while engaging the audience well. Which makes this Kdrama similar to K2 on so many levels, and thus it’s on our top 3 choices.

Healer - Kdrama similar to k2

02. Healer

Kim Moon-Ho works at a major broadcasting company as a popular reporter. One day, he uncovers the true nature of a case that occurred in the past. As a result, he meets people who are related to the case and helps them. In the process, he agonizes over discovering the truth. Meanwhile, an internet reporter Chae Young-Shin and Seo Jung-Hoo, known as “Healer,” Kim Moon Ho turns into a real reporter.

Healer has the same male lead as The K2, although it’s not as serious as the latter. It’s a special snowflake of a drama as it combines so many elements into one amazing show. The show’s polished camera work and immersing OST will surely reel you in.

Yong Pal

01. Yong Pal

Kim Tae-Hyun is an exemplary surgeon, but loan sharks consistently harass him due to his younger sister. His younger sibling is in dire need of kidney dialysis that is expensive. To make extra money, he visits patients privately for a higher fee. As long as they can pay him, he doesn’t care if these patients are criminals. His hospital’s chief makes him a pawn in catering to VIP patients, however.  One day, his life changes when he meets Han Yeo Jin, a chaebol heiress. She has been in a coma for three years, and Tae-Hyun aims to help her wake from her state.

This drama has the same writer as The K2’s. While The K2 gives off “Snow White” vibes, this gives off “Sleeping Beauty” vibes. It also includes lots of political intrigues and strange characters. The comedy, action, melodrama, and relationships will hold your attention throughout the show. We won’t say that you’ll get exactly similar vibes to K2 While watching this Kdrama, but it has the closest resemblance going by the plot, and the audience reviews both.

It looks like you’re done with the list finally. So, tell us in the comments which one you are going to watch next. Also, if you have any recommendations for the list of KDrama similar to K2, do mention that too. We love hearing from you. Now, before you go, be sure to check out other interesting content we’ve had in store for you, like best historical Korean dramas

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