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Updated on: 01/09/2022

Healer Brings you an overall package of excitement, thrill, romance, and much more, which a KDrama can offer. So, it’s obvious to know that when someone like you started with ‘Healer,’ they are doomed to fall in love with the show and eventually ask for more. But as the law of the universe says, things can’t continue forever and nor can’t Healer.

But the KDrama Healer did last for a good 1 season and finished off with a very satisfying end, which can also be called a good gesture of fan service from the show producers. For binge-watcher, one season alone is never a good thing, and chances are very slim that there would be another season of Healer. This is why we have compiled a list of shows which you can watch if you like Healer. Continue with the list, and if you happen to like it, then do share it with your friends for sure, now go on.

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Shine or Go Crazy - Kdrama similar to Healer

15.  Shine or go crazy

Wang So was born as the prince of Goryeo. However, due to a curse that foretells he will convert the country into a river filled with blood, he is shunned and exiled from the palace. As a result, the country lost its true heir, and Wang So leads a lonely childhood. One day, he meets Shin Yool, a princess of Balhae, who had a prophecy that she would become the “light of another nation.” Due to this, she narrowly escaped death as a child when her own people tried to murder her. With the help of a one-night marriage, these two characters become husband and wife and grow closer to each other. In both the KDramas, the protagonist does not reveal his identity to the girl he falls in love with for the majority of the time.

The pacing is immaculate, and there is not a single dull moment throughout the series. It’s a fun and thrilling ride that will bring you joy. The KDrama makes sure to keep you hooked even through the cliche power struggle. This is why you need to add it to your watchlist if you’re looking for something similar to the KDrama Healer.

The Player

14. The Player

The Player tells the story of a crime proceeds redemption team. It consists of unusual members, such as a smart swindler, driver, hacker, and a fighter. These four talented individuals are the best in their respective areas, thus creating an elite team. The mission of this specially curated team? To solve crimes, along with a prosecutor who is righteous in nature. Together, they steal from criminals and the filthy rich and confiscate black money. They make sure to put a stop to those people who earn money through crimes and arrest them. Both the KDrama, Healer, and The Player have a little mystery and a lot of excitement. The characters in both KDramas fight against corruption and seek to halt crimes.

With Krystal Jung and Song Seung-Heon as cast members, the drama’s intense storyline will make you want to watch the next episode as soon as one gets over.  If, however, you are seeking romance, this might not be the right one for you. Don’t get me wrong, there is love in the air, but the action is definitely the main driving point.

Remember - War of the Son

13. Remember: War of The Son

Seo Jin-Woo has a rare, special condition called hyperthymesia. This allows him to remember almost everything about his day in perfect detail. His father, on the other hand, develops just the opposite. His father, Seo Jae-Hyuk, gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, causing him to lose memories. As Jae-Hyuk gets wrongfully convicted for murder, Jin-Woo can only focus on proving his father’s innocence. He becomes a lawyer to keep his promise of getting his father out of jail. But in a world of bribery, betrayals, and corruption, putting the real criminal behind bars is not going to be as easy as he thought. This drama is very clear about revenge from the very beginning. In the Healer, however, the revenge arc is developed within the episodes of the KDrama.

Another plus point is that both dramas have the same female lead, thus giving a similar vibe. It’s a solid show, which will surely give you a sweet, heartbreaking, and intense story altogether. The production is sleek, and it’s beautifully filmed as well. The relationships develop naturally, and with the talented pool of actors, you’ll easily get immersed in the story.

Mad Dog - Kdrama similar to Healer

12. Mad dog

When Choi Kang-Woo’s wife and son die in an airplane crash, he decides to create an investigation team of his own. As the leader of Taeyang Insurance’s investigator’s team, the former policeman recruits unlikely candidates. He joins hands with a con-artist whose brother also died as part of the plane crash and a former gymnast. Together, their cooperation begins to weed out scammers that target big companies and victimize them.

Actor Yoo Ti-Jae stars in both Mad Dog and Healer. This KDrama emits a similar vibe to Healer; however, there are no masked characters. Instead of one person, there is a group of people. This show is overall, just a great show with action and drama along with romance and comedy. The story portrays how people can make their own families. The team of Mad Dog all came from different backgrounds and have tattered pasts. However, when they joined, they found a small family and home.

King 2 Hearts

11.The King 2 Hearts

The King 2 Hearts is a suspenseful KDrama set in the modern-day era that assumes South Korea is under a constitutional monarchy. The addictive political and romantic show tells the story of Prince Jae-Ha and Kim Hang-Ah. Jae-Ha is the crown prince of South Korea, whereas Hang-Ah is the North Korean Special Force instructor. These two characters are forced to work alongside each other.

As political complications arise, the two are led to engage in an uneasy arranged marriage. Just as in Healer, this KDrama also has tons of action. They have interesting plot lines, and the musical scores are exquisite. The cliffhangers in the show will practically force you to finish it as soon as you can. Some say that this might be Lee Seung Gi’s best performance. You may remember him from Vagabond.

The female lead also gets in on the action with her amazing physical abilities. This KDrama will appease you, whether you’re young, old, male, or female. The intensity of the drama might surprise you. Cast, writing, cinematography – all are winners in The King 2 Hearts.

Hotel King - kdrama similar to healer

10.Hotel King

Cha Jae Wan was physically abused as a child when he grew up on the streets. One day, he accidentally kills the leader who used to abuse him, and he passes out. After this horrific ordeal, he wakes up to find himself in a luxurious hotel. He’s notified by a man that his father, Ah Sung-Won, abandoned him and his mother. Once he’s aware of the situation, he vows to take revenge for his mother and ultimately takes over the Hotel Ciel. His father owns this very same hotel. However, the chairman Ah Sung-Won suddenly dies.

Following this, the chairman’s inconsiderate daughter comes to claim her spot as she is next in line. She becomes suspicious of the circumstances of her father’s untimely death and starts seeking answers. Healer and Hotel King contain leads whose lives are intertwined with the past. Similarly, both male leads have to hide secrets from the female leads. These secrets from the past are revealed gradually throughout the show, providing new twists each time. However, Hotel King’s plot twists are longer and more winding. Another similarity is that the male leads fall for the female leads despite an unfavorable first impression. This leads them to protect them with all their heart. Hotel King’s chemistry between the leads is sizzling. Although it has some over-the-top melodramatic moments, the drama progresses naturally, and you start to connect to the characters.

Empress Ki - historical korean drama

09. Empress Ki

Empress Ki is a historical KDrama that tells the story of Gi Seung-Yang, a woman who ascends to power in Goryeo. In doing so, she beats the restrictions of the class system that prevailed in the era. Instead of marrying her first love, she marries the Mongol Empire’s Emperor to become the Yuan dynasty’s empress. This brought out the political ambition in Lady Ki and the deep love the Emperor embedded in her.

Ji Chang-Wook stars in both the KDramas and brings in an amazing performance for both. You won’t be able to stop binge-watching as it’s beautifully filmed, and the costumes are unparalleled. With strong female leads and characters to give you a laugh, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the KDrama.

My Love From Another Star

08. My Love From The Star

Do Min-Joon is an alien that came to planet Earth almost 4 centuries ago. He has 3 months left on our planet, but he questions where he wants to go back when he meets Chun Song-Yi. The actress strongly resembles a girl whom the main lead met when he initially landed on our planet. Although he isn’t a communicative person, he ends the social distancing he practices with humans as he feels connected with Song-Yi.

As they’re dragged into comical and dangerous situations, the two start to have romantic feelings. Like in the KDrama Healer, the male lead in this show is very good at fighting, but differently. The male leads also hide their true identity from the public. This drama received several accolades and helped the Hallyu wave as many international fans fell for the amazing, cute, and funny drama.

Hello Monster

07. Hello Monster

Lee Hyeon, a genius profiler and criminal justice professor, lost his brother and father when he was a child. They fell victim to a serial killer by the name of Lee Joon Young. He returns to Korea with a decision to find the criminal for revenge. After a case he was working on triggers memories, he thought he’d never get back. To find the serial killer, he works for the  Police Special Task Force team. Here comes the female lead, Cha Ji An, his childhood “stalker.” Cha Ji An also has a bone to pick with Lee Joon Young as she holds a bitter past to him as well. Due to this, she helps Lee Hyeon in finding him. However, both are unknowingly drawn into a dangerous game and soon realize that truth and evil are far closer than they think. Hello, Monster is more realistic than Healer as it moves away from too many romantic gimmicks. There are great leads in both, and the depiction of inner struggles is similar.

The story nicely resolves itself and will grip your attention till the end. The show is easy to follow, even despite its complexity. Each time you think something will happen, the story strays away from the typical route dramas take and makes it hard to guess.

Kill me, Heal Me

06. Kill Me, Heal Me

Cha Do-Hyun is a business heir who developed DID – dissociative identity disorder after surviving several traumatic events. He tries to take back control over his life. With the help of a beautiful psychiatric resident in her first year, he does so with the help of Oh Ri Jin. She helps him secretly, but her twin brother, Ri-On, starts to foil her plans. He’s a persistent writer who wants to uncover the dishonest way of rich peoples’ lives and starts to follow Do-Hyun everywhere he goes.

The question is, can Do Hyun learn to control his condition before one of 7 personalities takes control of him instead? The main lead has to act in 7 different roles, and he does each of them perfectly. With bickering romance, comedy, mystery, and thriller, this show is an all-rounder. The music is amazing as well. 

05.The Guardians

“The Guardians” portrays the story of a group of people who team up to serve justice in the world. Each member has lost someone close to them to criminals, thus fueling their anger and sense of revenge. The group contains a detective, a hacker, an insomniac, and two prosecutors. These people take matters into their own hands to give criminals the punishment they deserve. Especially since the justice system in their country fails to do so.

Both the KDrama Healer and The Guardians involve a great deal of hacking and contain main characters trying to uncover the truth about something. The additional point is that the main characters are badass. Acting in this drama is so amazing that you can feel the desperation in the characters’ eyes as they try to find criminals responsible for their sorrow.

The story is quite complicated, but it’s worth the while if you pay attention to the details. It seems the writers wanted to focus more on crime and suspense because there’s little to no romance. However, there are comedic and heartwarming moments in the show as well.

Iljimae - Kdrama similar to healer

04. Iljimae

Iljimae is a historical KDrama that tells the story of Yong. Yong is a man who is a troublemaker and hooligan in front of his family and town. However, he becomes a masked man who robs from corrupted officials and gives back to the poor during the night. Other than this, he is also on a mission to uncover the truth behind his father’s death.

The show’s character development and the pacing are put across in such a way that you’ll never get bored. With a wonderful set of characters, there’s a lot of fun activities to keep you hooked.

Descendants of the Sun

03. Descendants of the Sun

This KDrama tells the story of a special forces captain and a doctor. Initially, they meet in unusual circumstances where the captain is instantly attracted to the doctor. After much deliberation, the doctor agrees to go out with him, and she slowly starts to fall for him as well. However, due to differences in their careers, they decide it’s best to call it to quit. A few months later, both end up in a country with civil strife and disaster and fall in love once more while dealing with the challenges.

There is a lack of love triangle in Healer and DOTS, allowing natural development between the main characters. There is no third party interference, after all. An abundance of global politics is also present, along with betrayals, relationships, and more. Although both the KDramas, Healer, and Descendants of the Sun address different topics, they have similar elements. So, if you enjoyed Healer, try your hand at this too. This drama is not just a chick-flick. It will appeal to people of all ages, be it male or female.


02. Pinocchio

In this KDrama, a boy whose life was ruined due to corrupt reporters grows up to seek revenge and reveal their true motives. He does this by becoming a reporter himself. Along with him, a girl suffers from something called ‘Pinocchio Syndrome, ’ which causes her to hiccup whenever she lies. These two embark on a journey that makes them question everything while they face unsettling truths.

In both KDramas, you’ll get the hang of strong feelings of revenge, thrill, and mystery. With amazing performances by the entire cast, Pinocchio is a drama that will hook you in from the very start. It has an amazing storyline that is beautifully woven with the soundtrack.

City Hunter

01.City Hunter

This drama follows Lee Yoon Sung, who possesses the secret identity of “City Hunter.” To take revenge for his father’s death, he targets politicians. Originally, he didn’t plan on falling in love with anyone, but it slowly changes as he works closely with Kim Na Na. The male lead prefers to stay in the shadows, just like the male lead in the KDrama Healer. Both are motivated by dark pasts to live peacefully after taking care of things. Both meet a woman whom they feel the need to protect due to their newfound feelings for them. This leads them to expand their view on life and what’s worth living for. 

The chemistry in both the dramas is off the charts. No one can deny that Lee Min Ho and Ji Chang Wook are amazing kisses. There’s a great deal of mystery and action with an amazing balance of character and plot development with eye-catching action scenes. It was the most talked-about drama in 2011, so don’t miss out on this!

So, do you like our list of ‘KDrama Similar to Healer’? If yes, then share it with your friends and comment down below, which of the dramas are going inside your Watch list. Don’t forget to check out other interesting reads such as 25 Best High School Korean Dramas You Must Watch Right Now.

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